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    Yes, same with my Apollo. :(

    Yes, Let an Output Preset store all of the parameters of the output preset I need. If I still have to go in and change settings, it's not much of a "preset"

    Are you using a pedal for a volume pedal? If you left your kemper on between SC and Show and that pedal accidentally got unplugged from the remote, it could become uncalibrated (system button 6-11) I have had it happen and it resulted in the "full volume" only being 3/4 of the way up, resulting in lower output of everything including gain and volume.

    Who gets paid to play music in this day and age? ;(

    I do. So if you're currently gigging be careful even with full-release versions. This past summer I had to haul my rack out of the truck and up to the hotel room and update a full-release version to an update because the sound was dropping. If everything is working Leave it alone, and let people that aren't gigging make sure a Beta, or full release is stable. I have a few months off right now so Beta me up, I'll do my turn as beta-tester....

    UPDATE! On the Kemper download page, I was able to Download and install, and run the Rig Manager update. First time I've ever had to do that. But If you're having the issue like I had, try doing that.

    I have upgraded to Ventura. I cannot update to the new Rig manager. When I turn on rig manager it says this version is out of date, do you want to upgrade? I click update and it downloads, then keeps going past 100% sometimes it's 120% sometimes over 150% until it stops and says.


    Rig Manager is performing a task. Do you really want to quit before the task is complete?"

    then if you hit "cancel " to not quit, It' crashes, with the "Rigmanager quit unexpectedly " with typical Mac crash report.

    Translated Report (Full Report Below)


    Process: Rig Manager [3421]

    Path: /Applications/Rig Manager

    Identifier: com.kempermusic.rigmanager

    Version: 3.3.38 (1)

    Code Type: X86-64 (Native)

    Parent Process: launchd [1]

    User ID: 501

    Date/Time: 2022-11-26 07:59:42.2019 -0500

    OS Version: macOS 13.0.1 (22A400)

    Report Version: 12

    Bridge OS Version: 7.0 (20P420)

    Anonymous UUID: 753C4811-1DCC-C861-D4FA-A083519FFBC3

    I don't have big feet (size 10 US) But I struggled big-time. I was hitting 2 buttons or the wrong one. I have the toppers, which helped a little. I put larger rubber feet on the back/top of the remote to make it more of an angle, That helped a little too. But I don't like to "tip-toe" and try to use just the tip of my foot during a show, During a song it's usually a morph I'm looking for, and usually, that's for a boost and some changes for a solo. So it's kind of crucial that it gets done right. I have 2 FS-5U's I use, both for morphing. By using the polarity switch on those fs5u's they can do different things. One is set so however you press, it morphs, just like they are on the remote. Set the other way, it only activates when you lift your foot. I use this a lot. You press down and hold your foot on it nothing happens until you lift your foot, great for specific timing things and not having to look down, so you don't have to lift your foot up, press the button then lift your foot off. I don't shoegaze, and try to be looking up as much as I can. I use "rigs" as songs so most of the time I just use the "Bank up" button on the remote and the bottom row just for 5 different songs per "performance" So for morphing/soloing I just have to hit the big button on the boss switch. My other huge issue is that the screen is so small I can hardly see the "rigs" (layout A) I really want them to make something like layout C but for "rigs"

    I think it depends on why you use the Kemper. When going back and forth with someone on these forums you might not know what they're trying to get out of it. So if someone is looking to do ambient stuff for a church thing, they want something totally different than someone with a 7-string tuned down doing strictly metal to a person that wants 80's hair stuff to blues, or jazz. I think I'm lucky and where I think Kemper beats them all is in the low to moderate gain, and hard rock stuff. I think that type of tone is where there is the most interaction between the amp and the guitar. With that type of music, you can really hear them both, the type of guitar, the pickup, and the type of amp, and when playing you can feel it. I have been at it a long time and have played every amp, I have vintage fender's vox, marshall, & boutique. The Kemper feels and reacts like a tube amp. But I'm just going with why I use it.

    Make a rig that does what you want, then make another that does what you want. Switch between them? If I need something I can't do with morphing I just make another rig. Still the push of just one button. It seems I use the Kemper differently than most, but it was logical for what I was using it to do. I really only use it in performance mode unless I'm working out a new rig. I use each slot(rig) in a performance as a song. Each rig has all of the settings as I exactly need them for that song(s). I use the morph to change different parameters in that song, or add a major boost of volume if I am playing a solo. I have all 4 expression slots filled so I can do a lot with those. Wah/pitch (or whatever I need a rocker pedal for) a dvp3 strictly for volume 2 FS-5U's both for morphing. The buttons are so close together both the remote I don't like to use those to morph. There is too much chance during a fast-paced show that I hit the wrong one or two at the same time. By using the polarity switch on those fs5u's they can do different things. One is set so however you press, it morphs, just like they are on the remote. Set the other way, it only activates when you lift your foot. I use this a lot. You press down and hold your foot on it nothing happens until you lift your foot great for specific timing things and not having to look down, lift your foot up, press the button then lift your foot off. I list all this stuff because I see a lot of people (not you)want to do things that you already can. I like to see how others use the Kemper to give me Ideas on how my flow during shows can be flawless. The main gripe I have with the Kemper is the tiny screen. With the method I use I can't use the newer Layout C to make the individual rigs names in a performance Huge . It only makes the performance name large which is useless for me. So I need to use layout A and magnify the tiny screen so I can have a chance of seeing the screen. Please, Layout D please to make rig names Huge please.

    I have a line6 g90 in a rack with the kemper.(I also have a g30, and g50 they all work great, and do not alter the sound in any way) The IEM’s are a separate thing. They exist in a separate rack with the others for the rest of the band. The guitar/kemper/wireless are an input. The IEM’s are an output.

    The problem with contact lenses is if you correct for distance then the fretboard becomes a total blur. So, you have to practice playing not looking at it.

    I tried this and it made me dizzy. I Have been petitioning for a "D" layout because I use each "Rig" slot as a song so the "C" layout doesn't work for me. The screen is tiny and at gigs with lights all over it's next to impossible to see unless you are very young or 2 feet tall... I've taken 2 plastic fresnel lenses, cut them out a little bigger than the screen, stuck them back to back, and made two wood blocks(painted them black ) about an inch high a little higher on the top. Put velcro on the fresnel lens, blocks, and remote, and it makes the screen a bit bigger. (Please Kemper gods make a "D" layout so each slot(1,2,3,4,5) can be large!)

    There is a kind of isolated feeling of using earplugs or IEMs. If you're used to earplugs, then IEMs will probably work out pretty well for you.

    It's super cool to have a individualized mix, and instruments stay within a reasonable volume level. It's easier to have an overview how the band sounds.

    I'm using a In-Ear Stagediver SD4 and I'm quite happy with them.

    It all depends on the system and the setup. I have a midas 32c, & DL32 with a split, strictly for 7 stereo IEM mixes with some effects. I set up ambient mics at each side of the stage panned l&R That helps with that isolation feeling. I have an iPad with mixing station and My mix is whatever I want it to be. We basically have a silent stage. I do have a 1x12 with a Kemper Kone that sounds great, mostly for setup, & backup if there's a catastrophe. I turn it up a little bit for some feedback. Also have pretty decent 64 audio IEM's it sounds great. I hear every little thing. (and no one bitches about me being too loud...)

    Rhett is a good guy but seems more focused on churning out videos, and hopefully, some are controversial. Good for him. He makes a nice living from it. He's taking care of business. If you are doing a gig or recording, you are not fiddling around with your amp knobs. If you want less gain, you have a volume knob right there on the guitar. I find that the Kemper Feels most like a tube amp, and that's the Only thing that matters to me. That makes me able to be more expressive, therefore play better. If you are using IEM's The Kemper is invaluable.

    ... yes, why not. Good idea. I already love and only use Layout C. Something tells me that Layout D will come.

    I wish. It would seem so easy for them to do(not that I have a clue at all) It would solve my biggest problem with the Kemper. For me everything else is fine. But that tiny remote screen. I use rigs as individual songs and I just can't see them with my 54-year-old eyes at a show with flashing lights, and quick changes. I'd love it if it were like 'Layout C' but for rigs. (pssst... kemper programming people, just send me a little email with your Venmo, I can give a little incentive, Know what I mean;) nudge, nudge.....I have 3 big shows this weekend..shh, just between me and you...thx8))