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    I’ve been playing gigs for almost 40 years Kemper doesn’t have to look out for me. The problems are caused by it not saving my levels. If the output levels were saved for my live sound, the levels for that preset would not cause a problem with my FOH. They would be exact. What they may be set at at home IS the problem. That’s where it’s louder, & not resetting prior would cause a problem. Also it doesn’t save the power amp on/off. It makes no sense that it can’t save everything in a preset and you have to manually go into it turn the power amp on/off and set the levels. It’s a hassle. It’s half a preset. It’s an omission not a feature.

    I find it simpler to deal with the occasional visit to the output section on the Kemper itself. Do people regularly make changes to these settings here?

    I have to, constantly, as the output presets Don't save all parameters. So if I am going from home to a gig, I have a preset that is called "home" and one that is called "Live with cab" I still have to turn the power amp On (usually only use the cab to check to see if everything is working before The IEM's go in, but sometimes for some stage volume) Then I have to reset the main output volume as I keep it exactly the same every time for the gigs. If I forget to do these things then I have to do it at the venue and I would rather not as there's a lot of commotion and my rack isn't always on stage or nearby. I don't understand why the output presets don't save everything.

    The other thing with the output menu is that I would like a specific main output volume for each preset. I have a few different presets one for home practice, one for recording SPDIF and one for gigs but the output volume is whatever it's set at, not to what I would like the preset to be. Same with power amp on/off. I would like every parameter saved, and when saving why does a whole new preset need to be saved?

    I had best-tronics build me a panel for the back of my rack. Nothing gets plugged in and out of the Kemper. There's an Ethercon on there and I just added a powercon. I had 4 extra blanks incase I wanted to add to it later. It's easy , I could have done it myself but this is done professionally with top of the line stuff. It's not cheap but it's not that expensive either. But it is worth it.

    I have been a customer of Heritage Music Insurance for more than a decade. I have only had to use them once but the piece of mind is priceless. They also cover your guitars during shipping. About the only things they don't cover is your gear being stolen from a trailer or an unlocked car.

    I use them as well. I did not know it wasn't covered if stolen from a trailer. I was under the understanding Stolen meant stolen. Musicians gear travels a lot of the time in a trailer. We always make sure everything is locked up in a well lit spot with a camera on it. A lot of my gear will be in one this whole weekend.

    ....And get insururance on your gear. It's cheap and it's worth it. Someone spills a beer on your Kemper at a gig? Someone breaks into your car? you open your case when you get home and your headstock is broken? Guess what? You're covered. I've used it . I've also learned my lesson when my house burned down 10 years ago and lost everything. Home owners insurance only goes so for. Insurance for your gear Is very inexpensive.

    Yes, the iOS for iPad is nice but doesn’t have much functionality yet. I can’t really move around my rigs in performances, or from one to another or add rigs that aren’t already in a performance. I can do this in the regular rig manager. I only use the kemper in performance mode, unless I’m making or tweaking a new rig.

    Yes, and Yes to the live big display mode. The remote screen is just too small for someone over 30 standing while playing.

    The KZ AS10's are just AMAZING, especially for the price!

    Yes they are. They are my backups. About 4 members of my band use them as the cost of the customs is way up there. But the kz’s are comparable.

    I think I would go with these first... great reviews plus SW has a 2 year warranty. Forget Amazon.…-isolating-earphones-blue

    If money wasn't an "impedance" then I would get some custom-fit 12-driver Westones with the subwoofer brain implant. ;)

    Those are single driver earbuds. They might be nice for music but they’re not going to compare to 5 BA drivers (or more) per ear. It’s just not gonna happen. If you’re playing in a band with them you need to hear everyone, not just you. You need the highs, and the lows, but mostly the mids and with separate drivers for these you will hear them better. The AZ’s for their price are really the best bang for the buck they really are. read the reviews. I do recommend getting foam ear tips. You need to be totally isolated.

    I have a Kemper Kone in a 1x12 cabinet. It sounds great! I really don’t need it live as we are all IEM’s but I like to have it in just a bit for some stage volume out front. I was hoping it would also give me some natural feedback and harmonics like a real amp. But, what I get is a loud squealing type of uncontrollable feedback. Disappointing. I really don’t have it turned up loud at all. Anyone else get this and have a solution? I use it w/the celestion blue setting.

    It depends a lot on the IEM's. I had the same exacts experience the first time I tried because of cheap IEM's. Then I got custom ones from 64Audio.(but if the budget doesn't allow for customs, there are things like the KZ AS10 & AS 16's that are really, really, like, not kidding good and cheap.) But, If you plug iem's into the Kemper headphone out and it sounds fine, then the problem is not with the Kemper it's what you are getting through your Mixer and IEM system. There is so much involved with getting the IEM's system to sound good. Contact me if you need help. You also need to be running a stereo IEM mix.

    It would be great to have a mirror image of the remote screen on the Rig Manager for the iPad. The screen is so small and so hard to see on stage unless you have perfect vision. I won't wear glasses on stage and contacts make me dizzy. I cut 2 pieces of plastic fresnel lens place them back to back and velcro to 2 blocks on either side about an inch from the screen. That enlarges it nicely, but it's not perfect. But if I could have it big on an iPad I'd get a stand attachment and put it at the bottom of the mic stand. That would be wonderful.

    With the latest release it has worked every time. Hopefully that solved the issue. But like I said previously the problem seems to come and go with different updates. I wonder if there was an issue they addressed on the latest release? I use a rack I bought in 2019.

    Fair point. But with other's Quad Cortex contents, its really a glass house, when they began not just teasing but selling reservations for a product that took 15 months to finally ship. We've been waiting a few days for a free upgrade. But seriously though, they're probably ironing out a few kinks, allowing a little suspense to build, and will let the thing drop. Now if we're sitting around here in September wondering what's up, I'll eat crow.

    I could't give a hoot about another company's product. That's Kemper's issue as to who they see as competition. I have, use ,and love my Kemper. They could have done all the same "teasing" and said the same thing," Your gonna love this!" "But we're ironing out a few kinks so it's perfect. "