Latest Update Question.

  • Hello everyone.

    I'm still pretty new to Kemper, so, please bear with me.

    I have a few questions, and would greatly appreciate any info.

    1.) If I update my Stage Profiler to the latest firmware (8.7.15), will I lose my profiles and performances?

    2.) What are the main advantages to updating?

    3.) Is there a tutorial, or, step by step for the process?

    4.) Do I need to re-format another usb stick, or can I use the same one I've been using for backups and sharing rigs?

    I have no issues at all with the tones I've been getting...I'm running 8.7.10 now.


  • updates do not change your rigs, presets or performances but it is still recommended to create a backup before installing the update to make sure that a blackout during the update process does not do any harm.

    You can find the changes that an update offers in the changelog file that comes with the download. It is also visible from the download page.

    The update process is very straightforward and described in great detail in the "How to update" pdf that comes with the download.

    You can use any USB stick that is FAT32 formatted to install the update or alternatively use the Rig Manager application to install the update.

  • Just to add - why update? Not just for features but stability as many fixes are in any release.

    In general, the update process is pretty stable and safe, I've had very few issues in the 8 years I've had mine and I've always updated when available.

    Also agree though to take a backup just in case...

  • I've done many backups just as a precaution so as not to lose any profile or performance settings. If I have to restore from backup, will the Stage default to my most recent backup date and restore from that date/point ? Thanks!