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    if you were to substitute the Kemper for the amp in your last statement it would be true for the kemper too.
    2 people playing the same profile Will sound different.

    Yes, I agree, but my reason for the thread is curiosity on the quality of a profile you can purchase and how it would be affected by the player making the profile as part of many factors that make a good amp profile.

    I would be curious to hear if any difference in a profile made under exact same conditions with two very different players exists.

    Two guitar players, same guitar, same Amp, same settings will sound different based on the way they attack, pick and the sound they naturally produce from playing a guitar. The sound coming from the speaker will be different with two different players so why would the Kemper not "read" the sound diffently as well? Seems logical to me but I don't own mine..... Yet. :)

    The 3rd Power Dream Weaver is an amp that really had me drooling. I'll bet it sounds fantastic.

    I confess to being a bit of an amp snob, it's true. It's always fun to see what bands are using and tones achieved from the many great amps out there today. That being said, I'm saving up for a Kemper for many of the reasons you posted here. Consistency of tone, convenience of setup and ability to really get levels you are comfortable with on stage all are great. Plus so many amp profiles available (maybe a 3rd power one sometime too) make the Kemper a great tool for the job.

    One problem is I may have to sell an amazing amp to get one and it would be much better if I could profile it first. That will leave me with a Suhr Badger, a real 64 DR and the Kemper. Plenty of good stuff.

    Thanks for posting and if you have a link to ones four shows using the Kemper, I'd love to check it out.


    Oh and a good tube amp with a good drive pedal in front of it is nothing to sneer at, it's often glorious. :)

    Obviously the KPA is still too new and not enough well known by the guitar community to really measure its impact. But we can already see that the Kemper please a growing number of guitarists that didn't like at all digital amp processors in the past!

    It's new to me and I've been researching the heck out of it ever since I found out about it. Never liked anything modeling related before but the KPA seems very different. I'm excited to get my hands on one.

    I can see a steady growth for the whole field that Kemper is a pioneer of. No doubt the will be new entries as well.
    I'm a tube guy (hence the name) but realize for live gigging and other applications the Kemper offers such great options for quick easy setup & reliability that there is room for both. Tubes are not going to be around forever. :(
    I'm saving up for a KPA and hope to have one by end of this year. I think it's another great tool for us players to use.


    The Profiler also features automatic spillover on the delay and reverb slots.

    That means that your delay and reverb will always decay naturally when you change rigs, which makes program changes even smoother.

    That is a nice feature! I like the idea of that.
    I think the lag thing may bug me though. I have some songs where I have to go from clean to gritty and back a few times and wonder if it will be an issue. What if you use a clean sound and turn on and off one of the drive pedals in the Kemper's chain?

    I'd like to see or hear how much of a lag there is, wonder if anyone could post a sound clip or vid here?



    Wth the release of the powered head I've been hearing people wanting to sell their original Kempers to upgrade to a powered head.
    What is the advantage to using a powered head with a non powered monitor vs. a non powered head and a powed monitor?

    Wouldn't they be essentially the same thing?


    Came here via The Gear Page where I started hearing about the Kemper amp.

    I've been a very traditional tube amp using player for many years.
    After dealing with the inconsistencies of playing different venues, I've come to the conclusion I need an amp system that is consistent night to night.
    Have not liked modeling amps that I've heard until I heard some Kemper clips.

    I'm saving up for a Kemper rig to play out with, to simplify my rig and to have a consistent good sounding guitar mix night after night. Eventually recording would be great as well.

    I've come here to learn about Kemper amps and how to put a rig together. :?: Hope to find good info here.

    Thanks for letting me hang.