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    Last part particularly since you have only used 2 different sets of CANs to hear it. In my experience, not all cans sound good with the KPA. And though the Headphone tap is good, even my best isn't as good as through my Monitors or FRFR wedge.

    As mentioned, tweak those RIGs, both with the front facing knobs, or, as mentioned above, by pressing the amp button and tweaking parameters there.


    I wonder how this will play out. On the one hand, it seems like a smart move to be part of the whole modeling route. On the other hand, it lends credibility to it (which may not have much of an effect either way). Also, they're up against the likes of OwnHammer and RedWirez who have been in the game for a long time.

    Course, now you can 'badge' your Kemper, Axe, Helix et al with a "Celestion Inside" badge.

    It would seem it is the environment (room) the equipment is in. isn't that the only constant? Or can you hear this in different environment?


    That's why I asked if it is just when recorded, or while just playing the amp. If just while recorded, then it is something in the recording chain, has to be (assuming the same chain used). If it is while playing just any amp, then that points to something in the environment, yep.

    I trust doctors and mainstream medicine to an extent. Antibiotics have saved my life on numerous occasions. However, there are times I've had to take my health into my own hands using alternative medicine because traditional therapy didn't work for me.

    I have chronic tendonitis and arthritis in my elbows. The two aggravate each other. Medical Science has brought some relief, but, even they say too much of their cortisone treatments is dangerous.


    I felt like you did. I mean the 'blown away', and urge to sell my amps. I had a few amps though. Been through some Mesas, Riveras, Bugeras, Marshalls, Fenders, deLisles, Peaveys. At the time, I was down to a Peavey Valve King II Mini Head, a Peavey 6505 Mini Head, Orange OR15, a Bugera 33XL Infinium and a Fender 68 Custom Deluxe Reverb. I used the Peavey's mostly for recording, because of their direct to DAW interface and speaker defeat. The orange provided it's great, unique crunch tone. Bugera was good at low vol, and I liked the ease of using different O tube combinations. Main rig was like yours, the Fender with a bunch of pedals, half of which were wampler amp in a box types.

    Sold the 2 Peaveys (yes after profiling). Frankly the KPA provides everything they did. Sold the Orange, as I made some awesome profiles of that, and no longer needed it. Bugera went bye bye. No need for it. They paid for the used Matrix GT800FX and Passive Atomic CLR, and then a little.

    But, I have kept the Fender for now. I've kept it for a few reasons. One, I still haven't gotten GOOD profiles of some of those pedals and the Fender. And, I wanted to capture those. Silly really, because, what I want to capture is Fender and pedal to sound like a Mesa, Slo, Dumble, etc, and I HAVE profiles for that.

    But, the 2nd is, as of now, it is kind of my backup. A 'poor man's Kemper, lol

    And third, it IS a really good amp.

    I have NOT regretted selling the above amps, not one little bit. Pretty sure, if I sold the Fender I wouldn't regret it either.

    But, I have been highly thinking of going to a 2nd Kemper, a rack, to go with my Toaster, or a high end Modeler (for different flavor, best of both worlds) like an AXE FX, MAYBE a Helix. For that I probably would sell the pedals off, first, then the Badcat Unleash, then maybe the Fender as well.

    Might even just sell the Fender, and get one of the new breed SS combos like the BLuescube or Boss Katana, just as a real light grab and go option..

    Not sure if that helped, lol

    In all those vids up there, the CLR sounds the most accurate reproduction, while the Yamaha and Alto seem to not be as flat. And, ime, my CLR remains the same at any volume. But, allowing for those things, the Alto and Yamaha are cheaper. The other thing I will say, is the CLR is built to take a serious licking. It is built tough. FWIW, I run Kemper to Matrix GT800FX to passive CLR. And I got my passive CLR, and Matrix used for about what a new powered CLR costs. So, kind of a great bang for buck.

    Because of this I started taking Tumeric supplements daily.

    Only 1 promo video that I could find. Sounds good, but it's super limited in what it shows.

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    Great playing, UI looks very clean, the tones do not sound good to me though in that video, very muffled very compressed, very digital drenched in room verb (maybe a bad IR?) rather than real amp in a room sounding to my ears

    Yea, agree Per. Interface looks really good. Tone was less than inspiring.

    You can monitor/compare the source and profile with headphones. That's my first comparison. When I think they are matched, I then turn on my Studio Monitors, hooked up to my main outs. Refine if needed. THen I will also compare, outputting to my Atomic CLR, via the monitor out to a Matrix amp to the CLR.

    GENERALLY though, if they sound good on the headphones, then little refining is needed after that (i.e. sound same through monitors, etc). I wouldn't use the Victory CAB, as it WILL color the tone, and you will be dbl cabbing. For you, Isd suggest using headphones via the front headphone jack.

    If you were doing DI profiles, then you could use the Victory CAB.

    I could be wrong, not an expert by any means.