• Sounds fantastic to me. Honestly I’d be the last person to about mixing but as you asked here are my thoughts which you can take or leave as you chose, I’d want to bring up the handclaps in the intro to give a slightly punchier element and then do some automation on the vocal levels throughout as they feel like they get a little buried as the mix gets denser and feel a little too exposed in some earlier places, maybe also use Andy Scheps vocal trick to not let it fall back too much. The reverb on the guitars at the beginning isn’t my favorite though I know the references, I’d be tempted to reduce it at that point to make it feel a little more intimate as it’s already a parred down section.

    Absolutely love the vocals. Great track!

  • Hi Per, your stuff always sounds great so thanks. The guitar reverb is baked on but I have tried a de reverb plug in to pull it back on one of the earlier mixes, I'll try again, I wish I had a lighter touch when mixing. What's the Andy Scheps vocal trick if you don't mind?

    Deadman, I'll have another listen to the bass, cheers.

  • Sounds crisp to me and pretty much commercial ready. No booming on my end and I'm listening on a planar system with a sub -- which I have been using for playback for over 10 years. Well done!

    The more you find what Kemper can do then the harder you try to find what it cannot do -- like make a good cup of Frappuccino.

  • Sounds pretty good , I'm gonna check on my monitors, but so far this is a great song , loved the vocals & slide especially. The overall vibe is also very nice , organic , moody verb and those backward guitars :)

  • I confirm the good mix on my monitors , no booms here. The vocal verb is different to the rest ? I liked the jack white guitar tone & verb a lot.

    This track has a definitive 'room' feel to it , perfect for a bluesy track. The background string synth is a nice way to enhance the tracks with the double stops & reverse gits.