Stageclix Jack V4 Wireless System

  • EDIT: Bought the System. First experiences in post 8 of this thread.

    Hey there,

    does anyone have experiences with the Stageclix Jack V4 wireless system?

    It sounds really interesting. Good range, small transmitter, easy rechargeable battery....

    Here is why i am interested:

    Currently i am using a Line 6 Relay G30.
    I like it a lot. It sounds like a cable to me, it has a very reasonable price, it is totally straightforward...
    The only thing i do not like is the beltpack transmitter. Don't get me wrong here, i think it has one of the nicest beltpack transmitters out there (standard jack input, small, etc.). I just do not like beltpack transmitters in general. No matter where you put it, it always causes some problems. Currently i am using a leather pouch to fasten it to my guitar strap. When playing, it is really comfortable. But changing guitars is a hassle. When you want to switch guitars between songs you practically need a second receiver, second pouch, and second cable. And all the cables have to be custom fitted to the respective guitars so that they are not to long or to short (i use different straps on all my guitars and they are not the same length either.)

    Recently, my father bought the Line 6 Relay G10 wireless system. I really like it. Small transmitter that eleminates the need for a puch, cable, etc., easily rechargeable...
    But, for my intendet use (on stage), the range is a bit too small and the receiver does not feel very sturdy.
    Hence, the Stageclix seems to be a good alternative. The only downside i can find is that it does not seem to be suitable for rack-mounting.

    I would be happy to hear about your experiences/thoughts/opionions...


  • I use two G30 on different guitars with same channel connected to the Kemper.
    I switch on the sender of the guitar I play at the moment and do not need an A/B switch.
    I tried once Line6 G10 but had troubles with interruptions of the signal. I think it was the bluetooth mouse of my notebook in our rehearsal room. Without mouse I had no disturbances.
    Since 4 years I have no troubles with G30 but I understand your concerns against the beltpack transmitter. I use a velcro to fix the batterie cover. This is the bad point of G30.

    One band mate has the Stageclix Jack V4 and is very happy with it. But he has to use 2 pcs to play also a acoustic guitar.

  • Thanks guys!

    Yes, buying one or two additional transmitters is also an option. Probably cheaper as well, as i really like the sound quality and handling of the g30.

    I will have a look at the XVive, thanks for the hint!

  • Hi there,

    i somehow forgot about this topic a bit, as i had many other things to do in the past year. However, my interest in a new wireless system was revived a few days ago. After doing a lot of internet research (again! :D ) i am very interested in trying out the stageclix jack v4, as it seems to tick every box for me. Good Sound, easy setup, digital and future-proof, no need to fiddle around with a beltpack on my guitar-strap.

    So, i thought i'd bump this thread again and check if someone made any new experience with this system in the meantime.

    Otherwise, if i will buy this system, i will report about my verdict.


  • Sooo,

    about two weeks ago i finally bought the Stageclix Jack v4 wireless system.
    So far, i did some testing at home, used it at one rehearsal and played a gig with it.
    Overall, i really like this system and think i will keep it.

    Here are my 2 cents so far:

    I tested it against my Line 6 Relay G30 with the cable tone setting at 5 Meters (middle position). I could not really hear any difference.
    When switching the cable tone setting off on the G30, there was audible difference between the two, though i did like the Stageclix better (with the G30 with cable tone off, the high frequencies are rather prominent, which does not sound as good or natural to me).
    Interestingly, i also noticed a quite obvious sound difference when compared to a cable. Though, this difference was the same when comparing the cable to the G30.
    However, i could not say that the cable sounded 'better' or 'worse'. Using only a cable, the sound had more highs. The Stageclix and the G30 (with cable tone activated) had more warmth in the highs and mids.
    Overall, i did like the stageclix and the g30 with cable tone activated best. Between the stageclix and the G30 there is no difference in sound that would make me choose one over the other.

    When i did the first test of the Stageclix at home, i was pretty disappointed with regards to range. As soon as i had walked through two rooms (about 10 meters), i already got very bad dropouts. There were about 2-3 walls between me and the receiver at that point. However, when i took it to a (small open air) gig i had no problems at all. I did not test the limits of the system, but i was able to freely walk through to the front of house (about 20 meters) without experiencing any dropouts. I think that, as long as you have no obstacles like walls etc. between the transmitter and receiver, you will have decent range without problems.

    Ease of use:

    That is where the Stageclix really shines. You just plug the powercord and guitar cable into the receiver and the transmitter into your guitar and you are good to go. No fumbling around with a bodypack on your belt or your guitar strap and a cable that is always either to long or to short. Especially when you change guitars this is way easier to use than a body pack. Just take it out of the first guitar and plug it into the second one.

    The Plug holds tight within the socket and is designed in a way that it fits nearly all types of guitars. So far, i tested it on a Stratocaster, an LP, a Junior-Style and an Ibanez S-Style.
    And there's another cool thing: You do not have to make sure that you always have some batteries with you. You just plug the transmitter into the receiver and it charges the battery pack. In about an hour it is fully charged and i was able to play the whole gig without recharging, with plenty of charge left (i do not remember the exact state of charge, but i probably would have been able to do some 6 hours more of gigging).

    There is one thing, though, that i did not like about the handling of the transmitter: It does not have any way of automatically cutting the signal when you unplug it from your guitar (like, e.g. the Line 6 Relay G10). You can turn the transmitter on and off quickly by using the built in button, which is easily accessible in most cases, but when you forget to turn it off, then you will hear the usual pops and cracks.

    I think it is a great system that does not harm your sound and is super easy to use on stage. Whether you will have problems with range will depend on the sourroundings and the place, where the receiver sits. I would say, that as long as you have a direct line of sight to the receiver and do not plan to walk to the other side of a football stadium you won't have problems. I did not have any dropouts with my Relay G30 at any gig and i think it will be the same with the Stageclix. The fact that it sounds as good as the G30 and is much easier to use (for me and my applications that is!) makes it a system that works really well for me and will possibly the system that i use from now on (though i will keep my G30 in case i get problems with the stageclix after all).

    - Sounds as good as a Relay G30
    - Super easy to handle
    - Charges when plugged into the receiver

    - Tending to have dropouts earlier than other systems when walls or other obstacles are between the transmitter and receiver
    - Does not cut the signal automatically when unplugged

    I hope this is helfull to some of you.
    If you have any further questions, please let me know.


  • Hi Folks,

    the Stageclix V4 seems to be a quite interesting system.

    Has anybody experience with active PU guitars? I have a MM Luke 3 and unfortunateley it does´nt work (strange sounds at high gain) with the Boss w40 System (which I liked very much due to its convenience feature - similiar to the Stageclix V4) . So I´m desperately looking for a working system with "guitar bug" - sender since I don´t like the handling with belt senders. Also the stereo plug gives me some headache - hope this doesn´t matter at the SC V4.

    Thanks for advice...

  • I have also StageClix V4, and it works with active PU systems for me.

    Problem can be that you pickup is to hot? to much output?

    What is the VU meter on the receiver telling you ?

    If you get digital distortion in the wireless the sound is really bad.

    Anyway maybe: Sennheiser XSW-D ??

  • I´m using StageClix V4 with EMG SA and 89 pickups for about 9 months. It works like a charm without any issue so far. I should mention that the SA are single coil and I have lowered the EMG 89 Humbucker output to match that signal strength. So, maybe my case is not the proof that the EMG Humbucker output can be handled by the V4.

    At the time, I was also reluctant to buy because stageclix seems to be a one trick pony company and very small. Thankfully, as I not had any issues, I could not check the service capabilities. Overall, I really like the stageclix and I cross fingers that it will not have any repair needs.

  • I also have the stageclix v4 for the past 3 years and i am using it contantly for gigs of 2.5 hours max.

    I am very satisfied with it. I used to have the G30 but stageclix is a huge leap forward.

    The only thing i would say is weird is that when i have my volume at 0 with any EMG pickups there is still some guitar sound coming through. Maybe because the EMGs are too hot.

    Also i would like to see some way to keep the stageclix stable and stuck to the body while playing and not flapping around.

  • ...

    The only thing i would say is weird is that when i have my volume at 0 with any EMG pickups there is still some guitar sound coming through. Maybe because the EMGs are too hot.


    I ran across this problem with the EMG's on a High Gain profile. Can't remember which one. But for the vast majority it's a non issue.

    The more you find what Kemper can do then the harder you try to find what it cannot do -- like make a good cup of Frappuccino.