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    its not about music. ………….here we are recycling the past. Its all planed…………. there will be more idols spewed out the machine thats for sure.

    That’s always been the case since the beginning of recording technology. Nothing new in that even the bands that you consider true artists were/are part of the machine. It’s called the music industry for a reason. We don’t need to like it but we at least need to realise its true.

    You think in 2040 they going to look back an go oh man, that taylor, she was groundbreaking an made me play guitar. That H.E.R is groundbreaking.

    The said the same about Elvis and The Beatles and ……………..

    You prob think Sam smith is groundbreaking by the sounds of it.

    I like to try and be positive where possible. So, at least we can agree on one thing; Sam Smith is utter garbage 🤣

    Radio is dead, album/CD sales are dead, most musicians struggle to make a decent living touring. The world has moved on since the 70’s, 80’s and even 90’s. As a result professional musicians have changed their business models. There is nothing wrong with that. Youtube and other social media platforms provide an outlet for their product (music/reviews/lessons/etc). Just like in the glory days of albums and radio airplay there is some good stuff, some mediocre stuff and some utter crap. Just because they don’t play in a traditional band context doesn’t necessarily make them any less talented or their music any less valid.

    Sermon over 😉

    Thanks for all the suggestions. I did try those and they definitely got closer - and, yes I have a Gemini 2 in stereo (or I'm listening through studio monitors so either way running in stereo).

    However, the real solution turned out to be a little different. I had a chance yesterday to really mess around with pedals in the effects loops and A/B to the internal sounds, which I've done before but it was nice to dig in again. The key differentiator (for me) was that nothing gets close to the JangleBox JBX compressor. The internal compressor does a very good job of sounding pretty bang on for my MXR dyna-comp but the JBX is a whole different animal. Using that compressor in a loop at the front of the chain just changes everything about the sound, and with that engaged the internal chorus was actually BETTER than my wazacraft CE-2, and the CE-1 clone. So, happy camper. In all honesty, out of all the pedals I tried, the only things I ended up using in external loops were the JBX and my actual space echo. Everything the internal FX versions either sounded better or utterly indistinguishable. Even the space echo I can pretty much simulate any given setting, it's just so much fun to dial that in by hand and mess with it, although live I certainly wouldn't use it. The JBX I probably would bring out live though - such a complete game changer.

    I agree about the compressor. The Kemper compressor is based on the MXR/Ross style pedals but I hate my DynaComp. I have an Origin Cali76 that i love but I can’t be bothered with external pedals so I rarely use compression as part of my rigs. I would love to see some updated compressor effects in the kemper.

    You didn't carry the 1, its actually 3.419%...

    maths was never my strong point 😵‍💫

    I'm sure Eric Johnson will tell you there is a big difference between the metal used on jack plugs, but would I notice...nah.

    i’m sure I saw Eric Johnson say recently that digital stuff has gotten so good that he can barely tell the difference.

    I have a THD BiValve non-master volume head which can literally take any combination of preamp and power amp tubes. Even mismatched like I EL34 and 1 6L6 or EL84 for a Box flavour.

    I was looking forward to hearing an amp swing from vintage Fender to Vox to Marshall as you swapped valves. In reality the tonal difference was relatively subtle regardless of what combination I used. This proves that the amp circuit is what determines the vast majority of it's character.

    I’m not sure either of course, since I’m not a computer programmer or a tech wiz. But yes….these programs are installed on the computer. What do you call RM? Installed on what? Here in my studio, it’s installed on my Mac and the firmware on the Kemper. Of course. Since something IS installed on the computer, I cannot imagine it being impossible at all. I accept the premise of the audio being handled by the physical Kemper though and that it potentially could make it less easy.

    Fair point about RM.

    The way I see RM in that scenario is like CueMix for Motu or the Focusrite software for their interfaces. Every interface has its own version. Maybe we get something similar when Kemper release their dedicated drivers. Maybe this would make it possible. We will have to wait and see.

    However, I’m not going to be holding my breath. Even with the CueMix Motu software which provides extensive control over their interface, there is no ability to route audio to a different set of speakers connected to another interface. This can only be done on Mac by creating an aggregate device in the Mac’s Core Audio then controlling it via the DAW or some other third party application. I’m not aware of any other interface that allows this without running the daw or another app. Kemper have a history of innovation though so maybe they will be the first to come up with a solution.

    I had a look at the Fractal and Line 6 manuals last night and it looks to me as though both of them have the same USB audio limitations as the Kemper.

    It doesn’t change the fact, that the USB update has shown to be of no use to me in my home studio. It’s cool the way it is, if you only have your laptop and this and use it as an audio interface.

    I agree. I would never use the Kemper as an interface when I have a good dedicated interface already. For people who don’t have then it is a nice extra benefit.

    I actually had a great use for it today at rehearsal for example. You know that bit in a rehearsal when you’re doing a cover song and nobody can agree what the original actually goes like? So the singer holds their phone speaker up to an SM58 and tries to play it through the PA. Well with the iPad or phone connected to the Kemper USB interface and my kemper straight into the desk it was a breeze.

    I just like a dedicated audio interface and not something like the Kemper to “disguise itself as an audio interface”. Why is that wrong? It isn’t. Why is it wrong not wanting to have two sets of monitors connected? I don’t have the space actually. I don’t fancy the sound coming from an extra set of monitors sounding fine only to sound different through the playback through the first set of monitors either.

    Again, I totally agree. I don’t want two sets of speakers either for all the same reasons.

    I actually thought so. But I guess I was wrong about that. So all units out there recording through usb, serve as audio interfaces?

    that’s my understanding but I could be wrong I suppose.

    I do not agree. If another company can do a software solution, where source routing is available, then Kemper can also do that. I’m not an engineer, but I would definitely presume it being a fairly easy task for competent people to write in the code of RM and the firmware, that pushing “this button” here enables the Kempers signal being routed somewhere else to the internal playback.

    This is the key as far as I understand. The other companies you are referring to provide software that is installed ON the main Computer not on a host device like the Kemper. This is because they need to take control of the computer’s audio controls. I’m not a computer techie so I can’t claim to know all the ins and outs but I’m not aware of any solution that works the way you want. I agree that it would be great so I am not having a go at you or saying you are wrong to wish for it, I just don’t think it is technically possible from the Kemper end. The firmware update and push button scenario you describe would be fantastic IF it was possible.

    If Kemper were to provide a piece of software that was loaded on the computer like the other companies do you would have the same issue that you have with these solutions.

    A - should be a video on the Kemper website but it’s actually so easy you won’t need it. Press and hold the effect on the Kemper. While holding this press the footswitch you want to assign it to. Job done. If you want to assign more than one effect to the same footswitch just repeat the process.

    If you want the default status for the effect to be on or off just toggle the effect button to the correct state. Now save the rig.

    B - I’m not aware of a midi video but haven’t looked. There is however a full standalone Midi Implementation manual in the downloads section of the website.

    I have found the USB audio of the Kemper to be of little use. The Stage has 4 in and 4 outs, the Rack and Head are only 2 in and 2 outs. My recording interface (Behringer X32) has 32 ins and 32 outs. It can also feed 10 pairs of monitors with their own mix.

    The only reason I would use the Kemper USB is to record a single stereo track, I never re-amp anything. Other than those two things, I can think of no other reason to use the Kemper USB audio at all.

    I agree that the USB audio feature isn’t much use for recording as I have a decent MOTU interface with multiple ins and outs. However, there are two areas where it is killer. One is on the go quick ideas with a laptop or iPad without the need to have another interface with you. The other (much more interesting to me personally) is the ability to run Roxsyn and Midi Guitar 2 on my iPad with the Kemper. Imcan aslso see live uses for guys who trigger the odd sample or intro music from a laptop or iPad live.