Katzbach Kemper Profiles

  • I am really blown away from the amp collection Katzbach offers here Wow!
    But... after trying the free profiles I have to say that for my taste there is too much tweaking done to the profiles (cab character, definition, power sagging, pick, compressor, eq, boost...). I know this is meant as some kind of fine tuning, but for me the profiles sound better (less dull AND more "authentic", when I try to "undo" the settings and EQ. Problem is that I don't know exactly what the original definition setting was and so on - and it is too much work to make every step undone. It would be perfect, if we can get the pure and untreated profiles and the tweaked ones as a bonus.

    @godi Do you still have the "untweaked" profiles and can make them available? I then will definitely buy the "All Bundle" plus will pay extra for the "raw profiles".

    Interesting that you say that, Tobi.

    SonicExplorer made a feature request for our being able to revert any Rig to the initial settings that were determined during the Profiling process, something I thought at the time, and still do, to be a no-brainer feature almost all of us would use quite-regularly... IMHO.

    I'd still like to see this. In this case, you'd not have to bug the creator / vendor (who may not even be known or contactable) in order to get back to the raw capture of the amp.

  • I like to tweak profiles and explore the possibilities of the Kemper. But here in this case I think less could be more.

    One thing is, that Godi does encourage the user to further tweak the sound and experiment, but there is no "neutral" starting point given. So you are tweaking an already tweaked profile.

    And I don't understand why on the one hand top notch equipment is used to provide the most authentic and "uncoloured" result in the profiling process (like Vovox cables), but then again tweaks like cab character or power sagging were done. Sometimes it seems one setting does also compensate other tweaks and sound becomes rather artificial than better in the end. Of course I can only TRY to undo the tweaks and I don't know how the original sound was (what of course is the most interesting thing with those special amps).

    Many guys for sure will like the dialed in and ready to use profiles, but because such a historic Marshall library was profiled, the initially raw profiles or the option to buy a collection of those would be LOVED by Marshall enthusiasts.

  • just picked up a pack of the SRV stuff,, worked fine with Pay Pal,,
    Ill check in later after a little playin,, thanks,, very reasonable,,very nice indeed

    @unclemar What's your experience with the profiles so far?

    Can't decide to buy yet, cause of the heavy tweaking done to the rigs. And seller did not respond until now - seems they visit the forum not so often.

  • @unclemar What's your experience with the profiles so far?
    Can't decide to buy yet, cause of the heavy tweaking done to the rigs. And seller did not respond until now - seems they visit the forum not so often.

    Man, I bought the profiles..

    Marshall jcm 900 slx is awesome to reproduce hard rock (poison, etc...).

    There's other one that you can reproduce exactly the sound of deep purple.

    Jcm 800 kk, I can reproduce the exactly sound of rage Against!

    I really enjoy katz profile!


  • sorry,, I've been on a beach for the last few days,,
    I had about 5 hours with them before we left town, loved them , really realistic to my ear, , also sounded very good recorded, I did a quick slide track, JB LP Seymores it was smooth but hairy,,The SRV amp is working for the modern country stuff very well,with the bare knuckle steve stevens I can go from very clean to big hair with the vol knob,,,,,, OH YES<<< Im going back for more,, nuff said?
    Thank you,, Mr,Katzbach

  • Hello,

    I just want to share my experience with theses profiles,

    I own many topjimi, Mbritt, and Tonejunkie stuff,

    These profiles are my favorites of the moment with TAF's Toneking Imperial, and TAF's Hiwatt clean.

    I finished by buying near every profiles of Katzbach, love the 2245 HW and the 1987 black for Hendrix-type strat crunch, the JCM2000 for more versatile straty tones, and the red JCM 800.

    They just sound so good with my setup that I stopped searching for better profiles. Not only the sound but the feel and dynamic.

    I use them mostly for home playing with a pair of studio monitors (2 lsr 305 with the 310 sub - the importance of the sub is critical for the fullness to me), I can't wait to try them in gig volume with a frfr ...

    They sound best for me with a SSL-1 loaded strat ... did try 4 setups (Van zandt, V-mod, and CS 69' strats), and with fender pure nickel strings (good compromise for me between modern and vintage). I keep the purecab OFF as I feel that we loose some character with it ON.

    I hope the will sound as good with frfr and more volume (overall sound balance could be different). I guess they are !

    I would love to see other profiles, and maybe other brands!

  • WOW Are you crazy KATZBACH ? !!!!!!!

    All Bundle (18 Amps/more than 160 profiles) for 25 Euros?!!!!!!!!

    Instant buying.....

    For Marshall fan boys : NO BRAIN

    All Bundle contains the following amps:

    JMP 50 MK2 1987

    ARTISTE 50

    JCM 800 2203 1995 LTD Red

    JCM 800 Zack Wylde

    JCM 900 SL-X

    JCM 2000 Orange Crunch

    JCM 800 Kerry King

    Block Super 100 40th Anniversary (JTM 45/100)

    JMP 50 Plexi Red (1987)

    JMP 50 Tremolo

    JMP 50 Master Lead MK2 Original S.R.V

    JMP Super Lead 1959 MK 2 RI White

    JTM 50 Black Flag

    JTM 2245 Tremolo Handwired (Bluebreaker Head)

    JVM 410 Joe Satriani

    JMP 2203

    6100 LE 30th Anniversary Series

    JCM 800 2203 The WHITE ONE