• My wish list for today...

    Stage Profiler

    • A way to auto-start the looper when you begin playing.
    • A multi-band dynamic EQ, so you can eliminate problem resonances/frequencies (like palm mutes, etc.).
    • New overdrive pedals...Tim, Klon, Big Muff, BD2 Blues Driver, etc.
    • The ability to profile an overdrive/distortion/fuzz pedal and store it in the pedals section would be mind-blowingly awesome, but probably can't be done. Oh well. One can dream.

    Rig Manager

    • All root folders show EVERYTHING within subfolders.
    • More levels of subfolders.
    • The ability to remember/save column settings (width, order, etc.).
    • A simple, easy way to reject/hide one or more rigs and/or authors and NEVER have to see them again.
    • A list of available cabinets (including IRs)
    • A simple way to tell if a profile is Studio or Merged.
    • It would be nice if profiles had some sort of visual EQ curve, so you could do a search and find similar sounding profiles by sonic "signature". Like a button for "Find More Like This". Or even "Find More Like This" but brighter/darker/more gain/less gain, etc.
  • I've requested the "root folders show EVERYTHING within subfolders" thing several times before, so a big +1 from me for this. Spoke about it here:

    Request: Parent folder browsing

    ... and in my own thread requesting it, which cost me a demerit point for my only bump ever, here:

    Three "Features" RM Simply Must Have

    I've also asked for "the ability to remember/save column settings (width, order, etc.)." When I upgraded from RM 2 to RM 3 I was horrified to learn that all my tweaks in this regard had been lost. I spent weeks going through all my folders and specifying which columns were shown as well as their widths. So far this has been the biggest disappointment for me in RM's long history 'cause so many man-hours were spent setting everything out perfectly for my taste. I've not had the energy to start over and play that game again, and I won't even consider it 'til I hear a guarantee from Kemper that the settings won't be lost again in a future "integer" update. IOW, a huge +1 from me again, mate.