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    "Yeah, a full system backup export file/restore from file is like the number one feature of the desktop controller, other than... well, controlling the unit."

    In plain English: "Yeah, you can only do a full system backup with the desktop controller and you can also used the desktop controller to control the unit".

    That's it. No access to individual files. It's either you accept a big monolithic system dump file or you don't.

    Why do the defenders of the QC walled garden feel the need to defend it when people aren't criticising it? What people ARE criticising is the fact there's no option BUT to use the walled garden. When choice is deliberately restricted, then don't be too surprised that there would be a negative backlash.

    His video was a paid sponsored video. There is nothing else to elaborate. He got paid to push the QC ahead of the Kemper which was the competing product. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out. It's not complicated.

    And for a lot of players who already have the KPA, adding a second profile in stereo and a few cosmetic enhancements may not justify the replacement considering the exceptional value that the original KPA still offers. If some major feature that most absolutely cannot live without is created for KPA2 then that's a different story. As of right now, I don't see the cost advantage..... yet.

    "All file transfer has to be done through the cloud with the exception of local backup files once the desktop controller is out.

    With the desktop controller, you can create a local backup file that you can restore in another QC once you login to it with your cloud credentials, which is neat if your device is stolen or you simply want to have the same content on more than one device."

    I guess that answers it.

    ”What I meant, and should've said was that we want to create the best free sharing platform in the world, and within it, eventually, also implement an elegant solution for professional, commercial users to sell their products in a way that protects their intellectual property while providing a better experience for our users.

    That's all there's to it.”

    He's telling you their plan and their plan is to turn their cloud into a marketplace. Yes initially the content will be "free" but that's not going to remain like that. Why else would they go to the trouble of setting up a monetisation structure if they are not making it a priority? The fact you are PAYING to play this thing should be enough but it's not. Welcome to the Neural Walled Garden. Good luck with that... ?

    It would require a new remote with AD/DA converters to convert the audio into digital information. Then they would have to apply audio to the Ethernet protocols. Only Kemper know if this is possible with current KPA hardware.

    I’m well aware of what those controls do, having owned a Kemper for 7 years.

    Yet you still don't understand them otherwise you would not have made the statement you did.... Longevity of ownership != experience if you don't use the thing...