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    First thing to do/try: Turn off "Pure Cab" globally in the output menu!

    Not set to zero, turn off!

    Why don't you like pure cab? Maybe I'm missing something. I've tested, and tested it, recorded and use IEM's live, I think it sounds great FOH.

    I don't want to do that until I'm satisfied.

    I think I do as well, but I'm always interested in an even better preset. Could you upload this to the RE?

    I uploaded one that is working well for me. .It cuts through with the band. That was what I was having the most trouble with, it sounded great on its own but got lost when other instruments were added (It's listed as "Acoustic" from jon9max ) works best with single coil, neck or middle slot. If you have split humbuckers you can put it in middle position and leave neck humbucking and bridge single coil.

    it has a lot to do with the pickup used,,

    It's the same no matter what pickups I use. That's not it. Gibson lespaul 50th anniversary custom shop historic reissue (I rewired and split the pickups) it happens on both pickups, single coil or humbucking, of course if I turn down the tone on the neck, in humbucker mode it's not gonna have a hiss and it's gonna sound like shit. A 1954 blackguard telecaster, yes, a real one. Still does it. An unbelievably awesome Danocaster single cut with Arcane pickups, still does it. A strat with lindy frailin pickups, A Gretsch, an '81 Kramer pacer with seymor duncan pickups. Should I go on? I can....Not good enough pickups for you? It ain't the pickups. Geez. All the "experts" sometimes gets to me. I know what I'm doing with guitar tone. K? I just don't post constantly. It sounds great,

    But there's a hiss when played. You can use the gate which gets rid of it while you're not playing and I am using both the graphic and studio eq to notch out what I can and it's very effective. But, the frequency around that hiss is also what makes it sound like an acoustic. You can totally get rid of the hiss but then it doesn't sound like an acoustic guitar. Like I said it sounds great. Closest thing I've heard to an acoustic. I mean I'm playing a freekin' les paul and it sounds like an acoustic guitar, amazing. I did have to boost some mids with the eq's because although it sounds great by itself compare it with a real acoustic, it just doesn't cut through with the full band.

    I hope it works for you. Please update your progress. If you can get it going I will follow in your footsteps.

    I had sent a request to tech support via email on this weeks ago and was told that there was no outboard unit that Kemper can verify for this usage. Best they could recommend right now was to get an external mic pre with an optical out. Indecision put it on hold for me.

    Again, This works. I use it. It works great actually. (kemper s/pdif out to coax in to optical out to my Apollo x4)it's $15 bucks. You don't have to spend a hundred dollars. If it doesn't work for you, you are either doing it wrong or your Kemper is broken. Optical-to-Coaxial or Coax-to-Optical Digital Audio Converter Adapter

    I massively tweak them. Like, a lot. I look for potential from a profile NOT necessarily one that is ready to go, because I haven't found that yet. I've been playing tube amps, well, my first amp was a tube amp at about 12 years old so, 40 years. So I think I'm pretty good at getting a proper tone. I thought I was gonna throw up the first week I got the Kemper because I thought everything I heard was crap but after getting to know it, I don't think it can be beat. Just remember It's the sound of an amp Mic'ed up not "in the room." good luck.

    Keep checking your setup. I have the same converter as you and it works wonderfully. I have it going to an Apollo x4 . So it's the same as far as in's and out's You don't need that expensive converter. Take a break and turn everything off. Create a new output preset for spdif on your Kemper and re do it. Make sure you're sending a signal out the spdif and then receiving at the apollo. It's gonna be something easy and stupid, it always is.

    I know they have special s/pidif cables but I am using just a high quality rca ended type cable. What is happening when you plug everything in? Are you seeing a signal on the S/pdif on the Apollo console, like this ? Like I said , make sure all of your settings on the kemper output are correct.

    Seems to be wired the same as I have mine. (it's the same box, so it should work) Are your setting correct on the Kemper output settings? Go through all 9 pages. On the Apollo, s/pdif input, settings hardware- Digital input & output= S/PDIF

    Yes, I've done exactly that and yes, that's where I've boosted some with the studio EQ. but when I do too much it starts to sound "not passable," and yes I think that's why maybe his cuts through better. But my actual acoustic does too. I think I'm gonna have to record my Acoustic with my set up and try to match as best I can(or better). I'll get it eventually. I'm on a mission not to have to haul around an acoustic rig...

    Also, I think I have a Great sounding acoustic sim preset. But, like I said before although it sounds awesome on its own, it just doesn't cut through the mix like a real acoustic. I had a rehearsal then I tweaked it (I thought with the improved sim, didn't make a new one) then I had another this weekend. Although it was an improvement it still didn't cut through. The other guitar player in the band uses a Helix with a Variax. I think My Acoustic sound is superior and sounds more like an acoustic, his cuts through. It's not a volume thing either. I have one more rehearsal in two weeks before our first gig back since Feb. I just want to be able to not haul around(if we ever get to haul around stuff again) a whole acoustic rig(aura preamp Di, wireless, guitar...)

    I think so. To me it's improved in volume and fewer noisy artifacts. To be fair I've only used it in slot X with the amp/cab off.

    Is there any definitive word on if a new profile needs to be made from scratch to have the benefit of the improved AS? We can't just guess.

    I had a rehearsal on Sunday and used the AS. I Used Ed's profile and one I tweaked myself that both sound great on their own. The results are hopeful but need improvement. Not too much time to tweak there. We are all IEM's so I had some issues with the high end clipping with the profiles(at all volume levels) which is something I don't have a problem with through my studio monitors, speaker cab or if I test with the same IEM's at home so I'll have to do some eq deep diving on our system That is disappointing because I have a great sounding full band stereo mix. Also the sound just doesn't cut through like a real acoustic. It lacks that high mid power that cuts through. Still having problems with hiss/buzz while playing the quiet single note stuff. (While playing, NOT while muted , it's totally quiet when I'm not playing) It's not the pickups, and not an electrical problem, If you're strumming away that's fine you don't notice.

    I really only use it in performance mode. Usually one song per rig maybe more.Sometimes two rigs for a song if there are drastic changes. Morph is usually a solo boost with effect changes or just effect changes if no solo. I set it up according to the set we are playing song 1,2,3,4,5 Arrow up next five songs.

    as christianbad pointed out, you don’t need to delete. The way to clear is simply to hit the disable button to the right of the slot.

    Right, but it still stays there and just moves around. I just don’t understand why there isn’t a delete/cut/remove for the rigs in the performance slots. It’s my least favorite thing about the Kemper. Setting up performances could be so easy but it always wants to fight me.I should be simply able to remove a rig and drag and drop one right in or leave it blank.