Updated Engl Savage 120 Profile with V30s

  • I decided to update my Engl Savage profiles today, much better than the old ones thanks to better mics and techniques. Also, the cab has V30s in it, which may suit more people.

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    In most cases, Soundcloud uses a bandwidth of only 128 kbps. As a result, what you hear isn't free of artefacts, especially the high end. For critical listening and also product comparison, please keep that in mind. Users who setup a comparison should use linear wave files and supply dropbox links.

    Profile is on the rig exchange under Indian Savage Rage 1.

    Let me know what you think.

  • nightlight

    Changed the title of the thread from “Engl Savage 120 Profiles” to “Updated Engl Savage 120 Profile with V30s”.
  • Well done, thanks for that. As I played ENGL gear for more than 20 years I can sense how the amp sounds in the room. And the gain structure is well represented in your profile. A bit too much gain for my taste though. Neverthelless after short tweaks of Definition, Treble and Presence it sounds quite well here.

    I own a E906 as well and am sometimes not sure if I really like it, especially in front of V30s. Rather I used it in front of my EV12/MB Thiele Cab. There it is at least okay for me.