Kemper Drive and Kemper Fuzz - as a standalone pedal

  • The idea is pretty much in the title.

    Imagine a small-form pedal (cough) Profiler Player (hack, sniff) - but containing the Drive and Fuzz algorithms. LED collars on the knobs, so no display required. For kicks, give it morph capability via foot switch or exp pedal.

    Dirt-pedal freaks would have a field day.

  • Player would be an expensive way to do it , but it's already there ;)

    It's Xmas , I vote for Kemper sending a player to all enlightened people for their dedication worshiping the KPA gospel for more than 10 years now ^^ :D

    The physical size is all I'm referring to.

  • In general, the KpA effects are underrated. But the Kemper drive and Kemper fuzz are in my opinion unmatched, and id add them to a pedal board as well if I wanted to have a more trad board. There are other multi effect units that give you a bunch of fuzz models, but none that organize them in such a logical way. I’d put their delays and reverbs up with any others, having owned a H9 for a while. No doubt some units including the H9 offer certain unique complexities and quirks, but the best part of the KpA effects is that there is a certain logic and uniformity that runs through them; For example the controls and features share by all the delays, the ducking feature in almost all effects.

  • I have a slightly different idea along the same lines.

    It would be great to add tone stack models for classic OD, Fuzz and Distortion pedals to the current amp list. Then you could profile your Klon, TS, Fuzz Face etc and run them in the Player in front of the full fat Kemper’s. 😎