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    Nein, vorhören is nich.

    Du musst ein Rig auf dem Profiler haben.

    Es war nach meiner Erfahrung am Anfang (die ersten Monate) die Haupttätigkeit,

    den Profiler richtig kennen (und einstellen) zu lernen und die (zu mir) passenden Profiles

    zu finden.

    Letztendlich verwende ich fast nur kommerzielle Profile, weil Leute wie Michael Britt, TAF, usw.

    es einfach drauf haben.

    Muss man aber nicht so machen. In den Original Rick Packs (gibts ja auf der Kemper Homepage)

    sind schon gute Sachen drin.

    Einfach ausprobieren!

    Ne kurze Frage:

    was macht man denn mit 15000 Rigs?


    Auf meinem hab ich (seit mittlerweile 2015) etwas über 300.

    Und das führt schon zu einer langen Startzeit des Kempers.

    Hi guys,

    I really have to admit that I bought a really really high expensive upgraded power chord.

    It cost about a third of a Kemper, but it is worth it.

    Since I bought it, my power chords have more power than ever.

    And my fingers can move as fast as Eddie v.H.‘s fingers.

    So my advice for all of you: buy those upgraded power chords,

    it boosts your power chords.


    The Kemper guys in this forum call the newest Beta update but the file you can download is called


    So what is the real version number? 5.7.5 or 5.7.4 ???

    well not exactly. I have connected a cable from direct send to return in. No issue with fx loop with this connection.This must be specific to your kpa or backup or mimic fx. You can easly check if this is mimic issue buy bypassing it with this direct connection. But from now i can not help you further. Good luck wit your issue!

    You did realize that I don‘t have this issue with 5.7.2 and 5 minutes later after the update to 5.7.4 there is the issue? After another 5 minutes later and re-installing 5.7.2 the issue is gone again.

    So where will the issue be? In the Kemper? In the Mimiq? In the cables?

    So, after installing 5.7.4 I activated and disactivated the loop in a rig.

    After disactivating there was no red LED and the volume of the rig was much lower than with activated loop.

    In the loop there is just a TC Electronics Mimiq Doubler.

    The settings of the loop are the same as in 5.7.2 !

    I don‘t know why the activation of the loop makes it that much louder in 5.7.4 than in 5.7.2 !!!

    Edit: In software 5.7.4: if I lower the volume of the loop (in the loop settings) to -5.0 the volume is about the same than 0 in software 5.7.2 !!!

    I quickly checked your backup on 5.7.4 but I do not get any red light in the output LED. Are you experiencing this with any rig or just the ones that have the FX loop activated? Since I do not have anything in my FX loop that would be the difference between our two setups.

    Because I‘m on 5.7.2 again, I cannot check this.

    I‘m not shure if the red LED was in rigs with no loop, but the red LED was surely there in rigs in which the loop was active.

    But the effect I have in the loop and the settings of this effect, were the same on 5.7.2 and 5.7.4 !

    So if the loop is the reason of the red LED, there must be some other settings in 5.7.4 by default directly after the update.