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    I know this (and actually I outlined this procedure a few posts above) but I can only do this if I make the capture myself.

    As for the many 3rd party captures that will flood the cloud soon one can only hope that most of the creators will follow this convention and make a "double" capture (one full and one sans cab).

    And there's absolutely no guarantee that the two amp profiles will be the same which in itself might cause phasing issues....

    Hate to say it but it's the equivalent of hopping on a Democrat forum espousing the merits of Trump and vice versa. You get the same adversarial response. Teams on both sides are in defensive mode. It's a human reaction. It happens. Only you can decide to take part or not. Neither side is going to convince the other that they are right.

    A sponsored video is a sponsored video and based on that fact, you have to take every single utterance in that video with a healthy scepticism..

    Until we see videos from users who buy their own gear with their own money then you can't take any of it seriously...

    CK has already stated that the most complex work that taxes the DSP has already been completed with the Reverbs and Delays. Now everything after that will be added won't tax the DSP so it's basically down to how much more they think can be feasibly done before they look at a newer KPA. Can't see them guillotining support for the Stage since it's so new in its lifecycle..

    If they added a IOS/Android version of Rig Manager and then add a Bluetooth chip for connectivity to the daughter board that has the processor on it, that would be a major step in the right direction for lots of users.

    There must be some cross interference between the speaker, mics and room. After all the mics aren't sitting right on the speaker. There's a gap, however small and that might be enough to add ambience...

    I am a "Kemper guy" and we need to plot an invasion of the TGP and enact a hostile takeover of the thread and capture their "I ❤ NDSP!" flag and then tar and feather their followers for blasphemous statements claiming the QC is better than Kemper purely based on paid with real honest cash based "reviews" and then set up the Kemper base camp and put all QC loyalists in the amp gulags so they work for the almighty KemperVerse making 100% super accurate profiles that are 100% betterer and realerer than the real amp with added cocked wahs as an exclusive feature for that little extra pazzazz so there's no doubt who is king of this particular social media ant hill that no one outside of this tribal insanity even knows about or even cares. This is WAR!!

    Who's with me?! ?

    (I am KIDDING okay??!)

    "Yeah, a full system backup export file/restore from file is like the number one feature of the desktop controller, other than... well, controlling the unit."

    In plain English: "Yeah, you can only do a full system backup with the desktop controller and you can also used the desktop controller to control the unit".

    That's it. No access to individual files. It's either you accept a big monolithic system dump file or you don't.