Latency when changing rigs in performance mode.

  • Hello,

    I have an annoying problem since I bought the profiler. Now I need it to use live and I can't with this problem.

    If you pay attention, the first pick when I switch to distortion still sounds clean, because it has lag and the change arrives late.

    I already contacted support and did a Kemper factory reset in the stage.

    Still wanted to know if anyone here can give me some light.


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  • This is as good as its gonna get I think. You just have to compensate by clicking slightly earlier.

    It was another story if there was a gap, but there isn't when you stay within the same performance.

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  • Switching slots in Performance mode has a 3 ms delay in the audio audibly switching from when you press the switch. The display and LEDs can be slightly laggy, compared to the actual change in audio. This has been measured a fair few times by users on the forum. If your Profiler takes longer for the audio to change after pressing the switches, there may be something amiss. It’s difficult to tell from your video.

  • That’s a completely normal delay. Changes will never be instant - an issue of all similar digital systems. Think of what it’s doing in the background. It has to load a whole new sound.

    You just have to learn to use it. Don’t press the button on the moment you want the new sound to be heard, press the button a fraction ahead.

    In the mix of the band absolutely no one other than you would notice such a minuscule change.

    I agree it’s annoying but you do get used to it and learn when to hit the button to minimise the effect.

  • Ps. If you go to the “introduce yourself” forum section, close to the top is my post titled “running through sounds for Next To Normal”.

    If the second track.. see if you can spot when I’m changing rigs. Just in that short sample I change about 5 or 6 times.. and that’s using browser mode, not performance mode. I am very conscious of when I’m hitting the button.. always pre-empt the change, and factor it in my playing too.

  • I would hazard a guess that that tiny latency is actually still faster than the channel switching on most value amps. Most of the high gain vale amps out there use some sort of relay switching which mutes the signal, does the change then unmutes the channel to avoid the loud pops we used to get with the earliest channel switching amps.

  • That’s no faster or slower than most any system I’ve seen or used.

    As has been stated, nothing is ever instant. Not even channel switching tube amps.

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