Kemper stage monitor Out | instrument Cable? (To power stage 700 power amp

  • Hello forum!

    This is probably a dumb question but with our first show approaching on Saturday and first time using the Kemper live, I’d like to be sure.

    can I use a regular instrument cable to go from the Monitor out of the Kemper stage into my Seymour Duncan power stage 700 power amp?

    I read a little while ago on the forum that I should buy an (Unbalanced interconnect cable) which I did but could only find up to 10 feet in length and need something longer.

    I’m seeing other posts about using an instrument cable as well though and I’m unsure which is the best option or if both are okay? I can get an instrument cable for 20 + feet in length so this would be ideal.

    I’d like to get a 20-25 feet cable for this with so I can go easily from my rack with the power amp on the side of the stage to my kemper stage and 10 feet is just not cutting it.


  • Wheresthedug , I ordered this cable, and it will arrive Friday. It doesn't say whether or not it is unbalanced and I made the purchase after I saw the first response from dmattews. Will this work althought it says guitar instrument cable?

    Hosa HGTR025R Pro Right Angle REAN Guitar Instrument Cable Right-Angle to Straight, 25-Feet

  • One more thing,

    For a live situation, do I run my Power Stage 700 Front input to the Monitor out or Main out of the Kemper ?

    For jamming with the band, I am going from PS front input to Monitor out of Kemper, however for live use, since I will be using the main out , do I keep the same set up or need to do something differently?

    Thank you,

  • I would use Monitor Out as your own monitor at all times and leave the Main Outs for FOH or Recording. That way you have total consistency; no PA or Recording no problem Monitor Out has you covered. With PA or Recording no problem Monitor Out is your own personal monitor without interfering with the FOH.

  • Okay, so to my question in the previous thread, my main question is how does the FOH get sound from my power amp if only the monitor out is connected to my Kemper stage and not the main out?

    And should I not use the monitor wedge at the front of the stage then since I will have my own monitoring with my mission cab behind me? Or can I use both my cab and the monitor at front of stage and go stereo so I get sound at the front as well? This might be overkill haha, but thought I'd check!

    Also, if I am to leave the Monitor Cab Off unticked for the power stage 700, should I have the monitor cab on or off on the kemper stage?

    Thank you!

  • Use the cab for your own perosnal monitor onstage and send the Main Outs direct to the PA for FOH. Unlink the Master Volume from the Main Outputs so that you can turn your onstage volume up and down without affecting the sound going to FOH.

    Monitor Cabo Off ONLY affects the monitor output. It is specifically designed to let you run a regular guitar cab with no speaker portion for onstage monitoring while still using the full profile including cabinet to FOH. Monitor Cab Off has no effect on the main outputs.

  • Okay got all this so far.

    One more thing I promise! ;)

    Since I am using a full range speaker (Not Kemper), but using the Passive P2 Gemini Cab, I should be able to use the Kemper Kone imprints correct?

    Since this Full range cabinet will only simulate the true sound of the Kemper, I can't see why I would not be able to select Kemper Kone and use the imprints.

    I haven't tried this yet and just thought of it going through checklists.


  • There isn't anything to stop you from using imprints no matter what speaker you use. But they will only work as intended if used with a Kemper Kone speaker. The imprints are tuned to adjust the specific specs of the Kemper Kone to sound like the selected imprint speaker. With other speakers, there will be a difference, but much less likely to sound like the intended speaker. Just trial and error at that point.

  • As cmbrowns said it will "work".

    How you define "work" will be your experiment.

    I have tried the imprints on a DXR10, and a MBritt XiTone 1x12 powered cab. Both "worked" and provided some interesting/useful/pleasurable results.

    That being said, if you want consistent results the Kabinet/Kone is the answer. That's what I ended up doing, and I'm happy with it.

  • As the others have said, it will “work” but won’t sound like they were intended.


    No speaker, full range or other, is totally flat response. Therefore, most FRFR have some sort of digital EQ (DSP) built in to compensate for this. The DSP to make the Kone speaker flat is built into the KPA rather than the speaker. When you turn on imprints you are also applying the EQ curve required to make the Kone speaker flat. If you use it with a speaker with a different natural EQ curve or one that is already compensated via its own DSP, You will be applying the Imprints to a speaker that is not flat so they won’t sound as expected.

    In this context “flat” isn’t really flat anyway. It is more like the manufacturer’s own ideal EQ curve for the sound they are after. It might be fairly flat but with a little tweak like rolling off the high end a little or …………..