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    Hello ,

    I just wanted to let you know that the save function is on it's way and that we are very near to the beta.

    Phil & I did optimize the code , and the 1st tests looks promising,
    we're just about importing some modified profiles on our KPA now.

    I also have to check some of the midi file specs used in the kipr files to be sure we create something reliable.

    Some annoying bugs are solved, so we'll soon have something fine running.

    See you ,


    Hello !

    We are still working hard on the KPA editor, here is the developpement state :

    We got most of the interface , I tested load & save funtion , looks ok.

    The tricky part is about changing the actual tags from the rig file and writing them again( from what's typed in the inferface ).
    I had some help from a russian coder that gave us the magical formula for this purpose ( more on this on the blog ).

    During the devpt , we made a few discoveries :

    We have some insights about the generic file format used by the KPA ( thanks Ralf )
    some checksums may occur for some of the tags ( Rig name ... ?? ) just changing a tag doesn't mean you can import it !

    This means , that we'll have to go through a longer devt time than expected ( each feature must be integrated to the whole code)

    A lot of ideas came from the testers and we'll have a lots of functionnalities to add ( for instance : direct clicking on a kipr file will directly launch the editing).

    Anyway, It's cool to have goodwill people from all around the world working on the subject.

    thanks for the kind words.

    See you,


    Hello !

    A short update :

    I've been working on a way to limit the size of the tags in my editor to the actual size used by the KPA.

    After some research and a few protos this week-end,I came across a simple solution. I now have time to work on the 'saving', writing the edited tags on the actual .kipr file.

    Then the 'importing' tests of these chimeras profiles will begin for the team of beta testers :whistling:

    I'll keep you informed as soon as we have something reliable running ( I now have 2 mac users for building the program on Mac OS, I won't forget those of you who that use the infamous 1 button mouse :evil: ).

    See you,



    I now have some good feedback about the editor, so far no pbs, we tested dozens of profiles with correct display !!

    Tills did point the fact that a cab profile can't be loaded, we'll try to solve this ( load rig load / load cab button )

    Another users want direct .kipr file associations, and command line editing possibilities ,why not , but in the future !!

    We also have backup programmers & some other cool ideas & projects, but this is classified ;) . I'm impressed by the involment of some of you (some don't even own a kpa !!!! ) , you are great !!

    See you & nice WE


    We are testing the display of rigs from the community , I did polish the code a little bit.

    the award of tagging clearly goes to Mats, with every single tag filled :

    [Blocked Image:
    Are you cheating Mats ?? Do you use a special tool or did you just turn the knobs with so much dedication ??

    If the tests goes well, I'll implement edit functions and then a save button.

    Some of the fields won't be editable ( like Rig date ) in order to keep a 'signature' , this timestamp will be the only field that will allow us to easily compare two similar rigs.

    I also plan a 'Chuck Norris' edition of the editor in order to do some batch processing ( editing multiple rigs at once , in a single save) for stakhanovist profiling peoples that create rigs by the dozen.

    See you,


    Hello ,

    Yesterday, I did implement a load profile function , and I could test with 4-5 profiles from the rig exchange, and it looks like this ( bug with the date )

    [Blocked Image:]

    A few minor adjustments will be made ,and I will let you try an executable that I'll build later on.

    for testers :

    Please PM me with your personal email , I'll send you the program & instructions for testing.

    You won't be able to save anything, just load & edit, but it's a step closer to the Beta :)

    See ya,


    Hello !

    We are now 2 people working on the project, Philip will help coding parts of this tool.

    I have been working on the User interface, here is the result :

    [Blocked Image:]

    I know this is a bit ugly , we'll try to do some embellishments later , we need to have a functionnal tool before ...

    Next part will be connecting that Gui with a 'load profile' button and include the part of the code that do the actual tag display.

    We have a few fellows ready for testing , you can prepare your 'special rig files' for testing purpose :

    they must look like this :

    • a short rig name WITHOUT spaces or fancy characters (no @#! please ).
    • you'll have to fill EVERY TAG up to the limit (20 characters most of the time). Save it , export it on your computer.

    Thanks in advance for your help ;)


    Hi , this is a nice question, I always wondered how supro amps would sound, I known Jimmy page used one of these on the 1st albums.

    1624T Dual Tone SUPRO is the reference I could find.

    If someone knows about them or better owns one , It would be great to profile it for posterity, it seems they are becomming very rare.


    What about the missing id's. Are these allways empty?
    Are the offsets fixed?
    When do you think will the alpha been ready?

    Hello again !

    Been working on the Gui , started coding the Tk part.

    The missing IDs do exist in kipr files, they are empty , looks like they are somewhat 'reserved' for a future use !!

    The offsets are not fixed ( adress is not constant, size is not constant) , that's why I had to search for Ids , headers & term.

    The alpha will be ready , but it will just be a "tag analyser" , no editing available ! I will need you for the tests.

    See you !


    It would work , but editing TAG is easy, identifying 'audio' parameters ( like gain, bass, pedals ) is a lot more difficult work ( maybe if we build a team dedicated to reverse engineering ;) )

    The librarian would really be useful in real time ( adjust a parameter , listen , store ) IMHO.

    We also need a perform mode , and directories for managing our profiles before even thinking about a librarian I guess !

    hello !

    I'm working on a Tag editor for all of you, profilers. We all know how long and painfull is the tag editing part when profiling.

    I came across the idea of creating a bit of code for letting profilers edit their kipr files after the profiling process ( in order to let us spend more time doing the actual profiles instead of turning knobs endlessly :pinch: !!)

    It will also allow lazy profilers (like me !!) to edit a lot more tags when creating a new profile , letting the users sort on a specific tag when a librarian will be available. We need richer tags and good practises there.

    This program will be written in Python 2.7 ( Win / Mac / Linux compatible). It will allow user to load a profile , edit every tag I could find in .kipr files (see below ), then save it. I will probably add the possibilty to copy paste each or every tag from another profile with copy/paste options. I will surely relase it under GPL.

    Rig Author
    Rig Comment

    Amp Name
    Profiling Location
    Source Amp
    Amp Comment
    Amp Model
    Amp Channel
    PickUp Type
    Amp Buildyear

    Cabinet Name
    Profiling Location
    Source Cabinet
    Mic Type
    Cabinet Comment
    Mic Position
    Cabinet Configuration
    Cabinet Model

    This code is in it's early stages : so far, my code can just identify and read every tag in a single profile, I'm working on a GUI like the one below (I will use TKinker) for editing purposes.

    [Blocked Image:…Kpa_tag_editor_GUI_V2.JPG]

    I'll let you know about progress made , in this post and on on the blog below , I hope it won't turn into vaporware :D

    Here is a link to a short blog dedicated to the making of the editor :

    I'll be open to specific demands , but only when I'll reach alpha & beta stages.

    keep profiling !

    PS : THIS WON'T EVER be a librarian , since we don't have any driver yet to implement real time / sync communication between a pc and the KPA.

    Wow this is amazing ! my mind did travel directly into the 60's , was it played on a guitar or a keyboard ? I have not wired my wife's fender rhodes to the KPA yet but I guess the sound will be incredible.

    Keep up your sonic explorations and send it to the masses Bill :thumbsup:

    Al rite ! ;)

    I always find myself playing the same JTM 45 rig , again and again (thanks Geraldo !) , even If I try every new profile on the rig exchange !!!

    Can't get fed up of this fantastic profile

    it depends on the internal memory , or more precisilely the part dedicated to profile storage :

    Let's imagine the lowest option : 2 MB : 512 profiles ( 4 kB for a single profile ) we're much above ( with 1400 )

    at 2GB (that can be much closer to reality, I guess) : 512 000 !!!

    If someone as the internal memory specs we can guess , but there are other limitations ( ie number of files / inodes ....)

    The short answer is : don't bother about it....


    I'd like to have an expression pedal connected to my KPA in order to play some wah ?

    I cannot be sure if you can use a volume pedal ( like the Boss FV50 ) as an expression pedal ?

    Does the pedal's impedance matter ? Which one are you using ?

    thanks for your advices.


    Hello, thanks for your time profiling the boogie, I really dig the crunch one , it sounds fantastic with single coils :D

    I'ill wait for the Mark IIC+ profile , I really love this kind of sound, hopefully we'll be able to assign the gain to a volume/expression pedal as on some boogies.


    I understand it takes lots of ressources to developp and editor.

    Maybe C.Kemper will make this architecture more open and give partial information in order third parties can developp their own librarian / editor ( I think about the community / open source developpement model).

    We need a least a simple driver to be able to mount the KPA as a virtual usb drive ( librarian & sync ) --> Option 1

    We can even imagine a more complex driver with full access to internal parameters ( Editor ) --> Option 2

    I'll be really happy with Option 1