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    So, are you telling me, if I copy a cab from Profile 1 (Studio), and want to paste into Profile 2 (Direct out), the kemper is actually copying the profile 2 amp overwriting the profile 1 amp section, but while it is in the profile 2 Rig Slot?

    That way I still don't get how the kemper knows where to divide de studio profile 1 in two parts,

    No, I’m saying that the kemper looks at the full Studio Profile then looks at the Direct Amp Profile and compares the two somehow ( some Kemper magic algorithm that’s way above my head) and SUBTRACTS the DAP from the Studio LEAVING just the cabinet. It then saves the two individual components so that they can be split accurately later in use. It doesn’t just paste one on top of the other but performs some sort of reverse profiling. I have no idea how it actually achieves this technically but that is the principle of what is happening.


    Also, when you are creating a merged profile, Kemper doesn't know the 2 used rigs are the same amp, so again, how does he divide the studio profile?

    it doesn’t. It is up to the user to ensure they are using two profiles that they made at the same time.


    In my opinion, the profiling feature needs a totally new mode in which you can save the 2 parts of the same amp (PROFILING TWICE, creating the studio and direct out of the same exact setup at once). This way the kemper knows the 2 sounds are from the exact same amp and settings, and he can divide or cut the studio profile perfectly, in order to create the exact amp and cab profiles.

    that is what is happening just now except the two profiles aren’t made simultaneously. You make one full studio profile. Then make a second DAP only profile. Then the KPA does it’s magic. As far as I am aware this is a hardware restriction rather than a software “feature” that could be changed.

    MattWylde is spot on. I have an FV500 as well as various other expression pedals (including the Mission EP1). The FV500 is easily the best of them all. It has two pots inside, one log taper volume pot and an other linear taper for expression pedal. As long as you use the Exp out with a TRS pedal, it is a great controller.

    the Remote is awesome as a controller but sounds like total overkill for your needs. I would save your money. Just buy a cheap 2 or 4 button footswitch and have fun. If you find you need more flexibility later you can add a Remote at anytime you need.

    Thank you all for your answers but my goal is to get my tones with a cab on stage, and send my pure sound to FOH. I was thinking about the Marshall 1960av or 1960ax, what do you guys think ?

    as the others have said. Buy the Kones!

    i have used a pair of Mesa EVM12L thiele cabinets since the mid 90’s with all my Boogies. I tried the, with the Kemper and they worked great too but I wanted the flexibility of having each amp sound like it “should” i.e. a Vox sound like a Vox and a Fender sound like a Fender etc but as the cabinet and speaker is at least half the sound I never really got that so went IEM live and studio monitors at home. However, since getting the Kabinet I’ve completely changed my opinion. the Kone and imprints is the missing link in the evolution of digital amp technology!

    you can still get “your” sound on stage and send a full studio profile to FOH in exactly the same way as you would with a regular Marshall cabinet but without the limitations.

    +1 million for the multiple FX in one preset.

    i also think the onscreen tuner is an urgent requirement that need to be added straight away.

    i like the idea of the right click presets list in principle but think it could get a bit messy in practice. Will need to give this some more thought and test it in the real world by visualising what I would see at each stage when actually using the editor. However, at the moment I would DEFINITELY like to see the right click logic improved to the stage where the menu opens in the sub type for the currently selected Fx type. For example, if I have a Reverb in the Rev slot and I right click I want to see a list of all available reverb types as a default rather than having to first select Reverb from the main list THEN choose the specific reverb type from the list that opens.

    i also like the idea of greyed out but visible values for any effect that is in the off status.

    Thanks for this. I’m actually using the stage. Bit of a pain that I can’t do this really

    Totally agree. Removing the ability save effects chains as presets was a massive backward step in my opinion.

    If you have such effect groups, that you want to reuse, there are probably Rigs including those. Load such a source Rig, lock the effect modules in scope, move to the destination Rig, press store, unlock those effect modules.

    while that obviously works its many more steps than necessary and interrupts the workflow. An effects chain preset like the Head and Rack can do would be a significant improvement

    Ok, but if I just change profile straight away the speaker would change with the profile? E.g a Fender 65 and a Marshall JCM800 profile would both use different speakers?

    you can set it up to do almost anything you want in this regard.

    if you use the Kabinet in full range mode then the speaker captured as part of the rig will automatically be heard.

    if you use the Kabinet with the speaker imprints you select a default imprint in the output menu. Make this the speaker you would use with most of your rigs (if you are mainly a Marshall guy you might make this a Greenback etc). However, in each rig there is a field to override the default imprint. Therefore, you will always get the default UNLESS you have a different imprint saved as part of your rig. You can save any of the imprints you want against any rig. Once saved this way the rig will load your desired imprint whenever you select it.

    i think the Chet Atkins was sold at the time as being able to set up with either nylon PR steel string but can’t remember for sure. Time to head to Google I think 😆


    looks like I was wrong. There were apparently two different versions.

    I know what you mean. It seems such a logical way of working so I think the design tram really dropped the ball by abolishing section presets. I live in hope they will be reintroduced via RM at some point in future 🤞

    no at least not in the same way as the KPA but it is possible in other ways.

    firstly, the EQ is now part of the Amp so it will always be copied along with the Amp section rather than individually.

    you can make presets very easily in RM but unfortunately you can’t make presets of sections (Stomps, Stack and FX) like you can on the Head and Rack. In my opinion this is a serious backwards step but it had been done by design.

    you could make two separate presets- one for Amp and one for Cab. Then drag and drop these into rigs as required. But you would need to locate both presets and manually drag them. Its not a major issue and if you name you presets so that the show up next to each other in the list it should be pretty easy to manage.

    alternatively you could take the opposite approach. Lock the Amp and Cab sections in RM then load the new rig with the stomps and fx that you want to use with them.

    both would achieve the same result with very little effort but I still wish there was a way to create Section Presets to copy as this seems to flow better as a workflow and makes more intuitive sense in use.