New profiles from Kemper Amps vs User Profiles

  • "Over time, we will give you access to a mind-blowing variety of the highest quality profiles and rigs. Those and other goodies can be downloaded from our website here:"

    This paragraph in the Kemper Profiling Amplifier Basic Manual always gets me super excited and I don't even have a Kemper YET.

    Not having large sums of disposable income, or even small sums, it would be a little difficult for me to invest in professional profiles created for profit and advertised heavily on this site, at least not any time in the near future. In such a situation, I will have to rely on the kindness and technical skills of the nice people (thumbs up guys!) that are willing to do so much hard work and share their amp mojo for free.

    While some of the free profiles on the Kemper are no doubt used, I get the feeling they aren't as highly valued as the paid-for separately stuff. So when Mr CK says in the manual they're going to give users more awesomeness in future, it gets me all excited (we've come full circle in this thread :thumbup: )

    What do you guys think? Let's put together a list of amps that we'd like the good folks at Kemper to include whenever this absolutely AWESOME feature they're talking about comes through!

    I have a confession/request, having never owned a tube amplifier in my life. Give us anything. Just make it loud, OK? :thumbsup:

  • I think they have already achieved this with the rig exchanged and the profiles they provide.

    I would predict that within 1-2 years there wont be many amps that you wont find a profile for. :D

    And that the profiles many user's will be looking forward to will be Artist rigs. :D

  • Also here's some psychology that afflicts many people.

    Something that's Free automaticly has less value then something you paid for!

    So charging for something give's something value.

    In other words the Kemper profiles provided will perceptively not be as great a profiles paid for.

  • My experience is this: there are so many excellent (and free) studio quality profiles you should have no trouble finding stuff you like. My best tip is to audition rigs against a drum and bass track, this will give a better perspective for decision making.

  • In my experience so far there are free profiles that are even better than the commercial ones. Lets say for Metal - you have the 2 major commercial rig packs - both are great. but then there are a lot of killer free ones where some of them are better than any of the commercial ones. Don´t think for a second that you have to spend extra money to get some serious quality profiles. There are so many great people here that provide their excellent profiles for free(huge cudos to each and every one of you!). :)

  • Exactly 8)

    There's absolutely no need to buy profiles. Unless you don't dare touch any of the parameters on the Kemper! I'm using only free ones, and with minimal tweaking to suit guitars and needs there's glory in there :thumbup:

  • Yes, be careful of the psycological influence!! I tested and compared a lot of free and commercial profiles. Both are great, You only need time to audition them with calm, tweaking a little for your style and guitar. I believe that in a couple of years you can use without any problem only the free ones for everything... The already existing factory profiles gives you infinite possibilities for every musical style. They are a little underestimated in my opinion only because they are often RAW, but I saw that with minimun tweaking over the EQ stack, the Definition parameter and some reverb, they ALL sound fantastic

  • It's excellent to hear such a lot of good stuff being said about user profiles. Looks like there's a lot to browse through, tweak and fine tune. Maybe too many!

    I suppose my perception has been a bit coloured by the thought of having multiple tube amps in a single box. While I'm not afraid to experiment, what I would like is to have accurate profiles of actual amplifiers that I could use in different settings.

    You want crystal clears? Massive distortion? Subtle crunch? I am well attuned to the concept of taking a profile and tweaking it to "perfection", but I really want to be able to think like a recording engineer in my dinky home studio.

    And so it becomes: "What amplifier for what situation?"

    Browse, select, tweak to fit mix, play. Simple. In that sense, a handful of profiles might be well-suited to me and would occupy the bulk of my practice and playing time. But I would like to play with different amps from time to time, variety being the spice of life!

    Plus, I get the feeling that tweaking works differently based on the original sound of the profiled amplifier. As such a wider palette of "base sounds" could offer that many more unique sound creation possibilities.

  • Agreeing with everyone, there is no actual need to pay for profiles. and believe it or not the day will come when you have too many great profiles to fit in your Kemper,and that is 1000 profiles! enough to cover most eventualities i think.

    Oh, yes!!!! I have met that day when there are too many fine profiles to operate the KPA properly. And the clean-up is a crucial job!