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MIXBERLIN Profiling Session

Chasing british tone for the PROFILER in Berlin, free Rig Pack

We visited Guitarist, Songwriter, and Producer Hannes Kelch and his Partner, Mix- and Mastering Engineer Sebastian Batz at their MixBerlin Studios during the creation process for their new Rig Pack. 

Hannes was so kind and took the time to show and explain to us their PROFILING process, the gear, the workflow, and the use of the two Dynamount MicRobots. Last but not least Hannes also gets a bit into details regarding the importance of an isolated room for the cabinets and the use of his amazingly reliced T-Style guitar. 

As a special treat, Mixberlin made a small Rig Pack available for free to all the PROFILER players out there and Hannes created even a full, ripping track with „X“ the profile and „U“ the original amp sound. 

Now you can guess and discuss, X or U? At some point we will publish the truth. 

Now, check out the video, check out the track, download the pack and check out the profiles. 

Play, and have fun!