Single coil sized humbuckers..

  • I am in the process to order a stratocaster which I like to have single coil sized humbuckers in the bridge and neck position.

    I want a rock sound in the bridge and a more "fluid" fat leadsound with the neck humbucker.Any suggestions;Any help is welcomed.
    I know about the seymour duncan and dimarzio stuff but I read also a lot of good things about the zexcoil juicy buckers.


    These humbuckers should be easy to "split" to get the classical stratocaster bridge/middle & middle/neck SC combinations.

  • I know that the hotrails have a lot of output and do not have the "stratiness" of other single coil sized HBs.This should be something I want butI am not sure if I want the difference in the volume when playing splitted HB in the combination with the middle SC.

    A little bit more output than a PAF would be maybe a good solution but I am not sure.

  • I bought the Zexcoil Juicy loaded pickguard and a Hybrid loaded pickguard in the end of July when they had a promo for 25 off loaded pick guards. They were not cheap!
    Unfortunately I have been working everyday since July so I haven't had any time to load and solder them in so I can't give you clips or review.

    They do come with a 30 day guarantee tho. I fully expect them to be stellar over the stock pups.

  • I tried a DiMarzio set (cream cover)
    Neck : Air Norton S DP180 CR 11.21 KOhm (4 wire)
    Middle: Area 58 CR DP415 6,15 K (2 wire)
    Bridge: The Chopper DP184 CR (4 wire)

    For my application in a vintage rock band to much rocky and to less vintage. But it's a great powerfull sound.
    (If you are interested to try - .> PM)

  • @Sharry

    Thanks Dude.. :)

    I would want a HB with a lots of output for the neck.For "full shred" kind of stuff..but the problem is that it does not fit to the other PUs I would want.I like the bridge HB to have PAF style of output because I am also a "Billy Gibbons/Zack Wylde" etc pinch harmonics type of just cant do this with a high output full mids type of HB..

    Anyway..I am still waiting for some advise from the luthier.He should tell me one thing or two..

  • Hot Rails in neck position are popular for heavy, fat leads, especially with Floyd Rose vibrato systems.

    I have a Hot Rail in my G&L and a lil'59 in my Talman, both bridge position, no issues whatsoever to get artifical/pinch harmonics with either of them.

    not a big fan of split humbuckers tones, no matter if SC-sized or 'normal'.

    [Blocked Image:]

  • Quote

    Laller Split Rails?

    Do you need it to sound more like a humbucker or single coil?

    Like a humbucker.When in bridge/neck position.


    I recently picked up the Dimarzio Satch Track and it sounds great, pretty fluid tone.

    After some bad experience in the late 80s with Dimarzios I guess the time has come to give them a second chance.. :|

    Anyway..I am still waiting for the luthier in the netherlands to finally speak to me about some specs and I also have an good offer for an fender elite HSS..maybe I will go for this..the next days will show..

    I I will go for the elite the only thing I will need is a good single coil size humbucker for the neck.

  • Quote from 'Nikos

    After some bad experience in the late 80s with Dimarzios...

    We've all been there, man. Gotta get back on that saddle, and learn to trust again. Can't let the past hold you back. :D

    Disclaimer: When I post demo clips for profiles, there will be some minimal post-processing, unless stated otherwise. I normally double-track hard L/R, and add to the main buss a small amount of EQ and a limiter/comp set pretty light as well. Sometimes I get test profiles in advance of release, though 90% of my clips will be from packs I have purchased.

  • Dimarzio air norton neck
    Dimarzio Superdistortion bridge
    Suhr Michael Landau singel coil in middle pos here. Full power on bridge, smooth tone and cool sound on neck and in switch pos 2 and 4 I have that typical strat sound when playing clean stuff. Awesome combination. Don’t care about the name Superdistortion, this is one of the best picj up‘s imho. I have this humbuckers also as real humbuckers in my gibson. Really fat tone.


  • @Locrain

    You are absolute right man..everyone deserves a second chance.. :thumbup:


    Thanks for the tips man..I will take them seriously into consideration.

    It looks like I will go for the fender elite which has a humbucker in the bridge anyway.So it is all about the neck PU.Thanks to all for your help.

  • I'm using a Dimarzio Pro Track for the neck position, a Fender Middle Standard SC and a PAF Pro in one of my 90's Floyd Rose Strats.
    The Pro Track still has some of that singlecoilish openess with just enough "grease" and it fits my all time favourite bridge humbucker well.
    I've had a Fast Track 1 in the neck position prior to the Pro Track, but to me it was just too muddy.
    I've modded the 5 way switching aswell to get the neck+bridge humbucker combination.