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    Hi, I used mostly a DI box (ULTRA DI-100 Berhinger ) to get most of my profiles on the R.E. I had great results , don't be afraid to swap cabs once you've made your profiles with your favorite cabs. Get an ear to my DAK rigs , each of them have a different cab from similar amps. I also used the 'recording output' on my mesa boogie, with good results too.

    coucou, ça sent le problème d'horloge ou d'horodatage : une seule solution, aller dans le menu system et utiliser l'option 'erase all rigs' et relancer une restore à partir d'un de tes derniers backups (avec un backup avant si t'as des rigs perso à sauvegarder !!!).

    T'es bien dans le dernier firmware ?

    Wow very cool amp man, that would be great to profile it for the community , please do not let it go without making a few profile, it's quite rare.

    Profiling is very rewarding , and if you like your amp you'll still have the profiles if you miss it afterwards. Don't you got a SM57 ?


    Hi !

    the 1st one is a little remix of a stoner rock I wrote a few months ago, this one is a speed & aggressive one , but I love it.

    The 2nd comes much more relaxing, I wrote it this week under heavy stress : the whole writing & recording cured me :D

    2nd is made out my latests Mesa Subway rigs ( the jazz one heavily tweaked and matched to a JTM cab) I also used the Mark IIc+ by Dje, as usual with the Les Paul ( Salut Gerald !!!)

    Hope you enjoy them !

    Wow very inspirational, I love the creative aspect of this tool, never thought you could achieve this kind of tone, really impressive.

    That beast never cease to amaze me 8o

    Hi !

    I'm ordering some knobs/buttons ( the round gray ones ) and I wonder which size I have to order for the 8 small ones and the 8 big one, as well as the chicken head one ?

    6 mm ?

    Please give me the info , in millimeters if you have it.

    Just curious, what type of living are you able to make with your freely distributed software and album?

    Hi Will , this is totally off topic but anyway I'll explain on PM.

    They are probably not too happy about it either.

    You're right , there is a legal gap here ! I hope the KPA community won't ever be threatened by them. I remember the 1st time I heard about the KPA , it was shown as the 'Napster of tube amps' you know what happened to Napster .... Open source is a way to keep those problems away since there is no official owner.

    I also wonder with big brand have not anticipated it and why they don't sell some collector rigs of the treasures from their personal collection.

    Becuase of attidues like yours, the music/media business is what it is, nowadays - fucked.

    Hi Tony , please chill out a bit man !!

    While this thread is waking my inner Richard Stallman & geek culture of freedom, I disapprove being responsible of the music industry up !! If you were aware of the work involved by the community here you should have understood that were not trying to satisfy our own little interest , but we were on a collaborative quest to reproduce Hendrix sound from whatever rig we could find. refer to this thread, you'll understand that we are struck with some beautiful rigs we cannot share, which is the opposite of what we wanted.

    BTW look at our tag editor , open source GPL code for you to mod & distribute freely, just like my last song, on Creative common licensing.

    Yeah , I'm afraid there is no real cure , even a collection vintage amp won't do it... I cannot spend more than 3 days without it , I'm totally kemperized. :wacko:

    I won't go to rehab no no nooooooooo

    seriously? ?(

    Yeah, absolutely , commercial profilers do this job without amp builders acknowledgment ???? So why would they sue us over profiling their modded profiles ????

    I don't see other alternative , i really think it's a good solution : it just needs 2 people , 2 KPA and a bunch of commercial bassman & Hiwatts. Don't know how it should sound eventually ?(