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    Selling my Kemper Profiler Rack (unpowered) w/ Kemper remote, and usb stick full of profiles I've purchased. Comes with original box, all the cables and user manual as well.

    Excellent condition, only reason I'm selling is to get the Kemper Stage otherwise I wouldn't even think about getting rid of this.

    $1800. No trades unless it's the kemper stage + cash.

    Located in Los Angeles/SFV.

    Hey Chris, I'm currently running the latest version of the rig manager with the latest update from kemper on macOS high sierra. I still have yet to plug the kemper in with a new usb instead of the older one I was using ( which we thought was the problem in previous posts ). I think that might be the contributing factor. If it doesnt stop, I'll contact support but so far, I've been pretty busy with the kemper on its own in rehearsal without that issue. :thumbup:

    Hi Mike,

    For the Rig Manager, I had the same Issue as long as I was using Win 7, since I changed to Win 10, no more problems...

    Don´t know if the Win version was the problem by itself, maybe some people here use Win 7 with success (please dime in...), but in the end (:S) the Kemper was the best thing I ever bought and I wouldn`t miss it anymore. Don`t give up, it´s worth to make the learning curve...

    The kemper keeps getting better as the days go on.:thumbup:

    Does the Kemper ever lock up on its own (without a connection to the computer)?

    It would be intresting to know if you hooked the KPA up to another computer running Rig Manager, and see if it acted the same.

    It did lock up on its own once without being connected, I cant seem to remember what I did to cause that to happen though.

    So far, i didn't have any troubles with the kemper or the remote when rig manager is on. Occasionally, rig manager seems to loose the connection to the profiler - so i have to restart the rig manager.

    The KPA is a genius piece of gear - that can't be said from the rig manager. Mr. CKemper should really hire a seasoned company with some UX skills to get a replacement of this software.

    Agree, I hope something is introduced at NAMM this year. I'll def be heading over to Kemper booth to see what the latest is.

    Biggest piece of advice I took and will give is to give it time. This thing has a huge learning curve especially for someone like me that's very much a beginner with all of this. The more I tinker the more I learn and figure out to help make my own sound I've always wanted and then some! I've only had it for a month and I find new things every time I sit and practice. Just reading these comments I learned about the definition setting in the amp section! Hope you figure the rig exchange out. I would've suggested the updates but it seems you've done that. Welcome to the Kemper world!

    I'm coming from axe fx and other high end high gain amps and this Kemper is a beast of it's own. It really is on another level, just comes down to having the patience to learn it.

    I highly recommend checking out Tone Junkie TV on YouTube. He has several phenomenal videos on there that describe many of the configurations that everyone has mentioned (when, where and how to use them).

    On top of that, he has pulled out some of the best tones I've ever heard on a Kemper. His Mesa, Orange, and recent Plexi profiles might be right up your alley. He has videos of every profile pack and the tones he's been able to get. Check 'em out.

    Will check, thanks :thumbup:

    Advice for OP:

    Profile an amp yourself and AB with the real amp (mic'd signal, of course) and see what the profiler is truly capable of. Once you experience that, you can move on to profiles created by other people.

    This is something I will do for sure. Gonna start with profiling a 5153, jp2c and dual rec. :thumbup:

    Using FRFR monitors as we speak, sounds much better. :thumbup:

    Play with the Definition control in the Amp Module.

    This is the first thing I try on almost every profile.

    Will try, thanks :)

    Hey Mike

    I had this effect several times, when my MacBook Pro went to „sleep“ (energy saving mode). Now I turn this mode off, before using the RM. Since then I never had such an issue.

    Maybe you could check this?


    I have a feeling it might be a faulty usb cable, but the Kemper just froze up on me again when I inserted the usb stick to import some new profiles. I'll give it some more time before I contact support.

    I expected to be bombarded with hate comments from at least some people but I've been pleasantly surprised.

    A classy product begets a classy user base. :saint:

    Indeed :thumbup:

    Same thing happens over in the "I heard a rumor" thread. Not that long ago, several - specific- members of the Atomic forum were quite hostile. A few even got banned from the forum - because it had been a while since a firmware update. Folks here are awesome. Civil and encouraging.

    I'm hoping OP ends up loving his Kemper.

    I'm getting there, becoming a little more impressed with it as time goes on. I still have to play this thing through some FRFR monitors which will happen later today though. Just made the 2nd performance patch. :thumbup:

    Update: I've finally put together the first performance patch and managed to get some good tones for the slots I needed.

    I'm still having an issue with rig manager and the kemper communicating. It seems that after I listen to about 5 or so previews of different profiles in the rig manager, the kemper freezes up on that last profile and I can't do anything else until I turn off and on the kemper / unplug the usb from my computer. Anyone else had this problem? If it persists, I will contact support.

    Thx Alan, I still have not given up on getting there with the tones.

    Turn off Purecab.

    Did before this thread :)

    Thank you for your help. I will try your advice out.

    Hi Mike and welcome

    Have you updated to newest software version

    Updating as we speak.

    Thank you.

    Welcome to the forum! I've had mine for 6 years and still love it, but no piece of gear is perfect for everyone. We all have different ears and requirements. However, I would spend a little time getting to know it before moving on. Sometimes it's just a matter of familiarity.

    edit: Make that 7 years ... :)

    I am, I have not given up yet. Still trying.


    My issues with this unit:

    -Buggy when communicating with rig manager / plugged via usb into the computer. The unit tends to freeze up when plugged in to the computer after a couple mins and I have to completely shut unit off / turn on unit to get it back to normal working mode

    -No straight forward explanation in remote manual about how to save slots/patches ( just want a clean, rhythm and lead on 1,2, and 3) on kemper pedal.

    -Outdated LED screen, navigating it isn't the easiest

    -No official midi control interface software from kemper via computer (something like axe-edit)

    -Frizzy high gain sounds

    -Kemper didn't bother to include a usb cable in package with the purchase of this very expensive piece of gear

    I wanted to love this unit esp after all the praise it gets. Clean tones are good, and I've managed to get a pretty decent lead tone as well but when it comes to high gain rhythm tones, it's just not cutting it.