Rig manager rig limit?

  • So I just got the Tone Junkie Everything pack and with what I already had, I now have some 6000 or so Rigs in my local library. Is there a hard limit or a practical limit to the number of rigs that would cause rig manager to crash or be glitchy? I only keep 100 max on the Stage itself

  • You don't have to worry with 6000 rigs. People having more than 100.000+ (incl. RE) have no problems afaik.

    There are sellers with big packs containing 200+ profiles each. Or deals with complete profile bundles, so numbers can increase fast ?

    I did make a lot of profile of my own stuff too, plus copied many IR to profiles, before there was cab preset management like today. And I never deleted anything - I don't have any noticeable performance losses.

  • Because those many many profiles just live in a database, they are loaded when you start RM. Only when you select a profile, just this one is loaded from database into profiler.

  • Rig Manager is using SQLITE database for storing profiles.

    SQLITE max database size is 281 terabytes, so i guess "Everything" and "Everything else" users (me included) are covered, hahaha.

    281TB = 2,248,000,000,000,000 bits divided by 48000 bits (max size for a rig) = every rig you can find on the internet for the next 1000 years!

    Larry Mar @ Lonegun Studios. Neither one famous yet.

  • Geez and I'm overwhelmed trying to pick favorites from about 60 I've narrowed down! It's just too dang hard to choose... But 100,000 rigs, just shoot me.

    Because the profiles are snapshots of amp settings.... some people just scroll through profiles fast like others would turn a gain or tone knob ?

    Noone would say, that 4 knobs on the real amp have endless possibilities, plus there are 3 channels... that's to overwhelming. You just listen, while dialing in the tone you need, turning the knobs finding (your) sweetspots.

    Same with big profile packs (where rigs sometimes only differ in nuances). Instead of messing around with parameters in Kemper, in this approach you just scroll through the (often slightly) different mic settings to finetune, for example.

    Second thing: A big profile collection feels just like a historical amp museum - and it is an interactiv archive you can have LOTS of fun visiting ?

  • If they using a database in the background (as they seem to do on the KPA itself) there is no limit (except HDD space) but searching for rigs and loading RM slows down the more rigs there are in the DB since the computer’s RAM is affected.