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    A usb stick isn't necessary. In maintenance mode you have 2 options. 1 is "flash init" the other one is "Flash&Factory reset". I just selected the factory reset option and done. The key is on how to enter the maintenance mode, which I didn't find in the 360 pages manual. As said before, SOFT1 + SYSTEM TOGETHER while starting up.


    I am unable to do a full factory reset on my Kemper Stage. I searched for "reset", "factory reset", "recovery" etc on the manual and nothing popped out.

    I did it once but don't know how to do it again. I tried starting the kemper while pushing the soft1 button and the system buttons but I couldn't enter the recovery screen.

    Can anyone help me?

    I want to erase EVERYTHING and put it like stock. Please don't tell me that I can do it with Rig manager etc... I want to do a FULL reset with the proper factory reset.

    Thank you very much.

    Good profiles! The profile with cab seems not to be a studio profile. Is it a merged profile? Or the direct amp profile with another IR/cab?

    I really like it and saved it to my favourits. Thanks for sharing!

    Is it a merged profile, but apparently I preferred merging without the "merge" check selected in this particular case, it sounded better to my ears, so I left it like that.


    I have an annoying problem since I bought the profiler. Now I need it to use live and I can't with this problem.

    If you pay attention, the first pick when I switch to distortion still sounds clean, because it has lag and the change arrives late.

    I already contacted support and did a Kemper factory reset in the stage.

    Still wanted to know if anyone here can give me some light.


    The QC doesn't significantly do anything that other units don't already do. It has a unique combination of features but so do the Helix, Axe and KPA.

    It can profile pedals which no one can do at the moment. That is a big point in my opinion.

    I profiled my amps testing both methods.

    First I created a studio profile. Then I created a direct profile using the Kemper DI Box. Finally I created a merged using the studio profile cab section fusioned with the DI profile (Merged button activated).

    The Studio and the merged sound different. I liked the studio ones better in all my profiles.

    But I guess, if you have really good cab profiles, you can achieve good results using DI profiles with those cabs.

    I profiled a Pete Cornish G2 pedal I had years ago before I sold it.Kemper did a pretty good job as far as I can remember.Only problem is that I could never try it into an amp on the KPA ( until I bought a second one ! )

    Maybe a future update ( or processor upgrade ):whistling:

    How you do that? I mean, you can profile a pedal but it has to be atached to an amp.

    Many thanks, didn't know about that "constant latency" feature.


    I just modded a new Jet City JCA50H to SLO specs and I made a few profiles of 2 different sounds. They are far better than the previous JC profiles so I deleted the old ones and add some new profiles.

    There are 2 profiles. The plain one and the second "2" one. The first one has more presence. The second is darker. Hope you like it. Cheers.

    Does anyone know a way to match the phase perfectly in 2 audio tracks without completely invert the phase of one of them?

    This thing is making me crazy. The kemper just sends the analog and the processed signal in a way that you cant just reverse the phase of one of them, because the waves of both are not synchronized, are completely different.

    Is any way to make different audio waves in phase with each other perfectly?

    I can't mix the analog and the processed signal of the kemper together and I'm finding this feature completely useless.

    Many thanks. It is working now.

    My "Profiler" was in "Others" on device manager. Afer update it moved to audio devices.


    I have 65's JTM45 amp and I want to send the analog git + effects into the input. I can't find a way to do it.

    If i select any rig, I disable amp and cabinet settings and connect the send to the amp input, the effects doesn't work. I think is due to the internal kemper structure where digital effect are into de digital amp loop, so when I disable the amp the effects go down too. This is my theory. Because in the output section I select Git+Processing for the send output and it doesn't send any effect.

    Is posible to use the kemper with an amp like a effect board throwing everything to the imput?

    Git Analog + effects