Per collection thread

  • Today I decided to just do whatever I wanted on the mix and not care.

    Yes to this.

    I am inspired by the fact that you do these daily noodles. Does it matter what anyone (here) thinks of them? I know you appreciate the feedback you get, and still, I wonder if it is enough that we acknowledge what you're doing.

    Keep just doing what you want, Per. I'm in awe.

  • Thanks ST absolutely I’m doing this for me, I hope no-one feels any pressure to respond either way. It’s nice to get positive feedback and useful knowledge and even if the feedback where to be negative I take it on-board, but at the end of the day I’m the one that’s gotta push the dials, learn the riffs and put it into action, I can’t depend on others or be lazy.

    It’s my own drive to want to excel and be better than mediocre, but that’s also no-one else’ prerogative. I can’t be selfish and ignore that my direction isn’t necessarily fathomable to other people who don’t have the same influences and points of reference. I know I’m going to try to emulate music that others abhor. I don’t want anyone to pretend to like what they don’t and I can’t expect anyone to read my mind on what my goals are.

    In any case if what I’m doing helps furnish knowledge I can pass on to others or if anyone learns from or enjoys my journey then that’s the best outcome.

  • Per, your stuff is really good and always interesting.
    The creativity, originality and work rate far outweigh any mixing and technical shortcomings you think you may have although I think those shortcomings are in the low percentages.

    The depth issue is one that's a bugger to overcome, I struggle with it all the time despite doing what I think are the "correct" moves in a mix.
    I hear your frustration - producing a track to a pro standard is the biggest bugbear in my life.

    Apart from my football team.

  • Just missing a little "Sting" in that tune Per. :P All good. I like the clean guitar rhythm.

    The more you find what Kemper can do then the harder you try to find what it cannot do -- like make a good cup of Frappuccino.

  • Thanks spottydog10 hah yeah but when your team comes through its glorious!

    Thanks though for the kind words but also don’t worry I am doing great, defo no pity party. I’m just inarticulately trying to ask if other people have solutions to an audio phenomenon that’s hard to explain in words so it comes out sounding like “poor me” but that’s not the intent.

    This is intensely practical, I can tell there is a clear difference between my and pro mixes, but as embarrassing as it is to admit what might be patently obvious to anyone else my ear isn’t well developed enough yet or is too locally invested to figure out what that difference is and how to address it. Obviously I can hear my voice isn’t up to par and there are deficiencies in playing and that I’m not too worried about because it’s simply a matter of practice, tightening up and really spending more time on a track, sketch tracks naturally will be a little rough around those edges because they’re mostly improv and several takes less from writing to finish than any commercial track and I haven’t invested time in developing those ultra fast session musician “nail it in less than 4 takes or you’re out” skills. But I have a blind spot in arrangement, mix and mastering! With my daw, instruments, synths and processing I can theoretically get any sound but I’m not getting *that* sound and I’m sure there are a few tricks or things that my ear is untrained in that would allow me to get to the next level. It’s just another one of those “one missing bit of knowledge” things we all get.

    Thanks BayouTexan I tried my best to get a sting-ish vibe on the vocals :D but he has a very different tonality, the signal chain is somewhat like what I imagine his to have been back then though, a classic Roland widening chorus effect, pretty heavy handed compression, that 80s delay/verb.

  • Thanks ST !

    Haha, I think it’s more it feels like it’s taking an eternity where I’m mostly spending an hour turning an EQ on/off wondering if it’s better or not before I give in and admit it definitely sounds *much* better, and then finding it was applied to a muted track…