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    Take it easy for a while. Tendon issues have a nasty habit of recurring.

    Players get an overuse problem and then rest and recover and feel confident to resume practice and then the problem comes back - this is a pretty common pattern with fretting hand issues.

    Yeah - I think it's necessary to relax for longer than it takes for the pain to disappear.

    Pain went away for certain Thursday. I was planning on resting through the weekend. Think that's good enough?

    I don't know if it's better to cry or laugh while listening to this story, I don't think the KPA is the cultrip, but your guitar... Killer tone is clearly addictive, but you can eventually get used to it and concentrate on writing instead.

    Been there and had to push myself in good habits & rules (I'm 46 and working on a computer keyboard since I'm 11), I now limit myself to an hour per day of playing and one hour mixing & recording.

    There is a good thread about hand & wrist problems, check here

    I probably need to use some rules too. Been in IT my entire adult life, and on a keyboard, and a little less than a decade older.

    K. Since I have gotten my Kemper, and switched from my tube amps and pedals, I have found myself playing a lot more often, and for longer times. Getting the great tone at any volume, allows me to play at different times than I used to be able to. The overall feel and tone has me wanting to play more, inspires me. That inspiration, fun as well as a lot less ear fatigue has me playing longer at a sit too.

    Well, this last Sunday, I had a marathon 6 hour session of practicing, noodling, creating riffs, etc. Just lost track of time. When I finished I realized how sore my fretting fingertips were. Almost got them to bleed through.

    Monday morning though, my strum hand started tingling a little in the thumb, and fingers. As the day progressed, that turned to pain. By Monday Night it felt like I had sprained the wrist or thumb, or broke something. It hurt that bad. Tuesday. even worse.

    Saw the Dr, and he determined it was really bad, inflamed tendonitis. Cortisone shot Wednesday, and it's getting much better overnight.

    Are you splitting the 2x12 (assuming the cab can).? I.E. running 2 cables for stereo to the CAB. Just trying to understand why your not running bridged. Or, is it because your trying to keep the max output wattage down for the cab, thus running un-bridged, just 1 channel?

    But, yes, if not running bridged, then those specs do say your getting 150w for each/both channels to a 16ohm load.

    Yeah, I bought it used. Unfortunately I don't have it anymore.

    I found another one that I think I'll buy. Assuming that the merged profile results will be better, I'll re-profile that one and send everyone who bought the pack a new set of profiles.


    We have a different BE-100 in our hands now. I'm happy to report that this one sounds MUCH better. Will send out new profiles to everyone who bought the previous BE-100 pack when the profiles are done.

    Thanks for your patience and understanding!


    THAT is Class right there.

    Well.... I went ahead and ordered a used Matrix GT1000FX despite being unbelievably turned off by their staff. I called the USA number to ask some questions and they guy kind of insulted me when I asked if they would be willing to do free shipping if I ordered a new one. The guy was very "British" and arrogant and I got the impression that they don't think very highly of Americans but have no problem taking our money. In fact, he kind of acted like he would be doing me a favor by selling me one in the first place. I was on the fence about going with a Matrix at all after that... A little humility would be nice. :)

    Unfortunately they make a great amp. I have a Matrix powering my Passive CLR and it's a great combo.

    Picked it up yesterday evening at a UPS Hotspot., Required sig on Tue, I wasn't home, so delivered to a business that became a 'hotspot', literally a few blocks away. Something new (to me) these hotspots. Kind of nice actually.

    At any rate, here she is. Had dental appts for both my sons, then dinner, so didn't really get any time with it.

    [Blocked Image:]

    Built like a tank. THis is one solid, well made piece of kit. Damn.

    You're right about that, and I use to run a 4x12 powered toaster cab off and a Roland jc 120 cab on power amp in from the 1/4 main outs, which is very similar ( minus the flat speakers in a jc 120 and plus it's own power amp).
    This idea would be for running a powered toaster or rack, monitor out into a single cab input and having both sounds mixed or blended together coming through all the speakers equally or close to it. The old set up didn't have a double cab sim sound due to the flat jc120 speakers but with your idea, you could have the 2 sounds coming from 2 different speakers close together and that would inevitably blend together in the room. Which, is probably a more ideal set up anyway. However having the cab Sim off sound and the cab Sim on sound coming through , let's say, like a 1x12, together at the same time and space I think would be cool to have available.

    It's kinda of a vanity feature and not super practical or probably wouldn't it even be considered useful in most cases. I don't really expect to see it happen but, thought I might through it out there.

    Thank you for your idea, I'm definitely gonna give that a try! Sometimes I over think things and it's awesome to have such a great supporting community, especially when some of us get these crazy convoluted ideas and forget to stop and apply some rational thinking skills lol. :thumbup:

    Pick your fav outs from Kemper, run to mixer, mixer to power amp to cab. Adjust and blend output levels on 2 outputs.

    I get hit with G.A.S from time to time. Recently, I thought about getting a Fender Bassbreaker, the 15 watt 1x12 one. (And to clarify, I'd need to sell my Kemper to get a real amp) It takes pedals well and I could go back to a traditional pedalboard. But as I thought about it, I realized that I'd be keeping this thing in a closet anyhow (as I play exclusively at church these days) thus live I'd only hear it through my IEM's anyway. And were I to love the sound of this amp so much, I could find a profile of it or create one myself and get the exact same thing, or use someone else's profile. If I wanted to achieve my sound primarily through this cleanish amp, there's nothing preventing me from doing so with Overdrive pedals into a Kemper profile. However, I wouldn't have to worry about tubes and mic positions. And I would inevitably reach a point where I'd believe that there is some sound out there that would be better. At least with the Kemper, every time I change me mind, I can go profile shopping for cheap at a store (mbritt or the amp factory being my favorites) or at Goodwill (rig exchange)

    Free Bassbreaker profile right here,…sMNqslrFKItjoUR4-mVa?dl=0

    one they used in this vid