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    I really only use it in performance mode. Usually one song per rig maybe more.Sometimes two rigs for a song if there are drastic changes. Morph is usually a solo boost with effect changes or just effect changes if no solo. I set it up according to the set we are playing song 1,2,3,4,5 Arrow up next five songs.

    as christianbad pointed out, you don’t need to delete. The way to clear is simply to hit the disable button to the right of the slot.

    Right, but it still stays there and just moves around. I just don’t understand why there isn’t a delete/cut/remove for the rigs in the performance slots. It’s my least favorite thing about the Kemper. Setting up performances could be so easy but it always wants to fight me.I should be simply able to remove a rig and drag and drop one right in or leave it blank.

    Maybe I'm missing something, but since I got the Kemper last year my biggest issue has been setting up performances. I was waiting on the new rig manager because I thought for sure, it would solve my problem. Why is there no "Delete" or "clear" button? If I want to move around rigs or remove one, Why cant I just clear a rig off of a performance and put something in its place? It makes no sense to me and I spend far too much time with this and it is very frustrating because the one I want to move just moves around the slots. I just want to clear one off, not move them back and forth. I have 5 performances that I put many rigs for a two hour set that changes often. I dread having to move songs around because I just cant Remove something from a slot. A simple "CUT" would work. Why does a rig Have to stay in a performance. That's not my only issue setting up performances, but it's the main one.

    It sounds great. I don’t hear any hiss either. Would you mind sharing your settings or if it’s a profile, which one? I think I dialed in a great sound but it just comes with some hiss that will be unacceptable for some quiet things I need to do. Good job!

    Hmm. It’s there. I’m not home now so I just listened on my iPhone with my Bluetooth earbuds and I listened in the car. It’s the same as I have been hearing with the studio monitors and my 64audio IEM’s. One noticeable spot is after I play the bit of the song the last strum on a “G” chord it’s there until I mute the chord. It just sounds like air, a hiss. Hmm you can’t hear it but it annoys the heck out of me. Wonder what else we’re not hearing. Ugh. It’s not like an amp noise where when you’re done playing you can roll off the volume. It’s while I’m playing the quiet, stuff with single sustaining notes and chords. Just don’t know how it will translate FOH or if the sound man will ruin the sound by eq’ing the crap out of it. We’ll see!

    damn, my hearing is shot worse than I thought😆 I don’t hear any hiss

    ? You don't? listen to right at the beginning. I strum one chord. you'll hear the noise.(it's during the notes, in addition to, not before or after) Then I mute it with my hand, and it's silent. Then I do it again and you'll hear it. You don't hear it while I am playing the song bit, but I have to do a lot of single note (just guitar)stuff where it would be noticeable and probably real noticeable in the very high end speakers in the FOH system. I don't hear any in yours( the video volume is really low on my end though. I had to put my IEM's in and turn it way up. I'm sure we'll straighten this out it's just the first try of a beta and it's pretty damn good . Gonna try it out at a rehearsal this weekend.

    I recorded an example of the hiss. The link is 3 posts back.

    I just quickly recorded an example of the "hiss" I am talking about. I think the "sim" sounds great. It is dead quiet when I am not playing but there is that his when I am. It's not the end of the world, but this is how we sort things out, right? (there is no processing on the recording whatsoever it's just the Kemper through the Apollo x4 to UA Luna, hit record.

    Here is a link. Hiss example

    i’ve just had a thought in light of ckemper ’s comment above. What are you listening through? Are you using a traditional guitar cab or FRFR? Obviously, if using a guitar cab you would need to boost the Bronze and Sparkle significantly to overcome the effect of the speaker hi frequency rolloff which would subsequently introduce significant hiss based on CK’s comments.

    Also what guitar/pickup?

    i’ll try and record and example later today but monitoring on studio monitors I don’t hear any significant hiss even with noise gate off.

    Listening through studio monitors, Signal chain- Gibson custom shop lespaul, (also tried my danocaster, my '54 tele, and a Gretsch.) to the Kemper and out to s/pdif (also xlr) to an Apollo x4 then to the monitors. I keep messing with it of course. I've found that the "sim custic" in the rig exchange tweaked a bit(took out most of the compression, added, or should i say used some subtractive eq with the studio and graphic eq's and changed up the delay and reverb. ) gives me the most believable sound so far(I know that has the amp and cab with it) It actually gives you some string noise in a good way. But still that hiss while playing is distracting to me.No more or less hiss with that profile than without. This is with all the guitars and pickups and every other example I've heard.

    Something is not right in your setup. I get zero hiss as long as the stack is bypassed. I did experiment with using an “acoustic rig” in the stack section (a profile of a mic pre from a well known Dutch profiler) but as soon as the Stack is added the hoss becomes unbearable. No stack should equal no hiss. Also, I can’t say I have a problem with levels either. Are your existing rig levels set particularly high? In most cases it is better to bring loud rigs down to match the quieter ones rather than bring everything up to the loudest rig.

    I'd like to hear an example of "no hiss" If I turn down the "sparkle" and some other parameters ,that, in my opinion make it sound as much like an acoustic as possible it does get rid of the "hiss" while playing. I could make it have "No Hiss" but then I'd be of the opinion that the Acoustic sim is a bust. The hiss I am talking about is not something that comes before or after, that could be remedied with the gate, but while playing.

    few people have mentioned noise.

    If im honest for me ive got no noise at all.

    Even with noise get rolled right off.

    ? The noise I get is while playing, not while quiet. I listened to someone's demo here, and they stated right in the post, "Dead quiet" and there's lots of hiss while he's playing. I'm 52, have tinnitus and some loss of hearing in my 2-5k from years of loud music(wear ear protection) but if he heard no hiss The hearing is way worse than mine. It's while playing.

    I'm loving the acoustic sim. But, the hiss... I've done what I can to minimize. I don't have the amp or cab engaged (which make the "acoustic profile" much lower in volume so I have to use the "clean sense" to raise the volume to the level of my other rigs.) I've "notched out" what I can with the graphic and studio eq. I know I can play with the "sparkle" parameter and the others... on the Acoustic sim eq. But if I take out that high end to get rid of the hiss while playing, it just doesn’t sound good and believable. I also have adjusted the input noise gate and added a stomp gate as well. They do a good job of getting rid of that hiss while not playing but it's really noticeable while playing. I really want this to work for me(us) to not have to bring and set up the acoustic, the fishman aura DI, another wireless unit, and then sound check it would be so time saving & wonderful. So does anyone have some Ideas without cutting out that Highend that makes it sound like an acoustic? thx!-John

    This happens often to me. If I turn the unit off and back on it will function normally. But I use the looper live and it gives me great anxiety not to know if it's gonna work or not. Everything else functions normaI.

    This still happens, just did (occasionally, but you never know when) and now on, Kemper OS release 7.3.2 only way to solve it is to reboot. We can’t do this at a gig.

    That sucks! People suck. I hope you and everyone out there has separate insurance on all their gear. It's really inexpensive and it covers theft. I pay less than 400$ per year for around 50,000 in gear. There is no excuse not to have it. Heritage, Musicpro are a few great companies I have used.

    I was waiting for a release and a break from gigs as I didn't want to run a beta especially with all of the issues it seemed to have. But I got that, and today I downloaded and installed (mac+ power rack) with no issues, no loss of rigs or performances. Is there a place where A list of functions that the new RM has other than going through all of the posts? I don't want to read about previous betas and what they did as I am on the latest release.

    Yes. The Kemper has an auto-calibration feature, so the short-circuit that briefly appears when you plug it in will tell the Kemper that the pedal is able to deliver a smaller resistance (0 ohms or so) than the toe position is able to once calibrated.

    so are you saying everything should be plugged in when started up?

    When I got the Kemper. Well actually when I ordered it and it was on it's way. I watched all of the videos Kemper made. you can find them at the main Kemper site or on YouTube.Then I downloaded the manual and read through that, Then I came here for more great info. After about a week or two I had a pretty good handle on it and was showing someone else that had one for over a year some tricks. There's just a learning curve to relearn something totally new. But there are many aspects that are exactly like a tube amp. Everything is just named differently. Have fun!

    It might be an issue of the pedal. Change your pedals an find out if the Dunlop behaves as morph-pedal in the same way as in the function of volume.

    I've had anther pedal. A broken cry baby that I gutted and made into an expression pedal(I know what I'm doing) that has done the same when I used in a different slot on my remote do it as well when I would try to use it for pitch shifter. Toe down should have been an octave but periodically it would be off and when I checked that also showed the little gap that it wasn't at 100%.