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    that’s pretty much it.

    you can either run Full Range in which case you will get the cab section of the Rig just like going to PA or a DXR10 etc.

    Alternatively you can run in imprint mode and get the speaker of choice. This is set as a global master in the output section. Say you want V30 all the time just set the global default to V30. However, you can override this in the Stack section on a rig by rig basis in you want. So you could run V30 most of the time but switch to Jensens or something for any rigs with a Fender amp in them 😎😎😎😎

    like others have said, it all depends. For just playing at home practicing or messing around I go Stereo through my studio monitors all the time. For recording, usually Stack only in mono but sometimes Master Mono. For playing in a band mono all the time but I never play in trios. As I’m often i. A 10 piece band with keys and horns I go mono live. If I was doing a Police tribute or something I would probably go stereo.

    Is 1 x 1/4" to XLR jack sufficient to do a mono signal? I don't think stereo is necessary for a live guitar lesson sound esp if the set up on the other side isn't as good as mine.

    Yes but also set the output to Master Mono or you will lose one half of any stereo effects.

    this is common On Tone Junkie, I wasn't aware others did it too. it is simply a mistake when HW was making the profiles as he used a comparison rig which had that setting when making profiles so it kept getting carried over to all new profiles. He has fixed it with new profiles now but as you have found it is a royal PITA trying to fix them all manually.

    the quickest way currently to fix it is to use the right click reset to default option in RM Which will set the parameter back to 0 in a single move. However, you still need to do this individually for every profile and save it afterwards.

    i would love to see one (or both) of these features added for situations like this.

    1 - batch parameter edit: at the moment it is possible to rename fields in RM for multiple rigs simultaneously without manually saving afterwards. For example, if you want to change the name of all Fan amps to Fender use a search to find all affected amps. Select all and type Fender into the amp field. All Fan amps will now be updated to Fender. A similar feature for rig menu would be awesome and a massive time saver.

    2 - lock Rig menu option: this would still need each rig to be saved but it would be possible to at least skip the stage of right clicking and resetting to default All we would need to do would be load the rig and resave. However, the lock function can be dangerous as it is very easy to lock something and forget you locked it then corrupt a bunch of profiles accidentally.

    All I was trying to say is that you can already treat the direct mix if you think slightly outside the box. Rather than adding direct signal via Direct Mix in the amp block. If you leave it off by activate Parallel Path in the Rig Menu, you can mix in the direct sound along with 2 separate effects. This could be EQ and Compression. Or EQ and Chorus etc etc. Would that not achieve the same thing (and potentially far more0 as adding a dedicated EQ etc into the Amp Block?

    i think Paul nailed it. When you make a profile yourself (or I make one myself) You make it to sound like your amp the way you want to hear it when playing. When a professional profiler makes a profile

    A) they might not have the same idea of a great sound to you

    B) they try and make a sound that will sit well in a mix with other instruments rather than simply be pleasing to player themselves.

    I know that when I make profiles of my Boogies they are pretty much indistinguishable from the real amp in the room. I love how they sound. However, that doesn’t necessarily make them great profiles for anyone else to use.

    I agree. I also find it irritating that dragging and dropping always puts the item at the very bottom of the list. It would be nice to at least be able to drop where I have the cursor when I release the mouse. I.E. create preset between two existing presets which happen to be visible at the time rather than have to scroll to the bottom of the list or use the search field (assuming you know the name) to find it again.