Posts by Job Posthuma’s possible indeed, but there’s to much complications to my taste.

    Managing so many presets, current state of expression controllers, a quick tweak of your amp sound takes adjusting a dozen complicated!

    I hope they consider my suggestion....and be the first in the market to support oldschool methods in a unit of today ;)

    What is hindering you to organize your 4 amps in 4 Performances and the 5 effect configurations in the five Slots of those Performances?

    Performances n is amp n, and Slot m is effect configuration m. You then use the Rig Buttons to change the effect configuration and the Up/Down button to load the amp. MIDI wise that can be achieved with CC#47 to preload the amp and CC#50-54 to load the effect configuration.

    Im sorry, I cant be more clear then I have been, and I hope you read my post with care.

    #presets to manage, #of switches to step on , and flexible/intuitive control of your sound during a performance are the key components here.

    I didn’t mention 1 other If I changed the volume of an amp with an expression soon as I switch effects following your suggestion ..I would start at the setting of the preset...that’s not what you want in the middle of a performance.


    You can do that and even include the amp and cab module by loading another Rig with one MIDI program change.

    I know, but that’s not what I’m after. Lets say, for argument sake, I want to able to use 5 effect configurations on 4 amps. With “old school” 4 channel amp and effectunit...I got that with 9 swithces. If I were to have the same options in the kemper, id need 36 presets, and id be switching banks like a madman. If I wanted to change my “clean sound” be editing 5 rigs.

    Thats a lot more complicated then managing 4 amp sounds and 5 effect presets.

    The result of what I’m proposing is switching effect chains like you would in an amp + effectunit set up.

    The way to get there that I propose is basically....allow the user to group i.e. a drive preset, a verb preset and a delay preset in a [give it a name] and assign a CC+ value to that [give it a name] to trigger load and activate whatever is in there. So its based on using how users can store presets at this IDs of those in a table/file...and recall those on CC+value trigger.

    As a user I want to be able to activate a userdefined group of effectpresets with 1 CC message/switch so that I can change all my effectslots with one click, without changing my amp sound/switch rig, so I don’t have to make presets for every amp / effects combination I use.

    In other words, I want to be able to load a group of effect presets with on click, without changing my amp sound/switch rig. Example: on preset/rig A with only verb, I want to temporarily add a compressor, a delay, and change the verb mix with on click. After doing so want to be able to change to preset/rig B with the same effects. After that I want to go to the effect settings as they where defined in preset/rig B by deactivating the “temporary called group of effects”.

    in other words....a stomp button/cc msg can trigger loading several userdefined existing effect presets and activate them.

    I can imagine it could work like this:

    - add an “effects- container” where user can add ID,s of existing presets, and give a name to the container.

    - add functionality where user can link this “effect-container” to a stomp button / CC as triggers. (CC number + values that link to 127 containers?)

    - at trigger of a footswitch or CC msg, all presets in the container are loaded, and activated.

    - container gets status active and the used slots get locked so a rig change won’t interfere.

    - when a container is active, all effectslots that are not in the container are disabled.

    - when a container is deactivated, the effects in the preset are reloaded. (So a toggle between effects as defined in the preset, and the effects in the “effects container”.

    add a nylonstring version while your at it? ;)

    On a budget for “amp in the room”...get a used combo with a decent powersection and effectsloop..stick the kpa in the return. Works great!

    Older l6 amps, fender mustang, have decent powersections, nobody wants those for good very cheap.

    Else..get a 1x12 cab and velcro a ss powersection to it.

    Else..get a 1x12 cab and add a camplifier to your kpa. (Retro fit ss amps)

    I think the reason for a heading towards including the poweramp in the profile, is that only that will capture what you are hearing. Some preamps need the poweramp section to sound they say.

    Personally, my “go to” sound is a profile of an amp using the loop...added a cab from a different profile I liked...done! Works into a powersection+cab (obviously)...but also “direct”, where theres no powersection included.

    Probably trial and error, where the odds are that big MV irons where the powersection doesnt do more then “power”...are gonna turn out fine.

    Ah, I have the 180 = 2x90

    I have to crank all the outputs and the speakers I've tried, there's no way I could keep up with a drummer. Maybe mine's not working right...

    I have the same amp and gigging it with drummers.

    Not loud ones...but I always seem to have quite a bit of volume left.

    I would consider it less powerfull then i would expect from a 180 amp (feels like the input could be driven much harder then the kpa can)....but i feel its adequate for any situation I want to get myself into volumewise.

    So my 2 cents..either you dont drive it hard enough, or its a faulty unit.

    Well my maths, as awful as it is, has the anomaly at £73.62 GBP... :)

    It seems, within the past ten minutes, their price is now £1423.00 GBP..... Odd

    Isnt this a result of the pound dropping?

    Retailer got it at an earlier rate of the poind, Kempers website is probably compensating automated based on Exchange rates.

    Honestly do you think the kemper team will release anything mediocre? Have Christopher Kemper ever released anything that is or is close to mediocre? The answer is obvious. I don't mean to be harsh but any such negative speculation shouldn't have been written here.

    Well....actually they have...the kpa bag ;)

    Although im confident about the quality of the speaker...prob order as soon as available.