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    This kind of trouble reminds PC hardware issues where the battery on the mainboard is dead, I wonder if someone ever saw this kind of button battery inside the KPA ?


    Hello Rosich

    don't be afraid to use cheap guitar, it's not a matter of price but more a matter of woods, pickups and overall crafting. If your guitar does sound great thru classic tube amps, you'll find some great rigs on the KPA too.

    I use a 200€ second hand classic vibe Squier thinline tele (stock PUs) and it sounds really great with most of the rigs.

    Remember that the KPA is 'transparent ' to your guitar and will emphasize it's flaws as well as it's qualities, just like a good tube amp does.

    That said , the KPA deserves great guitars , once you get your KPA borrow some friend's guitars and listen to their actual tone thru the KPA, you'll be amazed by the differences and probably begin a guitar collection ( like japanese vintage tokais,orville ...)


    Hi, finally you nailed it with a tele !! This is the magic formula : KPA + tele = best tone ever.

    The KPA responds very well and with good tonal transparency to pickups and woods, you can get so much differences in your tone with a single profile just by switching pickups / guitars. This is not different from real amps ,think about the inputs low gain / hi gain on some boogie amps for instance, they have a major impact on the tone.

    I use a 79' yamaha SG1000 (les paul like) with splittable pickups , single coil for rhythm sounds and HB for leads. HB can sound muddier , you have to lower your guitar volume, but the tones are amazing. Some rigs need adjustments for each of your guitars , while some other will sound great without any change (the almighty Cream JTA 45 once again !)

    It's clear that the KPA will let the character of the guitar express itself : I just got my old US 94 strat back (left unplayed for 5 years :( , what a major disappointment when I plugged it to the KPA , crappy and dull , i eventually figured that I had to find some new pickups for it , they are dead ... A brand new thinline tele (classic vibe chinese squier) sounded much more punchy , with excellent clarity and even a great sustain, I could'nt believe it but that is the truth , squier thinline sounds better than my vintage us strat 8|.

    You also have to adjust input sense (your clean setting is VERY VERY high at 7.2) I leave mine at 1.5 (2 to 3 for single coils on the tele & strat).

    I agree with the 45's

    Give the 'Cream JTA 45' by Geraldo a try too, this one will also give you Led Zep & ZZ Top tones , that amp is so good with single coils , HB an P90...

    Hi Laurent,

    Back from a long vacation I just tested your software ( I did not test midi part ). My kpa is in 1.1.1 version.

    I could load a standard rig , retag it then import it without flaws.

    I then imported the whole 457 rigs batch you edited , it took a while but it's fully functionnal !! :thumbup: I was able to browse thru all marshalls regardless of the creator (sorted by amp, all rigs)

    Guys, what a major step it is !! It is so cool to be able to use the sorting options like they were intended to, by amp brand name etc ...

    Great work;

    Thanks a lot, Laurent. You really deserve your future KPA !!

    Salut man et bienvenue dans le monde merveilleux du KPA , tu vas pas en croire tes ptites oreilles !!!

    3h de retard au taf , beau score quand même :rolleyes:

    Allez bye et n'hésite pas à nous poser des questions en cas de doute, et n'oublie pas de flasher ton firmware en 1.1.1 ASAP c'est encore mieux. Jette un oeil sur les profils FENDER pro JR, CREAM JTA45 , Marshall Fortin , juste pour le fun ...

    Allez bye !

    hello , I've been testig both solutions, I'm totally in love with the wha booster , it's a fantastic way to discover the incredible tone range on a single amp, from clean , crunchy to super lead just with a subtle amount of the foot press, mighty great feature M Kemper !!! :thumbsup:

    Thanks a lot guys for your explanations, I'll now need 1 more expression pedal.


    Al rite !

    I have fount it but I can only adjust my volume but not my gain with the pedal , achieving blackmoresque violin sounds ;)

    How can I assign it to the gain control ?? I could'nt accomodate it like u told me :huh:


    edit : Ok I now understand , on distorded sounds pre amp volume acts like a gain, but the gain leds to not change , as I was expecting. In this setup the gain knob acts as a limit to the range of the pedal. This is great for switching from rythm to lead , Thanks !

    I guess my original request is still valid , as it would be cool to have the actual gain modified by the pedal.

    Hello M Sage !

    I'm scratching my head to find this Pre-amp parameter 8| ?( and Rig menu ??? which one ?

    could you be more precise please ? I can just see vol pedal adjustment on page 3 in the rig menu ?



    Hi !

    I am struck with the ring modulator , since I can not adjust a rotovibe sim I did, as fine as I would like.

    I would really appreciate going to 47% to 47.1% or even 47.01% for the stomp parameters , just by holding a dedicated button down for fine tuning.

    I hope this is clear enough to understand ?



    Hello, I would really like to control the amp gain with a expression pedal.

    This is a feature that was available on some mesa boogie mark II amps see this link

    William G. Sacks has written, "A cool and little-known option with the Mark IIB (or original Mark II): while the effects loop isn't worth much as such, you can run the output of a volume pedal (without your guitar being plugged into its input) into the 'return' jack, and get on-the-fly preamp gain control! This is a feature that very few tube amps have ever had, even inadvertently - it uses the pot in the volume pedal as a passive limiting device, such that when the pedal is 'wide open,' it allows the preamp tubes' full voltage to pass into the power section. As the pedal is backed off, it decreases the amount of preamp signal allowed through the 'loop,' cleaning up the sound. One of my best friends sets his clean channel's preamp to 9 and uses an Ernie Ball pedal to vary the overall tone. Oh, I wish we could convince Mesa to make this a regular option on their new models..."

    While I didn't own this amp I've used this feature on a digitech RP 500 where you can assign almost EVERY parameter to the exp pedal. The result is incredible since you can have so much variety in a single patch, great for blues and jimi songs.

    The added bonus is that you can let ring a single note and press your exp pedal down while it fades out for ultimate sustain , feedback & great larsen. Not to mention that you can switch from rythm to lead as you do with your volume pot but with great clarity without adding mudiness. To compensate for the changes in volume, a 2nd exp pedal could be used.

    going further, it would be great to be able to control more parameters on the kpa with the exp. pedal.

    Hope you'll enjoy this great feature.

    Hello Geraldo, I must thank you for this fantastic profile, each time I turn on my KPA I always end up with the cream JTA 45... :thumbsup:

    This amp has everything : every single string can be heard on open chords, you can have a warm and great clean just by turning the vol pot down. It's as good on SC than HB, very pick sensitive ... It also takes pedals really great , fuzz , wha & co.

    The overdrive his fabulous and does really rely on the guitar played , the gain course reminds me of hendrix live concerts : super warm clean to atomic fuzz.

    Have someone tried other cabs that could bring new territories ??

    Please activate your PM.

    Many Thanks again :D !


    Hello !

    We are still working on our editor , don't worry !!

    We are still finding a way to write our file and keep them compliant to Midi file format , we (3rd party coders ) did gather our knowledge and did approach the Kemper team that delivered us some useful info and will answer our questions, so everybody is walking in the same direction now !

    We really appreciate the kemper team helping us since the task is somewhat difficult to cope with !!

    See you as soon as we have any major announcement


    edit : Thanks for supporting us :D

    Hi Guys I just realized yesterday :whistling: evening that the leds on the tuner knob , are actually a real time tuner, you don't really need to go in the tuner menu 8|

    The led is yellow when your string is in tune , green (left when too low , right when too high , or the opposite, cannot remember ... Try with single open strings.

    Maybe this will also solve dead zone problems ??

    We learn each day with this gear !!!

    Hello ,

    I just wanted to let you know that the save function is on it's way and that we are very near to the beta.

    Phil & I did optimize the code , and the 1st tests looks promising,
    we're just about importing some modified profiles on our KPA now.

    I also have to check some of the midi file specs used in the kipr files to be sure we create something reliable.

    Some annoying bugs are solved, so we'll soon have something fine running.

    See you ,


    Hello !

    We are still working hard on the KPA editor, here is the developpement state :

    We got most of the interface , I tested load & save funtion , looks ok.

    The tricky part is about changing the actual tags from the rig file and writing them again( from what's typed in the inferface ).
    I had some help from a russian coder that gave us the magical formula for this purpose ( more on this on the blog ).

    During the devpt , we made a few discoveries :

    We have some insights about the generic file format used by the KPA ( thanks Ralf )
    some checksums may occur for some of the tags ( Rig name ... ?? ) just changing a tag doesn't mean you can import it !

    This means , that we'll have to go through a longer devt time than expected ( each feature must be integrated to the whole code)

    A lot of ideas came from the testers and we'll have a lots of functionnalities to add ( for instance : direct clicking on a kipr file will directly launch the editing).

    Anyway, It's cool to have goodwill people from all around the world working on the subject.

    thanks for the kind words.

    See you,