E for Edited won't go away

  • Today I updated both RigManager and the Profiler OS. Since then, all profiles which are stored on the Profiler show the E in the lower right corner. I know what the E means, it indicates that there are unsaved changes to the Rig. Normally, when you hit Store and save it again, the E goes away. But since the update, the E stays there. Am I the only one experiencing this? Does anyone know how to solve it? I know it seems irrelevant, but I cannot tell my OCD that...

  • Same here, saving the rig doesn‘t help. „Save as“ under the same name lets the „E“ disappear, but then the original isn‘t replaced though, instead you now have two rigs with the same name and can only identify them by the save date.

  • Just a thought but do you have any FX Presets loaded in the rig? Have these been tweaked in anyway at all?

    I wonder if this is a byproduct of the new preset feature that some people asked for (which has now been added) that always shows what preset a current setting was originally based on. It is conceivable that the E is showing because an effect preset has been tweaked and the system now need to keep track of any edits indefinitely to know what the original preset was.