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    Rude? Perhaps not. Condescending? Yea that tone came through.

    I don't own any of those amps, nor have access to them. Had a JCM800 decades ago. HOWEVER, I have profiles for each of them on my Kemper. That is, except for the Suhr. But, that isn't because there isn't one out there to get, just that I haven't. Everything but the Dumble can be found free. THough I have bought (for very, very little) pro made profiles of each.

    Said what I would have said.

    I am also wondering why the OP SEEMS to be adjusting the truss rod for tuning, or at least, quite often. You adjust the truss rod to set proper relief. If your guitar is seeing a lot of climate changes, all the time, cold to hot, humid to not, then YOU might have to tweak it. But generally, you only adjust it when the season changes, or similar, as humidity levels can change the relief, temp changes can, etc.

    I know there are other companies out there But I think, ween Kemper+ ice power(engineer from the poweramp in the Powerhead) would create speakercabs for the powerhead, it is more a perfect match.They can voice the cab perfectly for the poweramp so you don't have to mess with eq settings etc.Plus it looks more like a Nice setup

    Aesthetics of a matching look aside, not sure I follow the 'voicing' aspect. When using a passive CAB with the Power Kemper (head or rack), you have 2 choices, a guitar cab, that will color the kemper tone the same way for every profile, or a FRFR cab which, in theory, attempts to reproduce what the Kemper produces, exactly. 'Voicing' is not something you apply to FRFR, as the two concepts are contradictory. The ice power amp, ALSO attempts to be linear and FR as well, aka take what the kemper produces, exactly, just louder.

    So, I can only assume you mean a guitar cab that will color the tone to some 'voicing'. But what 'voicing' would that be? ALL the many amps that the Kemper can be, don't have a best voicing for each, individual amp. Some like Greenbacks with a Marshall JCM800, others, Creambacks, yet others think V30s are the snizz. That is just ONE amp. How, are you going to best voice a speaker for all the Different amps the Kemper can be, even IF there was one be-all end-all speaker choice for each particular amp model?

    You can actually use 2 with the KPA power amp using this cable. It won't be stereo because the KPA's power is only mono, but it will give you dispersion if that's all you're after.
    Deciding between the Gemini models, here is something I touched on just a moment ago:

    Basically, using the power from an FRFR amp like the Gemini, Atomic CLR, or Matrix FR12 seem to be much more preferred than the Kemper's power amp. That being said, I'm still quite happy with my powered KPA and Gemini 1-P. It's FRFR but has more of a guitar cab feel where a lot of other FRFR solutions, while great, feel like PA speakers.
    If you're curious about other solutions, there was a good thread with good info about it some months back. Here is my post, which summarizes most of my exhaustive research before I settled on my Gemini (happily).

    I run unpowered KPA to matrix gt800FX (until I can find a used 1ru gt1000fx) to a passive Atomic CLR. DEFINATELY has that amp/cab feel.

    The concept for going FRFR is this. The Kemper, is producing the entire tone of that Mic'd Tube amp, via the profile. That is amp AND speaker. So, you want that FRFR solution to just amplify that with as close to 100% accuracy as possible. So a transparent, FRFR solution. You aren't looking for the FRFR amp and speaker to "sound like a real tube amp', because what the Kemper is outputting is already doing that. You just want it to make it louder and NOT lose or add some frequencies, thus impacting that near perfect representation of the profiled amp. So the Kemper provides the tube amp tone and feel, and the amplification just makes it accurately loud.

    All amps, when at or near their max output levels will clip. MOST SS amps, when they clip, sound very, very unpleasant. Tube amps, when they clip we humans find as a pleasant sound. But with any modeler, or profiler, you don't want that output amp to clip, generally speaking, cause it will change the tone. SS amp, clipping will change it badly, sounding bad. Tube amp clipping, may not sound bad, but it will change the tone.

    It's true that class D amps can run with nothing connected to it, but that isn't "no load". That's an infinite load. "No load" is a short, which will destroy a class D amp pretty quickly (ask me how I know :) ). I'd be concerned that depending on the the jack and the plug, there could be a chance that the tip and sleeve of the jack could short out on the ground ring of the jack while unplugging especially if it is pulled out with any torque on the plug . Is it likely to happen in the short time of unplugging? I don't know, but I wouldn't chance it myself.

    I've never opened up my KPA, but forum members mentioned that it uses an IcePower amp. When I blew my other IcePower amp, I contacted IcePower and was told that the amp was un-repairable, and basically trash.

    However, it you replace the 1/4" jacks on your cabinets with Speak-ons, you would be perfectly safe.

    Yes,yada yada, it is truly an infinite load. But, most people associate no speaker attached to no load attached, ergo no load.


    Couldn't most, if not all of that be accomplished with the KPA as a reamper, already?

    Additionally, it would make The Kemper's code, much more hack/steal-able. Pretty sure, it is highly protected for a reason.