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    So, you really stole all those Marshalls. Hmmm.... :D

    HA! YesssSir!

    They Stole my Heart, I've Stolen their Soul! :evil: Fair!

    Two notes Wall O'Sound is very good.

    Yes It Works. It works Really Good for Me!

    I've been intersted to learn more about it 'cause it has the Cab Model of My fav Real cabinet for Free, I started from there and then, later, I've also been (I'm still actually) Beta tester for Genome, but I still use WoS for Profiling.

    This is the way I'm currently* profiling my amps.I've found this is a good solution to quickly find a "Standard" and, from there, get also some variations, easy to recall even years later with just a couple of click.

    Basically I do Merged profiles with an Ibrid system of real heads and 'in the box' Cabs useing a Torpedo 16 and Wall of Sound by Two Notes.

    Here's a Video in perfect Oxford english :pinch:

    *since a couple of years or so.

    (PS no, the 5 Marshall 2555SL profiles I've recently shared hadn't been created in this way)

    I've downloaed them just to try this unfortunately I wasn't able to test because of work :(

    Ok thanks, take Your time, I'm just curious to know If the Player has the same Legacy delay and Reverb or if it converts them in something else (and what if so)

    I don't have the Player so.. just asking..

    Thanks for Your time :)

    Thanks Renaud! Yes the Lead channel of this kind of amp (jubilee and reissues) has as distortion stage which is not Full Valves,

    it has some leds and diodes and it sounds like a sort of Stomp in front.

    You can read something here i.e.

    It also have another push/pull on the Input Gain Knob that engages a diode clipping, but honestly I've never liked it so much.

    It gives some crunckyness on the Clean and it also affects the Lead channel where the sound loose a bit of gain and bass freq.

    I've never really used it actually, I've always prefered the crunch You get raising up gain on the Clean or turning it down from the Lead (and honestly the Kemper itself is already Pretty Good doing this job)

    I've made some profiles for Lead Sounds in the last days and I'm testing them,

    Here 5 Rigs B, C, D, E and F and a full Preformance

    The Cab and FXs (Wah, EQ not engaged, Delay and Rev) Never change.

    Here some pics of Amp Settings in case the Jubilee will become a Liquid Model one day or another.

    Here also a Quick demo just recorded with Rig ''B'' but I'd like to have Your Feedback on them once You've tested.

    Not all at once but, on the Unit itself (head or rack) You can Keep the soft button Lock Pressed and Lock/Unock any Module (pre Stack FX, Stack, Post stack FXand also Input) pressing their relative soft button.

    Take a deep breath, you already have enough technology in your hand to write a few hit songs.

    Well.. sounds like a politically correct way to say Shut Up and Play ! :D

    Basically I Agree!

    something that took over a decade to sort out in CK's mind.

    yes Ruefus.. I agree with Your basic message and I'm glad for what we already have, and I'm pretty sure Nobody in Kemper is wasting time waiting for "5:00 pm"


    specifically about LQP, when it came out it makes me think : (Beside the fact I have amps that are not covered by the actual Model List)

    ok cool... but ain't this a bit too late now?

    I mean, it's already 10+ years I'm used to tweak profiles with the Generic mode. Is it really an Upgrade Now?

    In cakewalk you can change the icon of each track so I use some pics of the guitar/bass recorded there.

    I use the Note field to put some additional info about.. PUs, picks..

    I think VOX sold a copy of the deacey some 15-20 years ago. Played it once, but didn‘t really like it. Maybe, because I had Bryan May‘s Sound in mind, but not in my fingers…

    Really? I didn't know anything about this amp since one week ago honestly.. :saint:

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    ciao, non ho il player ma strano quello che descrivi, soprattutto quando dici che ne salva uno che non c'entra niente. Non saprei.

    Stai usando rig manager su PC o l'applicazione su tablet/cellulare?

    Magari è un bug del rig manager

    I've done the very same thing :D

    The Dunlop Primetones seem to work particularly well.

    AHAH! Cool! Why Don't You Share this Amazing News Before!!!!

    No this is just one of my ''Signature Limited Edition'' Dunlop Tortex std. 1.14

    Watch out for pickpockets at supermarkets .... 8o

    Seriously, there are always a couple of toxic junkies begging for the cart, They would get angry if there's no coin! :|

    It will be a Surprise as often happens :saint:

    The wish list is long but I guess Jubilees could be next. It's been requested many times


    I also remember another thread where the Big Boss CK asked for specific details about further Tone stack models and I replied with a specific post about the particolar jubilee Tone stack explained in a Marshall Forum

    ..let's see what he will bring out of the tophat next time.