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Guidorist Rig Pack available

Another free collection of PROFILEs for the KEMPER PROFILER

Guidorist Rig Pack, Kemper Profiler
Guido Bungenstock
48 Volt Studio Hamburg

This time KEMPER™ worked with acclaimed PROFILE™ Creator Guido Bungenstock from Hamburg, Germany. Amongst his successful line of various Rig packs for the PROFILER™, Guido’s PROFILING™ skills were utilized by the Swedish metal sensation In Flames. The band came to Guido’s PROFILING space and Guido created PROFILEs of the entire In Flames touring rig. Since then In Flames exclusively play the PROFILERs on tour and Guido received his accolade being the go-to PROFILING specialist in northern Germany.

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The following Rigs are featured in the free Guidorist Rig Pack:

GB - Bogus X-tasy
GB - Diesel VH Four
GB - Engle Powerfall II
GB - Engle Shouter
GB - Fried Man PT 808
GB - HK Razor Blade
GB - Mars CM 800 808
GB - Mars VM OD2
GB - Mars YM 100 808
GB - MeBo Royal Atlas
GB - MeBo Sing Rect 808
GB - Oranje RV 50 808
GB - Pea V 150
GB - Pea V 150 TS9
GB - Pea V 534 Plus
GB - Sold Hot 50 Crunch
GB - Sure Badge 35 TS9
GB - Tube Tom's Son 161


Guitar Player Guido Bungenstock creates in collaboration with sound engineer Phillip Salm of the 48 Volt Studio Hamburg/ Germany excellent KEMPER™ PROFILEs used by guitar players around the world.

"We have been experimenting very long and finally found the sweet spots that make these amps so popular. We have used first-class recording equipment such as the classic Neve® 1073 preamps from the Aurora Audio® Sidecar (Hand Built by Geoff Tanner). The results are extremely dynamic guitar sounds with soft silvery highs and rich punch.
All PROFILEs are tested on Hi class monitors like ATC®, JBL® & Genelec® and many guitar cabinets before they are released for sale. On every sound system the profiles just sound perfectly balanced."

All PROFILEs are created with:
Hand selected amps with typical sweet spots
Professional sound engineer
Professional guitar player
1st class studio equipment
No mastering (like compression etc.)