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  • Even when the final product is released we’re still going to find some bugs. It’s no big deal to me so give us the beta!!!!

    You say that, but just look at the complaints about the Stage running on early software. I wonder what happened to the acoustic sim slated for OS7?


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  • Just a note. In Germany there has been a special holiday on thursday. Maybe they were on vacation on friday as well... :)

    Judging from being in a small self-sufficient tech company, and knowing what it means to not meet deadlines (no matter how good the reason), it's probable some on the engineering staff are working through these holidays to get us the free software we are waiting for. They're probably busting their butts to get this to us ASAP, and that's what I am assuming. I applaud them for their effort, and as we say in our Sunday AM crunch time meetings, "that's the job".

  • as we say in our Sunday AM crunch time meetings, "that's the job".

    No, it's really not.

    Declaring an arbitrary deadline is just a bad business decision that only serves to delay and amplify negative consequences. It's short term thinking at its finest.

    It's driven by target fixation from sales / marketing without taking the "total cost of ownership," so to speak, into account. Companies declare an optimistic date in order to preempt people buying the competition's product (we used to call it "vaporware"). Also to look good in other such PR ways. All without taking into account the downside in quality, perception and cost of premature releases. Not to mention the fact that grinding the tech staff into burnout as a standard practice rarely produces good work. Or employee longevity.

    The fact that it's a common practice in the industry doesn't make it a good way to do things. The individual lemming doesn't fare too well either, even though "everyone's doing it."

    Of course, I'm just barking at the moon. Sales and marketing typically have much more influence in the board room than the geeks who actually create the product.

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  • I think that's a bit harsh. I agree about sales and marketing over promising but in this case we are getting comments from the developers. CK is so close that I don't think ( total guess) that sales and marketing have a big influence.

    I don't think anyone is trying to mislead, as I think you are also in software, you know that issues can arise late in the day/cycle. Its frustrating and annoying but I'd prefer some predictions rather than none. As a small team, impacts/variations will be higher.

    However, we are all speculating so I could be wrong. :)

    I'm happy that we've had some interaction from G string and I took it as his best view at that time. Another update would be nice as I have to confess I keep having a look...

  • I don’t know that sales and marketing have much influence here. It’s a free update coming 8 years on.

    As a career sales/marketing guy......if My kind had a say the editor would have shipped day one. If that didn’t happen, the hounds wouldn’t relent until it was.

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  • If a product delivery date was discussed and approved by R+D and sales, it doesn't matter how arbitrary it is, especially if customer expectations were set for that date. If R+D agreed to the date, they simply have to man up and meet it unless it is totally impossible.

    On our Sunday AM meeting, we may not like the date, but we don't try to change it if our internal schedule management or basic unknowns caused us to have to work that late time. We agreed to the date in the first place, and the customer had expectations of that date. That's the job.

  • If sales & marketing waited for when developers wanted to release something, think of how slow tech and industry would move. That's not a swipe at developers, but their mentality is very different. Sales & marketing bring in hard dollars, which developers benefit from, and when they set a date, it typically reflects a specific reason and strategy rather than just being arbitrary for the sake of it. The date more often is keyed as a way to maximize a number of factors, but chiefly awareness and profitability.

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    Editor, well, where are you)) ???? I just play and score already on Settings))) since I’m tired of flipping manually

    ... google translated for the non russians.

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  • I literally just had this discussion with the head of manufacturing here. In THEIR world, they know how long it takes to build widget X down to the second. They go all cross-eyed when I try to explain to them that 4 months of design time may be nowhere near as long as what is needed to design new widget Y, even if it's based on widget X. "But, why don't you know???" she cries.

    Because, Karen, a lot can go wrong in 4 months when you are doing something you've never done before and have no idea if the concept is even going to work! You are asking me to have a magic crystal ball and I'm going to tell you, the ball is cracked, broken, filled with smoke... and, as it turns out, is a BOWLING BALL... so I can't do what you want. We can UPDATE you with our progress as time goes on and we learn more, but right now, our sight as to what we can do and commit to is about 1-2 weeks out... not 4 months.

    Karen is not getting a Christmas card this year. ;)

    Don't be like Karen.


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  • For the Americans, this translates to "That's what she said."

    Thanks, I was lost until this... :P

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