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    There is a kind of isolated feeling of using earplugs or IEMs. If you're used to earplugs, then IEMs will probably work out pretty well for you.

    It's super cool to have a individualized mix, and instruments stay within a reasonable volume level. It's easier to have an overview how the band sounds.

    I'm using a In-Ear Stagediver SD4 and I'm quite happy with them.

    It all depends on the system and the setup. I have a midas 32c, & DL32 with a split, strictly for 7 stereo IEM mixes with some effects. I set up ambient mics at each side of the stage panned l&R That helps with that isolation feeling. I have an iPad with mixing station and My mix is whatever I want it to be. We basically have a silent stage. I do have a 1x12 with a Kemper Kone that sounds great, mostly for setup, & backup if there's a catastrophe. I turn it up a little bit for some feedback. Also have pretty decent 64 audio IEM's it sounds great. I hear every little thing. (and no one bitches about me being too loud...)

    Rhett is a good guy but seems more focused on churning out videos, and hopefully, some are controversial. Good for him. He makes a nice living from it. He's taking care of business. If you are doing a gig or recording, you are not fiddling around with your amp knobs. If you want less gain, you have a volume knob right there on the guitar. I find that the Kemper Feels most like a tube amp, and that's the Only thing that matters to me. That makes me able to be more expressive, therefore play better. If you are using IEM's The Kemper is invaluable.

    ... yes, why not. Good idea. I already love and only use Layout C. Something tells me that Layout D will come.

    I wish. It would seem so easy for them to do(not that I have a clue at all) It would solve my biggest problem with the Kemper. For me everything else is fine. But that tiny remote screen. I use rigs as individual songs and I just can't see them with my 54-year-old eyes at a show with flashing lights, and quick changes. I'd love it if it were like 'Layout C' but for rigs. (pssst... kemper programming people, just send me a little email with your Venmo, I can give a little incentive, Know what I mean;) nudge, nudge.....I have 3 big shows this weekend..shh, just between me and you...thx8))

    Is the “loss of sound” issue something that came up since the last beta?(As I had that issue at the last beta fixed). Just asking as I have a show tomorrow night and I would have to pull the kemper out of the truck into the hotel room to update. I would rather not. Thx

    My problem has always been The “Musician” definition is what most “soundguys” that think they’re “sound engineers” go with. I can usually tell with a brief conversation who I’m dealing with. As with in life anyone who thinks they know everything always knows the least. It’s a defect all “sound guys” seem to share. It’s that way because you can never learn anything if you already know everything. I never have issues with “sound engineers” . They feel me out as much as I do them. It’s about 20 seconds. It’s always a smooth easy show. But you deal with what you have to deal with. You can’t win with a “soundguy” they see “musicians” as beneath them.

    It would be nice if we could customize what we see, but I just need the rig names to be huge instead of the performance names. I use the kemper in performance mode if I'm using the remote.

    Are you asking why your tiny BA drivers in your Iem's sound different from a live 4x12 cab? My kemper sounds the same through my Iem's(Wireless through M32c/DL32) as it does through my UAD Apollo through Adam studio monitors or over the ear athm50 headphones or the same IEM's that I use live. If I play through my Kemper cab it sounds different because the cabinet and the room now become speakers.

    Nope, shold be instant.

    To be honest, I use Option B all the time (with clock showing). However, I would actually prefer a view D which shows the FX blocks on the top row bigger, and the Performance Name on the middle row bigger and just loses the bottom row with the actual slot names as I always set my rigs in order of gain from 1 - 5 so the bottom row is superfluous for me.

    Hey, Hey whoa...wait a minute... We've established "Layout D" is large Rig display... You do "Layout E" with your fancy schmancy effects or whatever and we'll be good

    I think they could squeeze in a little more large text up top possibly, would be able to get 3 characters not 2.

    If you are using the remote take a look into the RJM mastermind if its a problem. Only reason I'm not too worried about the stage LED is because I won't need many patches

    Whatever they did for "Layout C" for Performances is great. That size is good. But I have no use for that . I would like the Rignames to be that large. A "Layout D" I need lots of "patches" for a typical show about 2.5 hours I have about 25 rigs packed into five performances. The performance names are 1,2,3,4,5... The rigs are the names of the songs. That's what I need to see better.

    How about one of these? Use some pipe cleaners to make it stand off from the screen and just tape them to the controller.

    MagniPros Premium 3X Page Magnifying Lens…lpa&selectedSellerId=7935

    This is what I've had to do so I can see the rig names. (I use Layout A)Two small angled blocks with velcro on each side, about an inch high. two fresnel lenses cut a bit bigger than the screen back to back, (works better than one) also with velcro. It works but it's a PITA. A Layout "D" for rigs would solve this. It adds unnecessary time to set up, carrying more stuff, and only makes it a tiny bit better. I'm gonna keep lobbing for this. (please join in) It's a huge issue for me during shows. [Blocked Image:]