Micro pitch with adjustable pitch L and R and delay

  • I'm sure this has been mentioned before around 2013 but I'd like to see the micro pitch effect expanded upon by allowing independent control of the left and right voice pitch and also independent control of the delay of each side by a certain amount of milliseconds. Say like how the Eventide Pitch Factor works.

  • the idea behing the micro pitch effect is that the left and right side are detuned evenly (for example -10 cent left, +10 cent right). this is why the effect works the way it does, detuning one side more than the other would simply make the effect sound out if tune, not fatter.

  • You are right Don, but it is well documented that guys like Michael Landau have known to use alternate pitch settings. I'm more interested in being able to offset the pitch by say 20 milliseconds for example.

    Whenever I used to dial in a Balance era Van Halen tone equal amounts left and right only did it for me.

  • Would love the ms delay feature, even say 0.010 ms delay in one side makes a difference To me, creating little amount Depth to the Stereo image in my High-Gain tones, I usually go for Master Mono L&R, but that would rock to go for Stereo with my kemper ! :love:

  • +1.
    I don't think the delay part is about the stereo image, it's about how much it thickens the sound out. In all my other effects, I have always had a different micro pitch interval on each side as well as a slight delay. From IPS 33B, H3000DSE, G-Force and many more units over the years.
    Even the classic Pitch Change C on the SPX90 had the signals delayed even though they were +8 and -8 cents. It gave a subtle but bigger sound. Check it out on hand claps and finger snaps where it was heavily used to give the illusion of more people performing.
    I always liked -7 and +11 in my other units. Would have to look up what small delays were involved in my old patches though. Be nice to replicate MY sounds in the Micropitch effects module.
    For instance, it has been well documented that Landau's pitch settings were as follows. That was a great sound. All over a lot of records from the 80's

    Pitch Change C

    L Pitch = 0

    L Fine = +13
    L Dly = 4.1ms
    L F.B. = 0%
    R Pitch = 0
    R Fine = -11
    R Dly = 9.1ms
    R F.B. = 0%

    Micropitch is such a great sound. The module in the Kemper is very stripped down though. Especially compared to an 80's SPX90 that along with the early Eventide units made this sound popular. Would be great if it could at least do what a 30 year old SPX90 could do.

  • Mike Stern also uses the Pitch Change C in the SPX90 as an always on type of sound. Would be cool to replicate these settings in the Kemper.

  • Glad I saw this thread, because the micro pitch turns out to be a great effect. It sounds a bit like my old Boss Dimension C pedal.

    Could you not use the stereo delay in front of the micro pitch to emulate Pitch Change C?

  • Glad I saw this thread, because the micro pitch turns out to be a great effect. It sounds a bit like my old Boss Dimension C pedal.

    Could you not use the stereo delay in front of the micro pitch to emulate Pitch Change C?

    Maybe but all this should be in the micro shift block. All other effects units that do this effect have that ability.

  • I had a "Kemper rack" in 2015 & 2016 , and now I want to buy new Kemper Stage.

    Three years and still are no news about this important feature request...

    How I what to do to emulate landau and similar sounds ?... ( my favorite sounds..)

    This is killing my wishes to buy..

  • Any news on if/when this and the chorus could get more sophisticated features? Would be great to be able to dial in similar settings that I used to use in my old Bradshaw systems. Chorus really needs more options. Less Boss pedal and more Terc and TC Electronics 1210.

  • It's there since quite a while.

    Where are the creative brains here on the forum?

    The Dual Chromatic Delay does it.

    Load the Default settings.

    Set Mix to 100/50 % or all the way right.

    Set Delay 1 and 2 to your liking.

    Feedback to Zero.

    Pitch Detune to your liking. (It's in Cent). Will detune left and right to the opposite.

    Modulation to your liking.

    Check the Stereo parameter for 200% (Super Stereo)!

    The detune is not available separately for both sides.

    But this is not really crucial, and the Modulation feature will surpass this by a natural pitch and delay fluctuation.

    You could even season it with a bit of "Flutter" for random variations, without making it sound like a tape delay.

    In a way, this is a "Haas Effect", a Micro Pitch and an Air Chorus at the same time.