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A great selection out of The Amp Factory’s Rig offerings now included in Rig pack

Andy Hodgson

KEMPER™/ Recklinghausen - Wednesday Nov. 14th, 2012 (ictw) - Now some of the best profiles on the planet come ready with the PROFILER™ and are available as a download for all PROFILER owners. Andy Hodgson’s The Amp Factory was born under the influence of KEMPER’s unique invention “the PROFILING™” amp. Being a guitar player and also a sound engineer with a vast collection of amps to my name, Andy for one saw this as an interesting approach towards using his own amps in the studio to save time and effort in the tracking stages of clients and of course himself and his band 45 Degrees.

After the learning curve and the support that the community had to offer he was driven to new heights capturing the sonic soul of more amps. As a result The Amp Factory was registered as a Business and now Andy focuses on delivering the best amp sounds that are around and he can get his hands on and facilitate everybody in the best he can.

Andy has to say: “The KEMPER is such a fantastic product, that it still amazes me even today after PROFILING well over 100 amps at how accurate it can be! It’s my job however to capture the heart and soul, to take a snapshot of the finest amps ever made, from me, to you! The KEMPER’s power and usefulness is limitless, with sounds from the past, present and future! Now remote engineering becomes possible, god bless German engineering!"

About Andy

Being a London rock’n’roller, Andy Hodgson is into music and recording since knee high. Growing up with David Gilmour practically as his personal guitar tutor he was led to do better things, experiment more and more and to be the player/producer he is today. He is also the lead guitarist in the upcoming band called “45 Degrees and a studio mixing engineer, producer, sound engineer.

Check out his PROFILE™s on offer:
The selection of PRFILEs now available in the Rig pack:

KPA-TheAmpFactory - Evil Robot – 1x12 combo – U87/121/57
KPA-Angry Mushroom - Mesa Duel Rec – 4x12 C90/V30 – 414/57/57offaxis
KPA-Big Fat Orange – Orange ThunderVerb – 4x12 V30 – 414/57
KPA-Big Twin – Fender Twinolux – 2x12 Jenson – 414/reslo/121
KPA-BluesJNR Growl – Blues Junior – 1x12 – U87/121/57
KPA-BluesJNR+ – Blues Junior – 1x12 – U87/121/57
KPA-Claptons Blues – Fender Twin – 4x10 jens – U87/121/57
KPA-Double Trouble – Fender Twinolux – 2x12 Jens – 414/reslo/121
KPA-Dream Delay – Fender Deluxe BF – 2x12 – TC30/U87/121
KPA-Fargen The King – Fargen Retro Classic – 2x12 Alinco Gold – U87/121/57
KPA-Fargen The Queen – Fargen Retro CLassic – 2x12 Alinco Gold – U87/121/57
KPA-Floydish – HiWatt Custom100 – 4x12 Fanes – TC30/87/57
KPA-Fu~&ing EPIC!! – MArshall TSL – 4x12 Greens – TC30/87/121
KPA-Go jimi GO – Marshall JTM45 – 4x12 GH30 – U87/57/121
KPA-Hello 1960z – Fender VirboKing – 3x12 Jens – TC30/U87/121
KPA-Hello 1970z – Fender Bassman – 4x10 – U87/121/57
KPA-Hello 1980z – Marshall 1987x – 4x12 GH30 – U87/121/57
KPA-LovePedal 30 – Matchless 30 – 2x12 – U87/121/57
KPA-ManRock 800 – Marshall JCM800 – 4x12 – TC30/87/121
KPA-MetalWide – DieZel Herbert – 4x12 V30 – 414/57/57offaxis
KPA-Nightmare EVIL – Morgan Duel40 – 2x12 – 57/121/87
KPA NIghtmare EVIL Pt2 – Morgan Duel40 2x12 – 57/121/87
KPA-PushedHair – Matchless 30 – 2x12 – U87/121/57
KPA-Remember me – Roland JC120 – 2x12 – 414/Reslo
KPA-Rock Your Sox – Marshall JTM – 4x12 Gh30 – U87/121/57
KPA-Statesman Clean – H&K Statesman – 1x12 – U87/121/57
KPA-Tiny Teeny Feet – Fender Deluxe BF – 2x12 – TC30/U87/121
KPA-Tophat Spongey – Tophat Emplexidor – 2x12 – U87/121/57
KPA-Van M/ Halen – EVH5150 – 4x12 Greens - U87/121/57
KPA-Whitelight – Morgan Duel 40 – 2x12 GH30 – TC30/87/121
KPA-Woke up in..... – Fender Priceton 65 – 1x12 – U87/Reslo/57