I'm convinced the the KPA (Kemper Profiling Amp) is made from "unobtainium" ?

  • The more I explore my powered toaster the more I am impressed by not only what it can do, bit more so, how it continues to evolve even after having owned mine for over 3 years. The community has provided so any insights and yet I still feel as though I am merely scratching the surface on this device's capabilities.

    Thank you Kemper, for building an awesome piece of tech!

    Peace out,

    JP (Pierre) Moatti

  • Same here. Amazing piece of gear and a universe of sounds on its own. Very inspiring tool for creativity :thumbup:8):love:

    Thanks Christoph and team! Well done and thanks for keeping updates coming and for discussing openly with the community here. That company attitude alone is worth a million...

  • The first night I brought my Stage to practice, my band kept saying, "You finally finished the tone hunt, you can stop turning knobs!" Little did they know, it was just the beginning :D

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  • +1

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