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    Haven't noticed any "Cocked Wah" sound (unless you mess with the cab settings, in which case yes, but I don't tend to do that because I find them to be uncontrollable for the most part unless I want telephone or megaphone sounds, I've no idea what the controls are meant to be controlling in there as both seem to cut bass in either direction just at different frequencies), but I have noticed that some profiles seem to have some natural phasing going on even when there's no phaser attached. I suspect it's coming from the Cab section but I've not had time to fully investigate.

    The advantage you gain is routing. With S/PDIF or USB Audio you have the option of reamping direct from your DAW without doing a bunch of rewiring and also you get to play through the KPA while being able to record both the wet and dry tracks at the same time (provided you plug your guitar into the interface and send it's signal through to the KPA).

    Then on top of all that yes you should in theory get even lower latency as you're removing a stage of DA/AD and of course there'll be slightly less noise introduced through an all digital pathway, than using the XLR/Jack outs (but it'll be very subtle, you might notice it if you're layering up a bunch of tracks and have golden ears).

    BTW you likely wont notice this bug on lower gain patches. I found it very noticeable on certain patches, e.g. I'd left the unit on the stock "Mr. Nice Guy" patch, switching on the patch was full, going right then left with the rig buttons on the right side of the unit the sound became much thinner, especially noticeable playing some barre chords and lead around A.

    How do you know this from this bug?

    Check the screenshot a couple of posts before mine. The file where the error occurs is a .cpp file, admittedly it's a strings table file (which technically shouldn't be labeled cpp in order to avoid it compiling), but I'd say that given it's a standard postfix it makes pretty likely that at least some of the KPA firmware has been developed in C++.

    Yes, definitely confirmed here even after a system restart. The trouble is not knowing which one is the correct sound. I guess the only way would be to profile your amp record it, then reamp and do the whole reboot/change patch process reamping again to see whether the boot sound is correct or the patch change sound is correct.

    I also found the same behavior. I have a question for you though, have you locked your noise gate/input sens settings?

    When I locked them I had the behavior you describe, when I unlocked, then shut down and restarted the the sound didn't change as I changed patch (but I didn't record to see whether ti picked the 1.04 or 1.05 behavior in that situation). Can you test this?

    The KPA can be improved, but it's still far ahead of the competition on it's distortion, don't look at it from the perspective of how the gain dial works, look at it from how it sounds full stop (or if you do look at it from the perspective of the gain dial then rename the thread to "The KPA's Gain Dial behavior" instead, because it's not the same thing).

    The "distortion model" is taken from the amp that's profiled, it sounds like the amp (though I do believe it could be improved and I hope Kemper will continue to work on this making a better product). If you adjust the gain with different profiles you'll find many different characteristics, if you do some profiling yourself of a real amp you'll see what works and where, and just how close it is to a real amp.

    What I'd like to see is the ability to blend profiles, especially to be able to profile the amp at a couple of gain settings and then having the KPA work out a more accurate gain dial characteristic from that. If you try to add gain to a very low gain amp then the result right now is harsh because the distortion also is going to include things like noise floor, also low gain sound naturally tends to have dramatically increased dynamics, or to put it another way the curve between input and output values is non-linear and can be quite extreme on attack. More or less the distortion it hears may not all be overdrive and so it'll accentuate some quite harsh effects. If you could give it examples of at least two positions on the gain dial then I suspect the Kemper would be able to give youa much more accurate result.

    Where I find the KPA is let down is twofold, first in the matching process that I feel it needs a "dynamics" matching and then a "hard" matching pass, as I find that playing with extreme dynamics results in a profile that's very accurate to the amp when rolling back the volume on the guitar, but not so great at full whack, and refining with harder notes and chords sacrifices the sensitivity curve for an accurate sound the rest of the time.

    The second is in it's ability to profile the sound of the mic at a further distance from the cab. This though is tougher to resolve, I hope that Kemper will find a way to do this or at least emulate/set a parameter for it as I like the liveliness this gives with a real amp.

    You can send the guitar to the KPA via SPDIF and get the main audio out, but the signal to amp is direct line out only, and requires the return from the amp to come in through the return on the KPA. SPDIF is unfortunately quite limited.

    Oh man, thank-you whomever did the bass amp profiles, even my stinky cheap Dean bass (all of a $70 bass brand new with components that aren't want to stay in) sounds *MASSIVE* through this.

    Main guitar part was through the Roadking Brit profile dailed back a bit, Bass is through the Genz Benz profile and it's huge (normally I have to double track to get a rich bass sound, not here, I was more having to cut frequencies and even then I may not have cut enough!). Thanks for the awesome profiles guys.

    It would be great if the Rig exchange section could remember what and when I've downloaded (and mark them as such). Sometimes you get so caught up with grabbing rigs that you don't realize you've already got that one, especially as they're often named with non-descriptive or numeric titles.

    No, I don't want to pay for rigs in the rig exchange, but I really want to be able to select the rigs I want (either via checkbox or an "add to basket" button) and add them to a basket then once I've gone through, selected and finished browsing the rigs, click a separate "download" button that will zip up all the rigs into a single file for me to download rather than having to download them all individually and sort through the resulting mess.

    Pretty please with sugar on top.

    Just a thought, do you get the sound when there's no rig at all? (and how low are your strings setup?). If not then try with no rig but adding a compressor in one of the stomp slots and see if the sound is noticeable then. If so then does it happen with all your guitars, or just one?

    It may be a faulty unit. Or it could be the Kemper, or it oculd be your guitars and pickups. Or it could be your audio interface, or it could be your poweramp, or any number of things. You need to go through and eliminate all other possibilities then see what's going on. Don't forget that the noise gate and sens settings re-set their values up as you change rigs unless you lock the input section. Finally have you tried going in to the amps and reducing the pick attack settings? (or do you have the amp section locked perhaps?).

    Also can you link your clips that showed this (I don't see them in this thread), as describing the sound with words will never quite convey what it is you're hearing.

    There wasn't any freeze during the update here, there was a pause for a short while but nothing untoward, maybe a minute at most and it carried on as per normal. Didn't require switching the power off or on halfway through. I'm not getting the pops/clicks/gaps so far. But I do notice that switching between patches there's some crackle sometimes for the first little bit maybe reverb related? Of course it's also slightly annoying that it doesn't keep the place you are in the list of rigs when you turn it off (it comes back with the last rig, but if you try to navigate to antoehr rig you find yoruself at the start of the list of rigs, but it did this before).

    Just go my axefx rack finished.. sounds great.. just need somewhere to put the kemper..

    Love peace and guitarification ... got some tweekin to do...

    You should paint your AxeFX with red & white stripes and rename it Waldo (or Wally in the UK), took me a while to actually find it in there...