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    I finally got around to playing through these last night. They are such a blast. Do yourself a favor and grab this pack.

    Oraakkeli , I can't believe you would offer these for free, but we thank you. What a gift to the guitar and Kemper communities.

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    That thing is beautiful. What a treat it would be if the official editor came with more eye candy than was shown at NAMM. Fingers crossed.

    Correction: the editor will be a treat. Graphics would be icing on the treat.

    Has anyone here successfully implemented a noise gate pedal with dedicated send/return into the Kemper's loop module? I've tried a Boss NS-2 and an EHX Silencer. I keep getting a nasty feedback loop (squeal). ID10T error?

    Genuine question...what will the editor be able to do that we can't currently?

    My studio time = money....and if it makes things easier and speeds up workflow, then lovely...but is that it?

    I'm hopeful it'll speed up the auditioning of cab IRs. Currently, you have to convert third-party IRs using Cab Simulator, drag to a USB drive, load into the Kemper through a series of button commands, scroll through several hundred IRs (in my case) to get to the ones you just imported, then perform about 5 seconds worth of additional button presses (hold "Cab," scroll, audition, play, repeat) just to find out you didn't like any of the ones you just demo'd. Then you have to manually delete these one by one, or do something crazy like modify a Kemper backup file, just to get back to where you were before auditioning.

    If the Editor streamlines any part of this, it will be most useful. Icing on the cake will be user Stomp presets, a cleaner GUI (drag and drop?), and a workflow that doesn't require me hunched over my Toaster multiple times a session.

    An acquaintance of mine was selling his Fractal AX8. I borrowed and auditioned it overnight at a friend's house, a studio owner, using his Helix floorboard and Kemper toaster to compare. It was super validating to me as a Kemper owner, and it reaffirmed in my mind how heads-and-tails ahead of the industry the Kemper DNA still is.

    This is super anecdotal, and I don't wish to crap on other platforms. But I thought I'd share my experience for anyone else who's seeking greener grass. I had gotten a bug in my ear that Fractals were better for metal gains, so I wanted to see for myself. High gain is definitely the Fractal's strength, in my limited experience, but even so, almost each of the 160+ patches on the unit fell flat for me. We went from struggling to find patches we liked enough to modify on the Fractal to kind of digging a few on the Helix. Then I said, "let's fire up the Kemper for a final comparison." And holy smokes. The bawls. The depth. The dimension. The sense of listening to a miked amp from the control room. And that was just cruising through Cloud presets.

    In conclusion, though I'll admit that high-gain Kemper patches still leave me wanting, I can say from my limited experience that they're still by far the best out of the three major platforms. And that's to say nothing of the verge-of-breakup gristle tones that the Kemper does so well, and by which so many other modelers fall flat.

    I have both and would like to know how to profile my amps with the ox's cab simulations.... And my two notes torpedo cab emulations as well.

    Can you explain the setup and process for this?

    Hi Rick. It's super easy for the OX. All you'll need is an XLRM-TRS "Y" splitter cable. I combined one of these cables with one of these adapters, though I'm sure you can find a prewired cable on Amazon.

    Run out of the two TRS "Line/Mon Out" outputs on your OX into the XLR "Return Input" on your Profiler (assuming you have the toaster or rack), then stage the gain using the "Line Out" control on your OX and the input volume soft control on the Profile mode of your Kemper. I usually start around 5 on the OX and around -25dB on the Profiler. Hope this helps.