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    That sucks! People suck. I hope you and everyone out there has separate insurance on all their gear. It's really inexpensive and it covers theft. I pay less than 400$ per year for around 50,000 in gear. There is no excuse not to have it. Heritage, Musicpro are a few great companies I have used.

    I was waiting for a release and a break from gigs as I didn't want to run a beta especially with all of the issues it seemed to have. But I got that, and today I downloaded and installed (mac+ power rack) with no issues, no loss of rigs or performances. Is there a place where A list of functions that the new RM has other than going through all of the posts? I don't want to read about previous betas and what they did as I am on the latest release.

    Yes. The Kemper has an auto-calibration feature, so the short-circuit that briefly appears when you plug it in will tell the Kemper that the pedal is able to deliver a smaller resistance (0 ohms or so) than the toe position is able to once calibrated.

    so are you saying everything should be plugged in when started up?

    When I got the Kemper. Well actually when I ordered it and it was on it's way. I watched all of the videos Kemper made. you can find them at the main Kemper site or on YouTube.Then I downloaded the manual and read through that, Then I came here for more great info. After about a week or two I had a pretty good handle on it and was showing someone else that had one for over a year some tricks. There's just a learning curve to relearn something totally new. But there are many aspects that are exactly like a tube amp. Everything is just named differently. Have fun!

    It might be an issue of the pedal. Change your pedals an find out if the Dunlop behaves as morph-pedal in the same way as in the function of volume.

    I've had anther pedal. A broken cry baby that I gutted and made into an expression pedal(I know what I'm doing) that has done the same when I used in a different slot on my remote do it as well when I would try to use it for pitch shifter. Toe down should have been an octave but periodically it would be off and when I checked that also showed the little gap that it wasn't at 100%.

    Are you unplugging/plugging in your pedal while the Kemper is on?

    Not on purpose. But maybe sometimes the pedal gets plugged in after the Kemper is powered on. But that's just something I'm guessing at. What's the theory behind that? Is there a known issue?

    Frequently I notice my sound doesn't seem to be all "there." When I notice this I of course freak out(because it's at a show or rehearsal) then I check the calibration of my volume pedal (Dunlop dvp3) and see that in the "toe position" on the calibration page it's not fully at 100% and I have to recalibrate. Why is this happening? It doesn't happen always but it is very frustrating to have to try to do this with all of the other distractions setting up, soundchecking, etc. and I usually don't notice until we're on our way with the show and my kemper isn't always accessible. Why doesn't the calibration stay put? Does this happen to anyone else and is there a fix? Thx -John

    I use a Pyle mini hum eliminator. Seems the same as the ebtech, but cheaper. It does the trick for me. Plugged into the output. But my issue seemed more of a ground loop that occurred at gigs when it was plugged into the pa. The volume on the guitar didn't do the trick. My volume pedal did, but I couldn't always be near that when I needed the silence as I move around the stage. The hum eliminator, eliminated the hum. Worth a try its not expensive and you could probably return it if it doesn't work.

    Pyle Mini Hum Eliminator.

    It would be great If we could save a few short loops on the pedal and recall them like 1,2,3,4 or something. I need to use the looper 3 times during a show. But 2 of them I cannot do on "the fly" The first one I do prior to the show @ sound check, leave the Kemper on so I can use that. Another I can do on the fly, but the last I just can't it would be great if I could recall that. I'm not needing to save them forever I have no problem doing it prior everytime and leaving the kemper on.

    If the kone speaker and software mimic specific speakers, it doesn’t act as a frfr, where you would send the cabinet sim to the frfr as you would direct to FOH? You would still have to treat it as a regular guitar cab and turn the cab sim off going to the kone and use the kone software to to mimic the speaker you use as the cab sim in the rig that goes to FOH? Or am I missing something.

    I’m not at all surprised. I still don’t see much need for the virtual knob twiddling type “editor” functions unless the KPA is situated out of arms reach. However, the ability to manage performances and presets smoothly is a fundamental requirement.

    Most my headaches have always been caused by difficulties creating and managing performances rather than tweaking rigs or FX. I have very high hopes for the future development of the performance and presets aspects of RM

    this was the main reason I wanted the editor so I could quickly, easily and effectively manipulate my performances in a hurry. It seems as though they didn’t address this. I want to quickly move around rigs (I usually use one “rig” per song and use the morph as a boost or to change effect parameters) so I can change the order of songs per the set list. I have such trouble doing this as sometimes it works, or it just changes the name but not the rig. It seems the same exact thing is happening with rm3.0. I unfortunately have to wait to download the editor until I can do this, I can’t risk a malfunction at a show.

    Yes, last used, But I have a specific setting for a Show with my band. It returns to last used, that doesn't have the proper output level FOH is expecting. I have to be exact as our whole IEM setup and FOH depends on recalled saved settings on the monitor and FOH boards. But if I go to a Saved output profile it doesn't recall All of those settings. Just some. Doesn't save "main output levels" those I have specifically set for the gig or if the power amp is on(which is exactly the same for every show). I have to change to that output setting then manually set the output level and turn the power amp on, if it was off in the last used setting. I think it should save All of the output parameters for a saved output setting. I go between three and I have to adjust the output levels and the power amp on/off.

    I play live in a variety of venues and have output profiles saved (on Rack and Stage) that are specific to the requirements for each venue. I have learned (the hard way) that the Kemper does not boot up to the last used output profile. Is there anything regarding setup that I might be missing? I’ve only been using KPA for about a year, so I still consider myself a novice to some degree.

    I also notice it does not save the "main volume" or if the power amp is on or off. For example I use a different output setting(saved) at a gig, which is different from a rehersal(saved) and again different at home. While it does save some of the settings, it does not save the "main output volume" or if the power amp is on or off. So if I go from my home setting to a gig. I have to not only call up my output setting for the gig that I have saved, I have to reset the output volume and if I need the power amp on, That too.

    Try to get a good set of full range speakers(studio monitors) to get your sound at home. Not too loud. Because in my opinion the Kemper sound FOH can’t be beat. The sound I get at home comes out identical FOH, and soundmen love it. They have to do essentially nothing but turn up the fader.

    Obscure podcast? Maybe. But a podcast that is more or less about the Kemper from a guy with quite a bit more inside info than us. If there is another, more relevant podcast about the Kemper, please point me to it, I’d love to listen.

    I do not believe CK was convinced when it comes to the “need” for an editor in order to invest required resources in that direction. It is my impression he saw more of a need for this when it comes to floor units. When asked in an earlier interview about a possible editor (someone brought up pod having an editor) he replied by asking if the pod in question was a floor unit. Considering this impression of mine, I’m not too surprised editor is coming out (relatively) near the stage release.

    Perhaps he eventually did change his mind when it comes to all kemper units in general, about editor need, and/or perhaps more resources were eventually available, of course. Who knows.

    So why did they announce and show it along with the speaker and Kemper Kone thing at last years Winter Namm? There was Zero mention of a floor unit. Unlike a lot of others, from what it seems I do need a good software editor. Moving performances and rigs around with the current rig manager is clunky, time consuming and half the time the moves don't take. A software editor is long overdue. For crying out loud, I had one for outdated my Eleven Rack years ago. I'm not complaining about the Kemper, the sound is second to none. But why announce and show something that is a year away.

    I get noise, hum ground. But Only at gigs. It only goes away If I lower the volume on the volume/expression pedal(dvp3)) not from guitars. It’s very inconvenient to have to be next to the volume pedal when the song ends. It only makes noise live, not at home, and not at rehearsal we’re we use the same exact setup as live. We use our whole wireless IEM system and my guitars are wireless nothing is different but being at a venue. We are not playing bars we play nice theaters/venues. We don’t always use the same FOH sound. Most venues have their own, but still get the hum. Just this past Saturday we were up in New Hampshire at a venue only 2.5 years old and I still got that same hum. I hit all the ground buttons on the Kemper, didn’t do anything and tested the quad box where I plugged in my rack everything was fine and ground was good. I can’t recreate this anywhere, and at the venue there really isn’t time to do a lot of trouble shooting. Setup-soundcheck-silence-Show-load out. Any ideas what this could be and why only at venues. Oh rack gets plugged into Furman m8lx power conditioner. Thanks.