Do you still use pedals with your Kemper?

  • I am thinking of building a pedal board with some unique fuzz, overdrive and distortion pedals that I think sound better than the standard effects that you can put in the chain of the Kemper. I know some people sell all their pedals and just use the Kemper. I was just wondering how many people just use the Kemper and how many people still use pedals with their Kemper? I know this is just an opinion piece. I mostly play at home and don't do much recording and I play out of a Kemper kab.

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  • In my views it's redundant to add more drives or pretty much any other conventional pedals in front instead of using the Kemper effects. If you can't make it sound decent, the problem isn't the machine. At the end of the day, I've yet to see an unsuccessful gig be saved by bringing more pedals.

  • Kemper only here as I try to keep my gear as lean and clean as it can get. Still exploring the capabilities of that incredible machine after some years with it and with the newly added stuff that journey continues. Sometimes in studio work I pull my trusty old and original TS808 out of a drawer... but for me even that does not add super different flavour. Not sure about your fuzz pedals as I'm pretty happy with the Kemper inbuilt stuff :thumbup:8)

    At the end of the day, I've yet to see an unsuccessful gig be saved by bringing more pedals.

    Good one. But maybe it is more about the fun doing the tap dance exercise with the pedals. I could imagine it even enables a little bit more flexibility here and there. Not worth for me though.

  • I still use pedals, although no Distortion/Fuzz/Overdrive. Those are covered by the Kemper sufficiently. Every once in a while I would use my BSM rangemaster clone because that one does some really nasty things that the Kemper treble booster does not. But that's about it. I haven't used my TS 808 or my ZVEX BOR for a very long time.

    I do however frequently use the Vertigo Tremolo in the Loop of the Kemper. The Trem is one of the few Kemper FX that never got updated and it just don't sound good to me. So when I need a Trem I use the Vertigo. It's also a digital device and I always thought when Vertigo can do it, Kemper can do it certainly as good. But unfortunately that never happened.

    I also use a Boss CE-2w from the Waza line, since it does CE-1 and CE-2 in one box. While the Kemper does a pretty good CE-1 (Vintage Chorus), it doesn't have the Vibrato mode the Boss has. And since I love to use that occasionally, I keep the pedal around.

  • Garrincha V8guitar Garrincha deadman42 - So all of you are telling that you can get the same tones as a Tone Bender mk I, II or III, smiley or any other number of unique fuzz sounds? None of you would put a Chase Bliss Automatone in front of your rig and use it as a overdrive or fuzz? I would love to know how to get all these sounds out of my Kemper. None of you would use a Klon, Timmy or Blues Breaker? All of you think the Kemper can do all this sufficiently enough?

  • None of you would use a Klon, Timmy or Blues Breaker? All of you think the Kemper can do all this sufficiently enough?

    For me: Indeed. Yes. I'm rather in gainier rock areas or in cleanish funk stuff, maybe little break up tones here and there. But that's not the area where I would go with the pedals you mention anyway. And I got some profiles which have them baked in nicely. For the rest: Purebooster is really my friend. Typically with those profiles which take that best I get the best results. Done for me. At least for what I'm doing so far in the past years.

    Sorry, no fuzz at all here so I can not comment on that one.

  • I have 2 synth pedals working parallel with the kemper; the boss synth 1 and the enzo meris.

    Not that I always use them but because they are between the send of the kemper and the mixing console,Ican switch them on or of with the mixing console.

  • I use mainly my fuzz pedals in front and a viscous vibe for rotovibe , as well as a very nice mooer blues crab for slight overdrive. But that's mainly because the tools are readily reachable by hand while recording and interacting with knobs is really fun. I also use a freqout and an ebow.

    I don't use the KPA drives so far.

    On kemper side, wahs : lots of different flavours , delays , lots of them, choruses and verbs of course , spring , hall ...

    I somewhat miss a warm tube trem like the ones on vintage voxes.

  • I don't use pedal to keep my rig as little as possible until now except a OC-3 superoctave.

    However I made some comparison yesterday with kemper drives and pedal (OCD, Xotic BB preamp and Rc booster). I don’t know how to explain but the sound of pedals is more large, pleasant, alive... It makes me want to put them back in my pedalboard.

  • I was using an MXR ZW/Badass OD but the new Kemper drives have made them redundant, plus a lot of my favourite profiles now have boosts baked in. The only external pedal I will still use live is a Digitech Whammy DT, as the pitch shift is still slightly better than the Kemper transpose and my band play in four different tunings.

  • I have one special plugin I use with the Kemper. I hope to turn it into a physical pedal soon. It's my secret weapon. I can get maybe 50% of the tone using combinations of the Kemper effects but 50% ain't going to do it for me. It's my must have effect of all time!

    The more you find what Kemper can do then the harder you try to find what it cannot do -- like make a good cup of Frappuccino.