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Interview with Tue Madsen

The "Uber"-Producer about his Signature Kemper Rig Pack

From legendary producer Tue Madsen (Meshuggah, Behemoth, August Burns Red, Black Dahlia Murder, Dark Tranquility) comes the ultimate high-gain KEMPER Rig pack!
  • 32 Premium KEMPER profiles
  • Captured by producer Tue Madsen
  • Amps and cabs used on some of the biggest productions in metal
  • Mix ready, capturing Tue’s entire processing chain
  • 8 amps, 7 cabs, multiple pedals included
  • KEMPER Profiler required
In Tue’s words:
"I’ve made this KEMPER Pack mostly for myself but then I thought ‘why not share it with the world as well?’ These PROFILES are a collection of tones that I have used on many productions through the years, and I bet you can recognize some of them. It’s been a fun process of not only deconstructing past tones but also discovering new gear and techniques and push my own engineering skills in the process. Naturally, my main focus was capturing studio tones. I wanted to give you a big tonal variety and profiles that fit in a mix right away with little to no fiddling (or ‘mix ready’ if you will). I am pretty confident that these will work great in a live situation as well to make your guitar sound great and play nice with others. Some of these profiles were made to emulate my past recordings. In some cases, the bands I worked with ended up integrating these into their own setups. And now these are available to you as well."