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    You have enough options there to be able to swap things around and isolate the culprit. Just change one thing at a time and be systematic about it. I'm sure you'll get to the bottom of it in no time at all.

    You can search all subfolders if you choose "ALL RIGS" in the left menu. Took me several weeks to discover this ^^

    I know but that doesn't help when you want to search sub folder of just one main folder. Instead of getting the results for the main folder and it's sub folders you get potentially hundreds of results from unrelated folders. In the end I decided folders are just more hassle than they are worth. If Kemper improve the search functionality I might reconsider but as things stand I'm pretty satisfied without them.

    You need to identify where in the signal chain the problem occurs. Is it the Kemper, the amp or the speaker.

    My first thought is a damaged tweeter or crossover in the Mission cabinet. This should be easy to check though. Send a signal from something else into the Mission. Say a CD or something else with a lot of high frequency content. Is it still dull? If so the problem is the speaker if not got back and check all the settings on the Kemper.

    I don’t use Direct Profiles and find them real annoying when browsing for rigs. I also don’t use folders because RM can search in sub folders so they just make life difficult. However, the combination of these two factors is the one thing I do use folders for,

    As Nicky said, sort on the Cabinet Column or search for Rigs with N/A n the cabinet field. I then select and move all of those into a new folder call Direct Amps. Anytime I get a new rig pack I now import all the direct profiles separately into this folder so that I do have them in case I ever want them in future but they don’t get in the way under normal circumstances.

    Although this workflow is a way of avoiding Direct Amps for me the same logic would work perfectly for you as a means of being able to quickly access them.

    That’s pretty much the way it was previously but so many users wanted right click menus that it looks like the team finally gave in and gave them what they wanted . It reminds me of the old saying “be careful what you wish for, you just might get it” 😂

    His guitar tech said that they run the treble boosters out at the guitar and they run them as hot as they can and almost to the point of overdriving the wireless belt pack.

    interesting. Is the treble booster sensitive to input impedance in a similar way to fuzzes? That could explain putting it in front of the wireless.

    There are no individual "models".

    Everything is just the Kemper Drive.

    It is so flexible it can be used to capture the essence of most Over Drive Pedals in the same effect.

    Whereas most modeling systems provide a fixed set of pedals with limited range of control to mimic specific pedals (mainly for the psychological impact of making the user feel they are using the real thing) Kemper just gives you the flexibility to create them all (and more) within the same effect.

    Each "pedal" is just a preset. It is simply recalling a bunch of settings which give the sound of a Klon etc at specific settings on the pedal.

    Rather than thinking about the Kemper Drive as a Klon/808/Horizon etc. Just use the presets to help understand how the controls work then make a sound you like.

    If you only play at home and want to record or play along with recorded music go monitors. If you want to use it for both home and live/rehearsal go Kabinet.

    I have both. As Warmart said, the Kabinet is excellent I definitely use it at gigs and rehearsals with my powered toaster but for home I always end up going back to my studio monitors.

    That might be nice but the problem you would have for your specific purpose is that unless you are listening really loud you will still hear the acoustic sound of the strings at their true pitch out of tune with the recording and the pitch shifter Kemper signal.

    A much better solution for this specific use it so pitch shift the recording.

    I use Transcribe! f rom for this. It isn’t free but it does a lot and is invaluable for learning stuff. Other tools can do it too such as Amazing Slow Downer etc.

    As the others have said, it will “work” but won’t sound like they were intended.


    No speaker, full range or other, is totally flat response. Therefore, most FRFR have some sort of digital EQ (DSP) built in to compensate for this. The DSP to make the Kone speaker flat is built into the KPA rather than the speaker. When you turn on imprints you are also applying the EQ curve required to make the Kone speaker flat. If you use it with a speaker with a different natural EQ curve or one that is already compensated via its own DSP, You will be applying the Imprints to a speaker that is not flat so they won’t sound as expected.

    In this context “flat” isn’t really flat anyway. It is more like the manufacturer’s own ideal EQ curve for the sound they are after. It might be fairly flat but with a little tweak like rolling off the high end a little or …………..

    Use the cab for your own perosnal monitor onstage and send the Main Outs direct to the PA for FOH. Unlink the Master Volume from the Main Outputs so that you can turn your onstage volume up and down without affecting the sound going to FOH.

    Monitor Cabo Off ONLY affects the monitor output. It is specifically designed to let you run a regular guitar cab with no speaker portion for onstage monitoring while still using the full profile including cabinet to FOH. Monitor Cab Off has no effect on the main outputs.

    DonPetersen seems like a genuine feature request unless you are going to spill the beans and tell us the secret command to make all folders share the same column layout 😉

    I no longer use any folders (except one to keep all those annoying Direct profiles from ripping my head off when browsing) at all because RM still can’t search on sub folders. Therefore, this request doesn’t actually matter to me but if I was still usng flders it would be a very worthwhile feature. 👍

    WOW! Never knew that...interesting. I see there are 8 on them in the Exchange, any difference, preference?

    So what do I do with it? Load that profile and put the preamp pedal in front input?

    If i remember correctly I profiled them with the volume at different levels to see the effect of power amp distortion. They were done as an experiment rather than as “go to” sounds.

    there are Mesa 2:Ninety power amp Profiles in the Rig Exchange - might be fun to use these with the preamp ;)

    I did those to test a theory that Tube Power amps make the Kemper sound better.

    My Triaxis sounds pretty crap straight into the desk or as a Direct Profile. However, when profiled with the 2:Ninety it sounded great. The question in my mind was whether the KPA could capture the impact of the power amp.

    I used the Triaxis straight into the 2: ninety driving a single EVM 12L.

    I then used the Triaxis into a DA profile of the 2:Ninety and the Kemper power amp with the same speaker. If I recall correctly, I had the Triaxis going into one side of the 2:90 and the EV with the other side going into an FX return on the KPA. Then used an A/B box to change between the two while playing.

    To me the Triaxis with 2:ninety profile sounded and felt just as good as Triaxis directly into the 2: ninety (i.e. the KPA captured the power amp very well indeed so no need to use the real 2: ninety ever). Those were my findings others may (and do) have different opinions which is totally fine too.