• Not true at all, yours is much better and sounds great BayouTexan . You’ve taken onboard the feedback and are making great progress, just don’t let others taste get too important - rock & roll ain’t about being tasteful, you need some bombast.

    Mine is literally just me tracking everything in almost single takes to get’er’dun as hastily as possible and making all sorts of mistakes. But I have to learn to be quicker still, there’s some saying about that…

  • If you're constrained time-wise as you are, Per, fine, but I don't believe in rushing music, whether it be noodling / demos or serious recording.

    The way I look at it is that once it's done it's done; it's a time capsule. I cannot tell you how many recordings I made way back in the day that have haunted me 'cause I failed to take a little extra time.