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    I always recommend spending as much on room treatments as monitors, mics, or other gear. It really makes the biggest improvement IMO.


    I have never understood why audiophiles spend hundreds of thousands of pounds/dollars/euros on equipment but put it in a shit sounding room. A half decent setup in a well treated room will sound better for a fraction of the cost. Guitar speakers are no different; even a Vintage 30 isn’t immune from the laws of physics 🤣

    best is very subjective and also situation specific. Larger drivers in small rooms can create lots of problems with bass frequencies unless you do a LOT of bass trapping. Often it is better to not create the problem in the first place than to try to tame it once it exists.

    Also, many people just prefer HS 7 over HS8 or A7x over A8x because they tend to be more balanced in the mid range which is where the guitar frequencies sit. I haven’t done a side by side comparison so can’t tell you which will work best but I am definitely a big fan of my A7x. If I wanted more bass I would add a sub rather than go for the bigger driver.

    As deadman42 said, it really depends on how you plan to use them. For playing at home and/or recording I much prefer my Adam A7x monitors over a cabinet; particularly at low volume. However, if you plan to play just guitar and want the same feel as a regular guitar cabinet then I would go for the powered Kabinet or a powered FRFR. In an idea world you would have both.

    When chosing studio monitors a lot depends on the type of music and the size of your room. For metal or a large room you probably want the larger speakers of something like the HS8. However, for anything other than low tuned chugga, or if you have a small room, you should be fine with smaller drivers like HS7 or equivalent from other manufacturers.

    I’ve reached an age where I am probably closer to death than birth. As a result I have started to think about my own funeral. One day they will cremate me. My coffin will be brought in to the sounds of Peaches En Regalia. Then they will lowere me into the flames just at the moment the guitar strikes the first note of the main melody but not before everyone has been treated to the introduction 😁

    I suspect people are much more satisfied who play largely clean profiles. I play alt rock - so mid to heavy gain stuff.

    to be honest, I would expect most people who play mainly clean profiles to prefer an open backed cab. Kones in a closed back cabinet would seem much more suited to heavy rock.

    Music and tone are subjective and extremely personal. At he end of the day all that matters is what works for you. If you feel a regular guitar cab sounds better for your needs, then you are right. If it sounds good to you and you have fun making music then it is the right solution. Rock on 🤘

    Actually, it isn’t a store bought rack shelf.

    Back in the 90s when I first started using rack systems there was nothing suitable on the market so I did a tech’ drawing and went to a local sheet metal fabricator to have it made.

    The whole thing is folded from one piece of sheet metal. Hard to see in the photos but it has 5 internal surfaces. Top, bottom, right, left and rear. It had to be fully enclosed so nothing would fall through.

    cool. It looks very similar (almost identical except for yours being a really funky colour) to a rack shelf I bought from Studio Spares a while back.

    I was stunned how few watts make so much noise, again.

    I wasn’t stunned at all. I have a Mesa Mark V:25 with a 10 watt setting and it is seriously loud in that mode. Prior to that I had a Victory V30 which had a 1/4 watt mode. Even this was way to loud for bedroom practice 😬

    Had a rehearsal last night and it felt like a much better dispersion pattern. I virtually stood on top of my kabinet (flat on the floor) and then moved to the "sweet spot" and the difference was less noticeable ( from memory) with a regular cab ( 4x12)

    To be fair, a laser beam has a slightly wider dispersion pattern than a 4x12 😆

    In addition to what the others have said, the reason your sound changes when ticking Stereo with a single speaker is because you are only getting half the signal. I cant remember if its the Left or Right side but you aren’t getting the full signal. Try it with a ping pong delay and you will notice half of the repeats are missing. With reverb or modulation the same thing is happening but it is harder to identify as the cues aren’t so obvious.