Much Deserved Recognition For Guidos' KPA Profiles

  • I'm a long time (3yrs) live KPA user and I can only post in the public forum (I have no access to the private forum and I don't know why).

    I wanted to give Guido some much deserved praise for his magnificent profiles and to recognise his efforts in producing and delivering them to us all.

    I believe Guido is an unsung ambassador for the Kemper name & product the world over. His profiles have shown the KPA in its best light to date all over the globe.
    He also helps achieve this as his profiles are all very well priced therefore many people chance buy them as they're not at great financial risk should they not like or use them.
    To date all buyers have been astounded,very pleased and continue to come back for more as soon as he makes new amp profiles available.

    Well done to you Guido and I sincerely hope Christoph recognises your contribution with a public showing of recognition & gratitude in further promoting the use of his ground breaking product in the best possible way.

    All from me for now and I do hope others also chime in on this post to talk about their experiences and uses of Guido's profiles.


  • (I have no access to the private forum and I don't know why).

    You have to register your KPA on the main site. This gives you access to the private forum.

    And yes, I like Guido's profiles very much, too! I use Guido's, TAF's, MBritt and Bert's mostly, but have a few packs that Sinmix was gracious enough to lend me to try out and every profile has something that the others don't have, but all are equally useful.

  • @Man_With_Gas
    Many Thx for your nice words, mate!

    Let me explain you something, guys. Kind of a background information here.
    The main reason why I came up with the idea of making profiles by my own was, I wasn't really satisfied with profiles on the market because:

    • There weren't enough profiles that I really liked for my own playing,
    • Too many HiGain profiles that almost sounded they same.
    • Not enough dynamic or to compressed
    • Always needed some heavier tweaking
    • Too noisy
    • too much profiles in ONE pack
    • I didn't wanted to buy a complete pack with 3 or more amps
    • Some packs were to expensive
    • I wanted to hear sound samples of the raw amp profiles without backing or doubling to get the best impression of it.
    • etc. etc.

    I already worked with two really professional studios for years and knew them for a great guitar sound. So our collaboration with making profiles started in July 2015.
    And it's like it always was since guitar amps were record on albums: You need a great studio to record a great amp sound!!!
    Same with Amp profiles, so you need a few important things to get the best result (Still a few people think you can do this in your bedroom, hehe):

    • A good sound engineer with a lot of experience who understands what you want and likes your playing
    • Hi class Professional studio gear and an engineer who knows his stuff (mic placement, Console settings etc.)
    • TIME, TIME and even more TIME to experiment with guitar amps, speakers etc.
    • Checking the amps with different playing styles (Blues, Funk, Jazz, Rock, Metal etc. and NOT only metal as some sellers obviously do :-D ) change guitars!
    • Extensive profiling and refining (I found out that this is the most important part and takes some TIME (again!!) That's the reason why we only make two profiles a day.
    • Try the profiles on different monitor systems (from shitty to Hi class)
    • A good ear and taste! But after a few hours of heavy profiling and checking sounds your ears get tired (specially with Hi Volumen distorted sounds)

    So as you see we're working really precise here.
    And I put a profile in my shop only if I'm 100% satisfied with the result of the amp and see myself using it on my future recordings! And as professional musician (since 20 years now, OMG :-D ) I always need a good equipment and sound. So I never would sell anything I don't like myself. This wouldn't make sense at all.

    And because I believe in all this and we made it possible: I'm getting overwhelmed reviews every day in the forum, by email via Facebook, in chats, even phone calls(!).

    So let me say one thing again!
    THANK YOU, guys! ;-)