Neural Quad Cortex

  • That is quite a bit different than morphing which can control so much more at once. ***( edit I do see that you can assign more than one item to an expression pedal on the QC, so would like to compare more with Kemper morph)

    I also do not see a way to assign the volume knob to just one output independent from the other outs , like I can do with the Kemper and monitor output. This is something I use quite often live

    But you can assign multiple parameters to a single expression pedal on the QC, too, and like I said, even "morph" between completely different amp/cab/effect combinations. I guess I just don't understand the fascination with morphing on the Kemper, since you can do similar things with most modelers.

  • Now that I read more about the QC I find that at the moment it's not quite in the same league as Helix, Axe, Kemper when it comes to studio or live usage.

    The lack of output options, no global eqs, the form factor, no digital out, cumbersome menus.

    I'm sure it will get better in time but hearing that it's better for live or studio usage ... I don't quite get that.

  • I think morphing on the Kemper is pretty poor, overall. I don't think it works as well as having a proper assignable expression pedal or snapshot assignments like on Axe FX/Helix.

    I can have four expression pedals connected to the Kemper

    1) Morph

    2) Volume


    4) Pitch

    Plus I can add two more foot switches with the rack or head and allow more control options.

    Can the QC do that? Nope

    So let’s not go there...

    Just an FYI, I am not dissing the QC as I have one on order. But the Kemper is still a better live platform

  • On Helix I can have 8 snapshots that control up to 64 parameters, meaning I don't need a ton of expression pedals connected. The same is true for the QC.

    But even so, I can assign the expression pedal inputs to any parameters I want.

    Kemper cannot control all of the parameters that I would want to control using it's morph functionality, I don't want one input dedicated to volume when I have a volume control, same with wah, and same with pitch.

    It's just a way of thinking about assignments that I don't jive with.

  • So you would find it easier to press a button and then use the expression pedal, instead of just using an expression pedal already assigned ??‍♂️

  • So you would find it easier to press a button and then use the expression pedal, instead of just using an expression pedal already assigned ??‍♂️

    I don't have to press a button and then use an expression pedal - I can set it up however I would like.

    I'm usually not controlling the limited amount of things that the Kemper offers me. I'm controlling bands on an EQ, wet/dry on a delay and reverb, feedback on a delay, rate on a chorus, depth on a tremolo, etc etc etc. I get far more in-depth with it than the Kemper allows me, that's the basic issue.

    It's just a different way of working. I want to assign controls myself and do all the min+max settings and get tweaky with it. Kemper doesn't allow you to do that to the level that I want to.

    Also if I really want to, I can connect a midi capable expression pedal like the Source Audio one, and control a ton of stuff that way too. The lack of expression pedal inputs is not a dealbreaker for me. I have other options.

  • Morph is cool.

    But to be honest it's just another name for basic exp control which is available on the vast majority of modelers and digital pedals.

    Assign as many parameters as you want and control them with a single pedal. I have never gone deep enough with morphing to think it's anything novel.

    My exp needs consist of vol, delay feedback, and wah. That's about it.

    Other will have different needs and thus have a different workflow.

    People like different things and use the same devices in different ways. Amazing eh?!

  • OOOOOOUH!!!!!

    I'll jump on the Morph train!!!

    Does anyone know if any other units can set a rise and fall time with a one press button to gradually morph parameters? Lol

    Not that it's super important to me or that this couldn't be achieved by just gradually sliding an expression pedal but thought maybe I'd throw that out there for fun. Still waiting on my QC.

    My prediction is it's gonna sound rad and I'll love it then it'll be just a new (really expensive) Zoom G3n for me that i use in my class hahaha bet it'll slap with synths.

  • Andertons just pushed my order of the QC to mid/late April and I'm apparently on the the first shipment order!

    Just replied back saying I'm happy to wait and dont mind being pushed back to second or third shipment if someone else on their list is desperate for it.

    Really not in any great panic to get it and they've only got £145 of my money.

    For now my time is being taken up with playing my Victory V40 and my newly constructed pedal board.

    Just for the record those Origin effects are damn good pedals!!

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  • I don't quite understand the live use comments. Barely anyone has tried it in a live situation yet, and these devices nearly always have some sort of learning curve. At the very least it has a bigger screen for reading patch names easier, as well as an easier to read tuner. Those are two huge things right there. I'm concerned about the proximity of the footswitches across the two rows though. That could destroy a live show. The Helix and Kemper footswitch both leave a bit more room, but require more floor real estate because of it.

    I don't think it's accurate at all to describe my latest JVM profile as being spot on - there are significant differences in not only the low end frequency response, but also the mid-range where the profile has this extra layer of quackiness that the real amp didn't have. It's not just about the process or the experience.

    Hi Drew,

    My comments on the live use come from the following:

    1. The Kemper has a more ergonomic layout of buttons for live use
    2. The Kemper has more buttons and therefore better functionality for the buttons it does have (ie more rigs accessible on a single layer along with more "on/off" items within each rig from the foot controller / Stage)
    3. (assumed) The Kemper foot controller and stage are less prone to breakage. This is based on the dual function of the buttons (also are knobs on QC) as well as the touch screen being more fragile than the high impact plexiglass cover over the Kemper LCD
    4. (assumed/heard it) The Kemper can change rigs very quickly and provide spill-over if desired on up to 5 performance rigs. Rumor is that changing "rigs" within the QC with fast change over is limited to the 4 parallel paths that can be turned on or off and that there is significant delay switching between performances/layers/whatever the QC calls it.
    5. The Kemper has superior output processing and control that is particularly important for monitoring/mixer feed live setups.
    6. Just a note on the person that mentioned they like the QC smaller format over their KPA Rack ..... I greatly prefer a rack unit and the Kemper foot controller to either the QC or the Kemper Stage. While I would love a "throw and go" Kemper solution some day that was smaller like the QC is, I hate the cable shuffle below my feet on stage. The Kemper FC has only a single cable that I have to route along with my mic cable and guitar cable. With respect to the guitar cable, it is a PITA to have your guitar cable routed to a box right below your feet. With the Kemper Rack, I can have the cable routed out behind me to where the Kemper Rack is located which keeps my foot area clear on stage (yes, I realize this is a disadvantage of the Kemper Stage as well ..... which is why I am still hoping for a Kemper "Mini" to be released as my "throw and go" or backup unit.
    7. The Kemper has been road tested in anger by thousands of people. Any issues in manufacturing (bad LED's anyone?) has long since been fixed (I have never had a problem with my KPA purchased in 2013) while the QC has not.
    8. Having physical controls on the floor is about as convenient as brushing your teeth while singing (again, I agree the KPA Stage also has this issue). With the Kemper Rack and toaster, having tube amp like physical controls at waist level or higher is much preferred.
    9. (Unknown) Daylight readability of the color LCD screen on the QC? Can someone snap a picture in direct sunlight that has one so we can see how it looks? I actually wish the KPA had one of those displays like the "paper white" on a Kindle. Man, those things ROCK on visibility in direct sun. I could care less about color for my foot controller. I need it to be visible in all settings I play.
    10. I greatly prefer the expensive part (my KPA Rack) be out of harms way from drunk dancers and their beer cups. Again, I understand that the Stage has this same concern. I would say that the huge vents on the sides of the QC look like a spill looking to happen IMO. I believe that even the KPA Stage is sealed and would likely fare better under a pitcher of beer accident than the QC. I know I keep hearing that people have never had this happen; however, I know why. I have taken up all of your accidents myself and left your odds lower ;). Nothing quite like finishing up the night with drying beer in your underwear ;).

    Anyway, that is my take on this. These are my reasons for saying that the KPA is a better tool for live use. While all of the KPA members are better than the QC IMO, the Rack and Toaster are particularly more suited.

  • Some fair enough points.

    For me, I can count the number of times I've played in the day in the last 12 years on one hand - twice! The rest of the time, it's dark dingy rooms and clubs, or large enclosed stages. Sunlight isn't a factor for me, but my short-sightedness is. I try not to wear my glasses on stage because it looks goofy and stops the rocking out, so colour for me is a big thing - with the Helix, which I've used live for 4 years at this point (only for FX mind you) I can tell what's going on in my patches at a glance, without having to read anything.

    The drunk dancers thing has never been a concern for me; my crowds don't dance! :D

    I very rarely tweak parameters live, other than using my pre-programmed expression pedal setups. But if I do tweak anything, it'll be the amp itself, which as you point out is waist height. In those rare instances where I've wanted to do some kind of experimental pedalboard tweaking thing, I usually just bend over and grab the knobs. There's a fine line between that being musical and self indulgent though, so I try not to do it too much!

    There is not a significant delay when switching between scenes on the QC. It's the same as the Helix and Axe FX. There is a bit of a delay when switching between presets. I tend to design my presets so that I can do one whole song in a single preset, so I don't see that as something to worry about.

    There have been quite a few people who have come to their Kempers one day, booted it up, and got some dreaded OS warning dialog box, with no rhyme nor reason for it occurring. And then it goes away again, and they're left thinking wtf. I think this is as concerning as the lack of road-testing of the QC. But maybe the QC will completely fall apart in a live scenario, who knows. I doubt it, but we don't really know either way.

  • It would be interesting, if the Quad Cortex is coming in the future in different types. Rack? Head?

    Kemper started with the Head and then the Rack and the Stage came out. Are there known plans from Neural?

    It's not even released yet and you ask for future plans?:rolleyes: :D Whatever plans Neural have we will see in the future. If many enough ask for a rack version, they probably will make them eventually.

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  • I know but maybe somebody heard sonething ?

    I asked doug during a livestream, forgot which one, he said there were no plans for the moment ...

    Is there a neural forum to discuss about the QC or is the kemper forum the place to be ?

    Just kidding, love reading this stuff !

    Probably at some point i'll own one myself ... just traded my helix stomp and 2 dvp4 mini's for a helix LT, so i'm busy for a while lol


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