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Legends Tribute Collection II is available

Get access to the classic genre defining guitar tones out of 5 decades

This is the second pack of 30 Rigs inspired by the classic guitar tones you all know and love from classic recordings.
You can find all the original, inspirational tracks in the KEMPER Legends Tribute Spotify playlist

Thomas Dill created these 30 Rigs utilising a diverse range of factory PROFILE™s originally provided by Bert Meulendijk, Michael Britt, Guido Bungenstock, Lars Lüttge, Michael Wagener, The Amp Factory, Top Jimi and Till Schleicher.

This version of LTC features classic rock and metal tones made famous with genre defining songs. Also you can find clean, twangy and spacey staples from top rock ballads and songs from the 70s to today.

You can get an idea about the riffs and tones with the KEMPER PROFILER from Thomas Dill’s Rig walk through video.

The Legends Tribute Collection II is free for all owners of a PROFILER.
Have fun and let us know what you come up with these Rigs!