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    Hi wrbi,

    I have the same problem with the VONETS router, the connection broke very often on my Ipad or android tablet.

    You mentioned that you have changed the DHCP lease renewal to one minute, and changed to Static IP. Is this a setting of the TP-Link TL-WR802N Router, does it have a Web Interface for configuring it?

    Thank you!

    I've always used the Rig Volume knob on the front to adjust the volumes of each of my rigs to make sure they're the same level. I just noticed in the manual that it says it's best to NOT use the Rig Volume for this purpose and to use the Amp Volume parameter instead. Can anyone explain why? I'm wondering if it's worth it for me to go through all my rigs and set the rig volume back to zero and adjust them using Amp Volume, but I'm not sure what the advantage would be. Also, if I were to do this, are these 2 volumes 1:1? Meaning, if I turn the Rig Volume down by 1.5, I can then just turn the Amp Volume up by 1.5 and it'll get the rig back to the same volume?

    I apply the same method to set the volume level between performances or rigs.

    In order to boost the signal level for a solo, or when the guitar is in the mix too low, the reccomandation ( from a Thomas Dill video ) was to use a ... guess what? .. booster efect or a compressor with a higher volume, or the amp volume rather than raising the rig Volume. You can use the morph for achieving that.

    Previously I used the morph and raised the Rig Volume ( and eventually the gain ) for the solos, but I think it is better to leave the rig volume unchanged during a song. It seems the sound engineers don't like when you raise it. :)

    Anyhow this was not what you asked for, I just gave my too bits here.

    Mine was just rebooting all the time and never stayed online... (unpowered Rack). Maybe i will give it a try next time the Editor will be updated. But thank you anyway!

    Got the same problem, and posted it on another thread.

    After several tests using the hardware mentioned above, I noticed the following:

    1. Gig situation -

    1.1 At home when I simulate the gig situatiuon and connect the Ipad to the Kemper (toaster) and to the remote pedal using the VONETS Wifi ( Vonets Wifi Bridge and TP-Link PoE switch ), it works at the beginning, but my Ipad tries always to connect to the other wifi in my network where Internet is available. I think this causes some glitches and therefoe the Rig Manager app looses very frequently the connection to the Profiler. Same issue on Android ( tablet or phone )

    1.2 I also noticed that the remote, from time to time switches off, and reconnects after 1-20 seconds to the profiler. This makes the usage of an Ipad(Android tablet) not very reliable. Specially when I try to switch to another performance on the tablet, the connection gets lost.

    2. Home - kemper and Remote cvonnected to the same PoE switch in order to use the Ipad.

    When connected to the Home Network, Remote and Kemper attached to a switch connected to my home router and the Ipad connects to the same Router via Wifi , the Ipad Rig Manager app is stable, but as noticed on Point 2 the remote switches itself off ( screen bekomes gray ) from time to time and reconnects than again.

    3. When Remote is connected directly to the Kemper everthing works fine.

    Maybe I should test the "Gig situation no Wifi" in my garage where no other known Wi-Fi connectzions with Internet are available, or switch the main router off.

    IMHO the problems above together with the fact that switching to another performance or rig is very annoying on the Ipad, because a Listbox is not available makes this solution quite unreliable.

    Anyhow the fact that the Kemper, on the older models, still makes this possiblr is something to be appreciated.

    My solution at home is the follwing:

    I have a Poe Switch (TP-Link TL-SG1008P 8 Port PoE Switch) connected to my Fr!tzBox Router by Ethernet cable.

    I use this to connect also other computers to my network. The Kemper ( toaster) and the remote are connected to this switch with CAT 6 cables.

    The remote is connected of course to one of the PoE sockets of the switch.

    Without any changes on my router configuration, the Kemper sees the remote ( they are in the same network ) and the Ipad and/or Android( tablet/phone) Rig Manager apps connect to my Kemper with no problems.

    Gig/rehearsal - no Wifi solution - I have used the proposed solution from the video linked above.

    The devices reccomended in the video (TP-Link TL-SG 0005P and Vonets VAP11G-300) go all at the bottom of my pedalboard where the Kemper remote and other pedals are mounted.

    Because no Wifi available, the Switch will work as dhcp router and give addresses in the range 169.254.nnn.nnn to it's LAN. At least this is what I have seen it happens on my network when I disconnect the main router.

    The Vonets will bring up a Wireless network working as a bridge and the IPad/Android device(s) will join the same network. ( 169.254.nnn.nnn)

    Rig Manager detects my Kemper.

    When I turn back home all I have to do is connect the switch on the pedalboard with my home network switch using a CAT 6 cable and then the Ipad and Kemper will all be in my home network and can also access Ethernet on the Ipad. The only disadvantage is I will have to power on the 5 port PoE Switch and the Vonets on the pedalboard even when I am at home.

    Otherwise at home I need to connect the kemper and remote to my home network switch and do not use the 5 port switch and the Vonets on the pedalboard.

    When the switch does not get an IP Address from a router at any of his sockets, it will generate "dummy" IP Adresses in the range 169.254.nnn.nnn for the devices connected to it. So in this case the switch will work as a dhcp router. At least this is what is happening on my network where I use a TP-Link TL-SG1008P 8 Port PoE Switch. This should also appl.y to the smaller 5 port unit.

    The Kemper will connect to the remote in this case. Anyhow no IPad will connect to this network unless you use a Wifi bridge. You can connect the Ipad via Ethernet cable to the switch ( you'll need an USB-C hub with Wthernet port for this) so it's not really nice, but you don't need the Wifi. This should work , but I have not tested it.

    It would be nice when the Mikrotik router suggested would also have a Wifi.

    Unless they ask for it, sending a hotter signal to FOH will piss off the person behind the desk. Just like turning the real amp up - it screws up other things.

    If you want your guitar to stick out - a better option would be to have a midrange booster of some type handy. Or, morph the midrange/presence/EQ curve to bring the sound forward.

    Turning up the volume (usually) isn’t the best answer.

    Thank you!

    A feature similar to what I had on the BOSS multiefffect GT-100 would be nice to have on the Kemper. The possibility to increase/decrease the output volume by +/-10% by klicking on a button.

    This was useful when someone asks "Guitar louder!!!" and you don't have free hands to rotate some knobs and the mixer guy is not reactive.

    There are two buttons on the remote I never use, the tuner and the looper. I could use these two for this or better let the user customise according to their wishes.

    The amount of increase 3%, 5%, 10% can be also configurable for each rig.

    If the build number is the same e.g. "42312", the only difference is the label "release" instead of "beta".

    Thank you for specifying this. The release notes said it fixes lost of signal in performance mode while changing slots. Exactly my problem. So it seems the fix is not yet complete. This is scary because the reboot takes 90 seconds so if this happennes during a live gig it's not a nice thing.

    Maybe I should return to a previous stable OS version. That would be the 8.7.10?

    The problem appeared once again now with the Beta After 2 hours of playing there was no sound anymore. The input leds were frozen. Switching to Rig Mode or Tuner than back to Performance Mode did not help. The toaster display did not react. Only a reboot helped.

    Unfortunately the reboot takes 1,5 minutes.

    There is an official OS that seems to fix this problem in the beta. Anyhow this is the second time it happens to me with two different beta versions.

    The problem appeared once again now with the Beta After 2 hours of playing there was no sound anymore. The input leds were frozen. Switching to Rig Mode or Tuner than back to Performance Mode did not help. The toaster display did not react. Only a reboot helped.

    Unfortunately the reboot takes 1,5 minutes.

    Hey everyone, I am not sure what I've done wrong, but there is no input going into the kemper, i have tried the cable and guitar on another amp and both work perfect. The kemper was working fine before but isn't now. When i go to tuner there is no signal and no notes show up and when i go to browser there is no sound at all
    can anyone please help ? I am not sure what I am doing wrong, thanks!

    I got the same problem this evening during rehearsal with our band for a gig planned for tomorrow.

    We were playing since 30 minutes, no problem, I switched guitar, everything was still Ok, than suddenly the sound was gone!

    The tuner was not activated by pressing the wrong remote button, the pedal volume was not on 0, Volume guitar knob was on 10. Switched cable and still no sound. No DAW involved. I go from the main outputs to the mixer, nobody moved any fader on the mixer the rest of the band was still to hear. I play in performance mode with morphing. Three Pedals attached to the remote, volume, wah and morphing.

    Rebooted the Kemper than everything was again normal. As rebooting take ca. 2-3 with the remote connected, it is not something we would like to do tomorrow during our gig. No explanation found for the phenomena.

    I have upgraded the OS yesterday to the latest version available:Profiler_OS_8_7_11_40908.

    I have a Toaster with power unit, the cabinet was not engaged and the monitor sound was off.

    Any hints? Can the latest OS be the problem?

    I don't have time to buy a backup Kemper unit till tomorrow. :)

    Thank you for any suggestion.

    It seems that the morphing parameters are stored in Blob columns in the repositoryR2.db rig database files. So a SQL based - ON YOUR OWN RISK - solution altering the database files seem not possible.

    Hallo Kemper Forum! Ist es möglich, beim Remote die Taste die mit Morphing belegt ist, die Funktion einfach umdrehen? A zu B und B nach A schieben. So das ich nicht nochmal neu programmieren muss? Danke und Gruß Markus

    Here the images of my Remote pedalboard. I needed a wider width for 3 Pedals and the remote.

    After looking for various solutions I finally I took the Thomann Harley Benton SpaceShip 80 boards, cut away about 10cm out of it to fit the length of the volume pedals.

    With the rest I got a 80X12 cm pedalboard that will go to Ebay soon :)

    On the left and right side I attached some handles to carry it on easier.

    It was difficult to attach the Velcro on the Mission pedals. I used the Thomann Harley Benton SpaceShip Wah Fastener and a visit to to a shop selling all kind if screws helped me to fix those to the pedals and the pedals on the board.

    See some pictures below.

    Thank you! You opened my eyes :)

    That was what I tried first but for whatever reason the fields seemed to me as read-only. I should have clicked on them.

    Should have read the manuals first ( RTFM), I'm sure it is written somewhere.


    I would like to set a tag for all rigs of a folder in my Local Library. For instance set the Comment to a string I choose for all rigs in my XXX folder.

    Is this possible using the RIG Manager? I could not find something like this.

    I can export the tags to CSV files but not import tags from a CSV file.

    Otherwise Excel would have helped me there.

    Thank you in advance .