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    I was a Bogner Shiva user for years and yes you can use it as you describe. It sounds great that way. But... I wouldn't bother, personally. The Shiva is a heavy animal and in order to get the power amp tubes cooking you would have to get the volume right up. I highly prefer just a great Shiva profile.

    Similar with me. I had (still have in a cupboard) a Mesa Triaxis and matching 2:ninety stereo poweramp. I could easily use the 2:ninety with the KPA but to my mind it just isn’t worth the effort. That thing is a beast and weighs about 3.5 tons 😆 Like all valve power amps it sounds best when run at a volume which is way too loud for most things so I would take a profile of this rig over my real rig every day of the week.

    • My recommendation when starting out: only add effects WITH AN INTENTION - don't just switch them on and off and fiddle with parameters.

    This is the est advice you will eve receive!!!

    It not only goes for effects though. Take this approach with everything musical. When it comes to tweaking Amps, don’t just adjust things at random. Think carefully about what it missing from the current sound and what needs to change to make it work for you. That look for ways to achieve the desired end result.

    If you play mainly Rock and Blues all you need to do is load a MBritt 69 Marshall rig from the free Factory content and start making music = job done 8)

    But everyone here seems to think that the profile wont help you sound like them so why bother worrying about it. Well if it does not matter, why not share then?

    Because sharing takes a positive effort on their behalf. Not sharing is simply the default do nothing option. It isn’t necessarily about deciding to actively NOT share bat rather passively not even thinking about it in the first place.

    Well, EVH would not tell Randy Rhoads how he kept his guitar in tune. Rhoads GF reported he was upset EVH kept the secret from him (which I believe was the trem-stop EVH had installed in back of the floyd rose). I had read this from an online article but can't remember where.

    I think if you happen to capture a little magic in your tone then you are less likely to share up front but eventually do.

    EVH was notorious for keeping secrets and spreading false information about his playing and tone.

    if the stage is not too big, just play with the inears in, and only have your guitar in them. IEMs only attenuate by a max of 25 db. The spl will actually get down where the gig is not dangerous to your ears.

    On saturday i am doing a substitute gig. I know the drummer is insanely loud so this is what i do, when i sub with that band.

    Takes a bit of practise to get used to, but muc better than having the cymbals becoming a high frequency hurting mess in the last set, as they do for me when the drummer is loud v

    back in the early 90’s before IEM was commonplace I had a set of filters loaded in custom moulded ear defenders. I wore them are every gig for 25 years. I still have them and now use them as ear protection in the workshop when building guitars. Most of my hearing damage was probably done before that thought.

    this has been possible since day one. You need to assign the switch while one of the effects is in its "off" state and the second one while it is in its "on" state. This is also covered in the reference manual.

    The current assignments let you toggle between two FX but I think OP is asking for the ability to have the switch turn On One effect then press again and leave the first FX On and ADD Fx two.

    It sounds great in theory but I can’t see how it can work in the real world without morphing.

    As an example:

    Rig contains Stomp A Boost, Stomp B Flanger.

    Sound 1 = no FX

    Sound 2 = Boost on

    Sound 3 = Boost and Flanger on.

    The switch logic can only handle 2 states.

    Therefore, you could have toggle between.

    Sounds 1 and 2 or

    Sounds 1 and 3 or

    Sounds 2 and 3.

    You would need morph (or a 2nd rig) to have access to all three sounds.

    If the OP is only asking for the ability to have say Sound 2 as the base and toggle on/off the Flanger to achieve Sound 3 then all they would need to to do would be save Sound 2 as the Rig’s base sound and assign a footswitch to the Flanger in my example.

    It will work but for me it’s not worth the effort. If you are using a valve power amp you will colour the tones so won’t get the full benefit of an authentic profile. This might sound fantastic but it won’t be a true replica of the original amp. In this situation “its amps are best” effectively becomes meaningless.

    Next, the speaker and cabinet are at least half the sound. If you are going to simply use the same speaker for everything you will miss much of the variety available from something like the Kemper.

    As you are only doing “classic rock to metal.Not a massive variety here” I would just find another great amp that you like for variety.

    If it was me I would just use the Shiva and get a great FX unit. If money is no option then AxeFX III is the king of the FX units. If money is a factor then the Helix HX might be a better choice.

    If you want to go the Kemper route with a traditional cabinet I would go for the Powered Head or Rack.

    I think it might be something to do with the way our ears close off when forcing air out. I'm not sure about singers but brass players are terrible for this. Having played for 25+ years with a horn section where no one on stage could hear anything but horns and yet they couldn't hear themselves (but refused to wear IEM) I can sympathise with both side of the battlefield. I think the horn players genuinely couldn't hear themselves clearly because of the way blowing affected their hears (I wonder if singers are the same?). However, simply forcing the volume up just resulted in a battle that no one ever wins.

    I wish we had had full IEM mixes when I was gigging regularly. I might even be able to hear guitar now ^^