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    add a nylonstring version while your at it? ;)

    On a budget for “amp in the room”...get a used combo with a decent powersection and effectsloop..stick the kpa in the return. Works great!

    Older l6 amps, fender mustang, have decent powersections, nobody wants those for good very cheap.

    Else..get a 1x12 cab and velcro a ss powersection to it.

    Else..get a 1x12 cab and add a camplifier to your kpa. (Retro fit ss amps)

    I think the reason for a heading towards including the poweramp in the profile, is that only that will capture what you are hearing. Some preamps need the poweramp section to sound they say.

    Personally, my “go to” sound is a profile of an amp using the loop...added a cab from a different profile I liked...done! Works into a powersection+cab (obviously)...but also “direct”, where theres no powersection included.

    Probably trial and error, where the odds are that big MV irons where the powersection doesnt do more then “power”...are gonna turn out fine.

    Ah, I have the 180 = 2x90

    I have to crank all the outputs and the speakers I've tried, there's no way I could keep up with a drummer. Maybe mine's not working right...

    I have the same amp and gigging it with drummers.

    Not loud ones...but I always seem to have quite a bit of volume left.

    I would consider it less powerfull then i would expect from a 180 amp (feels like the input could be driven much harder then the kpa can)....but i feel its adequate for any situation I want to get myself into volumewise.

    So my 2 cents..either you dont drive it hard enough, or its a faulty unit.

    Well my maths, as awful as it is, has the anomaly at £73.62 GBP... :)

    It seems, within the past ten minutes, their price is now £1423.00 GBP..... Odd

    Isnt this a result of the pound dropping?

    Retailer got it at an earlier rate of the poind, Kempers website is probably compensating automated based on Exchange rates.

    Honestly do you think the kemper team will release anything mediocre? Have Christopher Kemper ever released anything that is or is close to mediocre? The answer is obvious. I don't mean to be harsh but any such negative speculation shouldn't have been written here.

    Well....actually they have...the kpa bag ;)

    Although im confident about the quality of the speaker...prob order as soon as available.

    Yeah, I’m pretty sure I could tweak my way to the “Little Wing - Black Sabbath” scenario, morphing EQ, compressor and then mix on a fuzz/shaper/distortion Stomp. However, you can only have one morph per Rig. You couldn’t then have another expression control gain, though a workaround could be to set the volume pedal function at the input and with an offset. Hmmmm...

    Im not sure about the kpa controler, but using 3rd party controler..I can have 4 expression pedals controlling just about anything...2 via controler/midi, 2 in via the back of kpa...even more if you add “expression to midi” devices.

    So having the expression control OP needs, morph/gain/volume shouldnt be a problem right?

    1 no. As long as your cab is 8ohm or more.

    Potentially the 600w amp can blow any speaker...but if your cab is 75w or more...and your not gonna put it at “11” worries.

    2 idnk If an USB cable is included to hook it to your PC, which is nice to check the rig Exchange. In the early days you needed a USB stick to update to latest iOS...idnk of that is still the case. Regardless...its plug and play anyway. You might wanna scout some profiles before it comes in the mail.

    3 you only need to ditch that rack tuner...assuming you have the controler ;)

    Phase issue?

    Altough it would have been there running stereo...switching to mono may cause it to be more apparent.

    In short, a phase issue occurs when speaker A moves forward, while speaker B backward at the same time, resulting in the speakers canceling eachothers output.

    The cause is either a setting in a device (not possible with kpa), or faulty speaker wiring.

    Idnk how to check If your speakers are properly wired. (Easy with passive cabs)

    First thing I would do is switch one off, If the problem disappears you have a very strong indication of a phase issue.

    Anything stereo in your setup that has “invert” options that might cause it?