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    Hum eliminators actually make it twice as bad. I tried it between the guitar and KPA input yesterday. It's just more horrible

    You need place it after the Kemper output, before whatever it's going to. I have this; Pyle hum Eliminator. But single coil pickups will hum and if you are near any light dimmers, that will make things hum. Turning the volume down on the guitar will stop that. I got the hum eliminator because I was fine until I got to a venue then it would hum/buzz, and through IEM's its not too fun for the band. It stops the buzz the guitar volume doesn'.

    I'm betting this has been asked, but I'm not going through 45 pages (and counting). Search hasn't yielded an answer.

    I'd like to order a single Kone, but the US Store appears perpetually out of stock. Both the UK and Canadian shops show them in stock with worldwide shipping.

    The website asks US customers to use the country-specific shop. Will an order with a US shipping address be honored?

    me too. Can’t find them anywhere.

    I trust my studio monitors best for tweaking sounds. Headphones are not ideal in my opinion, but could probably work better than IEM imo. If you use studio headphones, try to get an open back pair that's as flat as possible. I have a pair of Sennheiser HD600 which seem to work well.

    It really depends on the IEMs. My 64 Audio custom IEM's sound better than any headphones I've ever heard but they also cost over $1000 bucks. So they better sound good. You can spend $3500 or more on IEM's with 18 drivers in each ear and it isn’t going to get more detailed than that! But what you're never going to get through your ears is the low frequency that actually moves air and your body like a guitar cab, and big pa speakers and subs at a venue. I too trust my studio monitors to dial in the sound that I will feed to FOH and it translates great. But I also check it through my IEM's, because that's what I'm gonna hear. It's gonna sound a bit smaller and thinner in them. It's just physics, ya know?

    I don't notice any.

    Perfect, thank you. That Coppertop profile is definitely getting there. I was struggling to find a non top boost profile.

    Can you remember the 3rd party IR cabinet you used? I find the default on coppertop lacking.

    this is where I got it. I believe I paid quite a bit more but maybe the lowered the price?. The website seems to have changed. I bought the celestion ir’s too this was better.

    Somewhere in this thread I imagine the volume issue has been addressed, but a recent search didn't answer in my question.

    So, much as I like the acoustic sim, I can't get it nearly loud enough to match all my other profiles. I can work around this, but it would be nice to find a way to boost the sim volume without massive changes to my other settings. Any ideas?

    Try the one I made in rig exchange called “Acoustic” by jon9max. It’s loud (and sounds good, single coil or spit coil neck or middle)

    Jon, did you ever manage to nail the tone you were looking for?
    Or even better did you profile your amp.

    I'm struggling to get 'that' sound. I also have an RS guitar but can't seem to dial the kemper in.

    I did, with that above profile I listed. A 3rd party ir for the speaker cabinet, a tc corona chorus mini with the brian may tone imprint or whatever they call it in the loop. Treble booster and some others kemper stomps depending on the song, and some weird eq. I use a custom shop les Paul that I rewired the pickups to be 4 wire and have 20 different variations of sounds with 4 push pull pots, from out of phase to just the coil closest to the bridge for sparkly stuff and a danocaster tele. If you listen to iso Brian May tracks he’s using no where near the amount of gain/distortion most people think he is. (Nobody does, people use way too much) he has multiple layers so it sounds big. We have 2 guitar players and the other uses a helix and a variax guitar so we get a lot of ground covered. We’ll be doing a live stream Friday Nov. 20 from Daryl’House club at 8pm. I think it’s free. Check it out.

    First thing to do/try: Turn off "Pure Cab" globally in the output menu!

    Not set to zero, turn off!

    Why don't you like pure cab? Maybe I'm missing something. I've tested, and tested it, recorded and use IEM's live, I think it sounds great FOH.

    I don't want to do that until I'm satisfied.

    I think I do as well, but I'm always interested in an even better preset. Could you upload this to the RE?

    I uploaded one that is working well for me. .It cuts through with the band. That was what I was having the most trouble with, it sounded great on its own but got lost when other instruments were added (It's listed as "Acoustic" from jon9max ) works best with single coil, neck or middle slot. If you have split humbuckers you can put it in middle position and leave neck humbucking and bridge single coil.

    it has a lot to do with the pickup used,,

    It's the same no matter what pickups I use. That's not it. Gibson lespaul 50th anniversary custom shop historic reissue (I rewired and split the pickups) it happens on both pickups, single coil or humbucking, of course if I turn down the tone on the neck, in humbucker mode it's not gonna have a hiss and it's gonna sound like shit. A 1954 blackguard telecaster, yes, a real one. Still does it. An unbelievably awesome Danocaster single cut with Arcane pickups, still does it. A strat with lindy frailin pickups, A Gretsch, an '81 Kramer pacer with seymor duncan pickups. Should I go on? I can....Not good enough pickups for you? It ain't the pickups. Geez. All the "experts" sometimes gets to me. I know what I'm doing with guitar tone. K? I just don't post constantly. It sounds great,

    But there's a hiss when played. You can use the gate which gets rid of it while you're not playing and I am using both the graphic and studio eq to notch out what I can and it's very effective. But, the frequency around that hiss is also what makes it sound like an acoustic. You can totally get rid of the hiss but then it doesn't sound like an acoustic guitar. Like I said it sounds great. Closest thing I've heard to an acoustic. I mean I'm playing a freekin' les paul and it sounds like an acoustic guitar, amazing. I did have to boost some mids with the eq's because although it sounds great by itself compare it with a real acoustic, it just doesn't cut through with the full band.