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    “if you don't have linear monitors and a close-to-linear-as-possible-room, the same profile will sound totally different in different environments.“

    Yep, it’s amazing how many people overlook just how dramatic a difference the room acoustics make. In many cases people are tricked by marketing hype into spending a fortune on higher quality gear but never get any meaningful benefit because of the room. Often they would get a significantly better return on investment spending time and money putting appropriate acoustic trestment in the room itself.

    I actually use a PRS P22 with magnetic and piezo pickups. Imhave normal electric rigs set up and also use some acoustic premap profiles for the piezo. However, I often swirch between acoustic and electric sounds several times during a single song so the ability to properly control this would be fantastic.

    I would go even further in my ideadl dream world and ask for two separate signal paths so that I could even run them both simultaneously through different rigs. I suspect the hardware couldn’t cope with that but a usefull workaround would be something like the parallel path for bass players but wher on path comes from the main inout and the other from the alternative input so that the electric pickups don’t go through the direct rig and the piezo doesn’t go through the stack section. That would let me control everything inside Kemperland and just send a combined sound to the FOH.

    Just read through that TGP post including CK's comments today. It certainly does look like there are some developments in the pipeline. One tht appears to be imminent might even make @flyingheelhook happy ;-)

    "--- Please consider adding the possibility to edit a preset (of any
    kind), that is to modify it and save it under the same name if wanted.
    Doing it currently implies a painful 3-step algorithm, like swapping 2
    variables' values in 1985's BASIC! This is probably not-too low-hanging,
    but Browsing fx should explore only the presets of the same kind of the
    already-loaded effect in a given slot and not the full list of presets
    (I have 500+!).

    We are currently working on a full redesign for the preset management. Both issues will be addressed."

    I've marked the thread as solved as everything is working properly again. I didn't actually do anything other than turn everything off, go away for the night and switch it back on in the morning. I am presuming it was one of those computer related issues where something gets out of sync and i a loop of some sort. Once everything was reset and switched on in the right order it just sorts itself.

    2k ; -58db but it's getting drowned out by my tinitus way before that point ;-)

    70hz ; -39db

    Equal loudness curves rock :-)

    The other thing that hasn't been mentioned anywhere so far and which I think merit focussing on the in the room treatment is bass trapping. Admittedly with limited space and only Rockwool as your friend it's going to be hard to anything magical but every bit helps.

    As the room is quite small the listening position is likely to be very close to the center of the room. This is going to put the ears right around the worst place in the room for modal interference. In my room I have floor to ceiling super chunks in two corners and masses of Rockwool in every other available space to minimise low frequency interference. I have also been very careful to put the listening position in the best spot I can find. I would suggest the OP plays a sine wave at multiple frequencies and walks around the room. Without adequate treatment there will be spots where certain frequencies almost disappear and others where they multiply. Spending as much effort and money controlling those is the best use of resources. If it also cuts down some sound escaping that's a bonus.

    It's a little off topic but......

    I have seen many posts where people complain about profiles being thin or muddy or boomy in certain circumstances and they blame it on the equipment and/or the profiles. While this is undoubtedly a part of the problem I would suggest that 9/10 times the issue is unsatisfactory treatment in the room. Most home players and recordists would be better advised to spend £1,000 on Rockwool and other treatments than a new set of monitors or FRFR cab.

    @ZSchneidi you asked for example for inspiration. Here is my room. It's not perfect and it definitely doesn't provide any sound proofing but it is a joy to listen in. It is also a mess just now as there is too much junk deposited in it (including the cushions from the garden furniture which are not there for any sound treatment purposes ;-) ) There is another bale of Rockwool behind the desk too.


    @lightbox I don't think I am disagreeing as much as it appears. I typed that response quickly while on a dog walk and the hounds dogs were playing in a field. My terminology could definitely have been better ;-)

    I am not trying to be a smart arse of score points and freely admit to being an well read/versed amateur in a field that literally is like rocket science. You appear to have considerable experience and professional knowledge which is way beyond my level.

    I do understand the basic principles and even a fair bit beyond that having spend sonsiderable time trying to digest Alton Everets Masters Handbook of Acoustic but I freely admit I struggled with a lot of it.

    Yep, I hear you on the perspex shields mounted on mic stands, those little suckers definitely took some of the pain out of standing right in front of a 5 piece horn section for 20+ years.

    What I was trying to convey is that, sound does indeed travel "round" our attempts at isolation by means of structural transmission. In reality it travels along things in straight lines but the end result is it ends up on the other side of the absorption because the absorption only stopped the airborne sound. Even though the sound energy in the room may have been reduced by 10db - 15db at specific frequencies the sound resulting from transmition would largly be from direct sound or only after first order reflexion and the materials on the other side could even amplify the transmitted sound. A badly fitted bare wooden floor could conceivably act like an acoustic guitar soundboard on the wife/neighbour side and nullify the effect of the reduction in the studio.

    Also, even 10cm of Rockwool is only effective to low mid type frequencies. The neighbours are much more likely to be bothered by the low frequencies.

    Once again, I take your points and apologise if I seemed to be trying to start an argument. I was only trying to stop the OP wasting money in areas that will still not yield the results he is hoping for. It would be far better to focus efforts on the sound in the room and ignore any attempt at "soundproofing" if there is a benefit treat it as a happy side effect rather than the target. When it comes to isolation I still believe you need to do it right or not at all - anything else is like trying to get the misses a little bit pregnant ;-)

    I totally understand what you are saying. That's why I my point was really that as you can't achieve significant isolation improvements without room in room structures you would be better not even trying to achieve isolation and simply direct your efforts towards making the sound in the room as good as possible. You will get maximum bang for your buck that way.

    I knew that isolation wasn't ever going to be viable in my space so I decided to ignore it and focus on treatment and positioning within the room. The result is a great listening space where I can play, record and mix as long as there is no one else in. Otherwise headphone rule!

    My room is pretty near a flat frequency response (as near as I am ever going to get in the space I have to work with - clearly it's not Abbey Road ;-) ) However, my wife and neighbours can still clearly hear what I am playing through one floor up and one room across. I guarantee you I will be playing quieter in my room than you do in yours. I can still hear some acoustic string noise over the the speaker sound in order to get low enough for the neigbours and wife not to hear. :-( I've measured it and I think the attenuation between the level in the room (with a loop of a solo guitar playing through the monitors at about 80db was around 30db which is basically about what you would expect from our old building regulations without any attempt at isolation.

    As others have said, you don't want to cover the entire space with absorption. Probably no more than half as a rule of thumb but where you place it REALLY matters. It looks like you already have plenty of isolation materials. So rather than spend more money buying more you would probably get better results repositioning what you have.

    This is simply not true. You can't achieve perfect isolation but you can reduce the sound considerably.

    unfortunately it is exactly true. Isolation is only ever as good as the weakest link. Sound simply goes round the treatment and travels through the wall. It’s a common misconception that you can reduce sound transmission by partial treatment. You CAN massively improve the sound in the room but it is a complete waste of time and money to try and achieve isolation by partially “soundproofing” the room. You are correct that even properly isolating the room with a suspended MAM structure still won’t provide total isolation but unfortunately it is the only way to even reduce it partially

    Basically you can’t soundproof that room to isolate the noise from your neighbors without building a room within a room and lots of mass. Unfortunately lots of people confuse isolation (sound proofing) with acoustic treatment (improving the quality of sound INSIDE the room). No amount of accoustic foam or any other treatment will make ANY difference to the sound reaching your neighbours. Used properly it will definitely improve the sound inside the room for you x but it will make ZERO difference to the sound escaping from the room.

    Sound travels in two ways airborne and structurally. If there is any part of your room touching your neighbours wall sound will find a way throught it. If there is ANY air gap in your roo. Sound will find a way out. The best thing you can do is find a copy of Rod Gervais book on building a home studio - its like the bible for home studio building.

    Hi Guys,

    Is any one else having issues with their Kemper and RJM Midi controllers since recent Kemper OS updates?

    I am using my RJM Mastermind PBC as a controller for the KPA and have set up specific button pages for use in Kemper Performance mode. Ron at RJM helped me configure these and they were working flawlessly until recently.

    When I updated to the last but one Beta version it stopped working properly. There was no two communication so the preset names and slot status weren't updating on the RJM amongst other things.

    When I updated to the final Beta version everything seemed to work again.

    Yesterday I updated to the latest public OS and the RJM isn't controlling the Kemper properly again. I don't know if the problem is with the Kemper or RJM (or simple muppetry on my behalf). It was driving me mad last night. I'm about to start properly troubleshooting but wondered if anyone else had experience issues also in case they already have a fix.

    Last night I set up a performance in slot 26. I had 5 different MBritt Dumble ODS rigs in the 5 slots ranging from totally clean to mayhem. When I stepped through the 5 presets on the RJM they all changed as expected. However, when I went back to slot 1 it changed the rig loaded in the slot to the same as slot 5 (ie my cleanest sound became a copy of the totally distorted lead rig). I manually reloaded the right rig in Rig Manager (although Rig Manager itself was a bit glitchy too) and stepped through the presets again - same outcome!

    I have checked all the RJM settings and they all look fine.

    I also had a moment last night after connecting the RJM where the KPA went totally silent. It was receiving signal from the guitar but nothing was coming out any of the outputs. The output light wasn't lighting either. I checked all the output settings and everything looked fine so I rebooted the KPA. This fixed it but I still have no idea what caused it in the first place. Again. I'm not sure if the problem is with the Kemper or f the RJM PBC sent a midi message to mute which somehow jammed the KPA. Is this even possible?

    I will start by rolling back to the last Beta again to night and see if that solves it.


    needed some tonal inspiration to survive the last 7 gigs. So I bought the D-Pack of Michael that includes
    Dumble ODS profiles and Dumble-inspired amp profiles. And I was blown away by the Dumble profiles! Great amp, great profiles!! Thanks for that Mike!

    I am trying to get some sounds together for a Steely Dan tribute so I bought some D-Style profiles over the weekend. Michael's, Tone Junkie and ReampZone. They all sound fantastic in their own way. I think it will almost certainly be the MBritt versions I end up using though.

    I guess my next call is indeed to an electrician.

    I know that's not the outcome you were hoping for but at least it is progress and you should be able to be confident that you can take your Kemper to gigs and rehearsals without worrying about the Kemper being the problem.

    Good luck with the next stage. It sounds like you are going to get this sorted and be able to enjoy all your profiles in their full glory soon :-)

    We were talking about when we browse / audition Rigs, Gary. You simply cannot properly judge new acquisitions if they're smothered in hot sauce.
    I choose to dispense with FX altogether 'cause I'm old school when it comes to recording, but I'm sure some of those who browse sans-FX do in fact add them in later once they've settled on what to keep and use.

    IOW, I see no hypocrisy here. My guess is that your hum issue was frustrating you to the point that a tiny bit of said emotion "leaked".

    That’s exactly how I use it. I want to make sure the basic amp profile is good on its own so audition with effects off. However, once I have an amp ikm happy with I will add any effects I need. Basically I’m really a guitar>cable>amp kind of guy so I don’t use a lot of FX but might add a tiny touch of reverb and/or delay here and there or maybe a mild chorus on cleans.

    @prsgary i’ve been thinking about your hum issues some more. I know this is a long shot but do you have a auSB cable running from your computer to the KPA when set up in practice room (ie for using rig manager)? Ivenot had a problem with this on the Kemper but if I have my old pedalboard/amp setup running and I connect the USB to my RJM Mastermind PBC to use its editor I get a ground loop via the USB cable. It’s probably not your issues but on the off chance it is , it is a very easy fix -unplug the USB or get an isolated cable/adaptor/hub no need to decamp to another room.


    As @Monkey_Man pointed out, we have kind of hyjacked the original thread and drifted way of topic. I wonder if the mods could move the posts about your hum issue to a new thread as they may help others but would be difficult to find in this thread.


    Man, that is quiet! Do you normally run your power amp at full? (I never do) or was that to elicit any noise at all?
    @paults thanks for chiming in Paul. I just have a simple power cable direct into my home outlets (multiple, different rooms as mentioned above), no effects besides the remote and it wasn't even engaged for that hum test I ran. If the problem is within the KPA, I am either royally screwed, or just have to keep running noise gates all the time. Speaking of which - I need to set the external knob noise gate to 4 or 5 to eliminate hum from the guitar with internal noise gate switched off. This isn't normal, is it?

    I only had the power amp up full to test how bad I could make it. I normally run it -20 something db depending on requiements.

    No it’s definitely not normal to need to run noise gates to eliminate that kind of hum. I would contact support and ask them who can service it near you.