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  • Hey Kemper team,

    I recently purchased the Kemper Cabinet and I’ve tried searching the threads for some answers with no success and I’m a little frustrated!

    When I arrived to set up my Power Rack with the Cabinet yesterday at my first full band rehearsal since COVID-19, I followed the same set up I have been using at home when practicing except when I tried to get my guitar sound to cut through the mix and be loud enough, it didn’t quite work and sounded muddy and my Kemper monitor volume was almost at the max which is NOT good for the Cabinet whatsoever since it only takes 200 watts. I notice also that the screen protector on the cabinet moves aggressively when I’m palm muting or playing anything heavy at a loud (band setting) volume.

    I understand that there is the monitor volume (what I have been using) and a main volume (Not sure if I should use this instead of monitor volume) In the output section.

    So here are my questions:

    - When playing live with my band to rehearse, is the 1 x 12 cabIndy enough to get the guitar loud enough to cut through the mix?

    - Do I use the monitor volume or the main volume?

    - How do I only use the main volume and is it needed or is this only when playing in a venue to control main sound through mixing desk at front of house?

    - Any settings or effects ie (effects or eq) settings to really get the sound to cut through the mix?

    From my understanding the cab is made to act as your on stage monitor, so perhaps for a full band rehearsal playing heavy rock, it won’t do the job (although I was told that it would be loud enough before I purchased the cabinet) so I think I’m doing something wrong and 200 watts should be plenty.

    If I need something louder, what type of (passive monitor) should I look for to not colour the sound?

    I would like to try solving this issue so I can use the Kemper cabinet for everything (on stage, rehearsal with band) and not spend more money.

    Thank you for answering when you can.


  • Are you using the Kone imprints?

    If not you may be in FRFR mode.

    Choose a fav speaker type in Kone mode, and maybe bump the mids a bit in the output menu?

    I haven't been able to be at a practice yet, let alone a gig, but at home I'm delighted with the Kabinet and the amp in the room sound I'm getting.

  • you use the Monitor Volume only. The Main volumes should not affect the Kabinet at all.

    go into the Output Menu and check the wattage meter which will tell you how much signal you are sending and whether you need to worry about damaging the speaker. Page 91 in the manual explains it better than I can.

  • I am using FRFR mode as the imprints included don't really allow me to keep the heavy rock sound I'm aiming for. I haven't played around with the imprints to much though so perhaps I need to adjust some levels in the Output section then rather than going rig per rig and adjusting one EQ at a time?

    Also, yes I have used the wattage meter and I think that I'm, getting the sound fairly loud but not loud enough when we are rehearsing with Drums and bass and another guitar in the mix.

    I did purchase 2 of the cabinets so I am assuming to really get the sound level up I would need to connect both cabs together to allow me to have 400 watts.

    If this is the case, how would I connect these properly with the Kemper Power Rack?

    Again, would love to just use the 1 cab and not have to use both as the idea of buying 2 was to have 1 practice cab at home, and the other cab I leave at our jam space.


  • I had a similar experience with my Kabinet. In the last two weeks i hat the opportunity to have 4 rehearsals with two bands in two different sized rooms. In both rooms i had that same problem in the beginning: The sound was muddy and very indirect or indifferent. I had to turn up the volume to a much higher level, than usually. My solution to this problem was simply to put the cabinet on keyboard stand in order to make it sound more direct to my ears and to increase the mid and the high frequencies just a little bit and to turn down the bass a little bit as well. I also try to keep the distance between the Kabinet and my ears low, not more than 2 m. That helped me a lot!

    Since the Kone in the Kabinet apparently has a wider beam than a guitar speaker in its cabinet, it 'fills' the room with your guitar sound much faster and more at a lower volume. In order to get the same 'beam volume' as you were used to by your old guitar speaker, you need to turn up the volume. That make it even muddier. The more distance you have between your ears and the Kabintet, particularly if it is standing on the ground (huge impact), the more you will have of this 'unwanted sound'.

    My other experience was the fact, that the Kone definitely sounds different in different cabinets. I have a Kone installed in a Suhr 1x12 cabinet too, which sounds different to the Kemper Kabinet. It has more focus and a stronger representation of the mid frequencies. I have decided to take the Kemper Kabinet for home use and the Suhr Cabinet for the first band. The second band will require a different solution. I'm thinking about replacing the speakers in my other Marshall 1936 against two Kones and use that for the second band.

    Hope it will help you.

  • Thank you for that Mattes!

    I will definitely be trying some things and that makes sense with raising the Kabinet up at a higher level. That was going to be my next solution for jam #2 next week.

    When you mentioned lowering the bass a mid, did you do this globally or rig per rig ? Also, have you tried the directivity option at all? And finally, do you stay in FRFR mode or use the imprints?



  • Okay got it.

    Wheresthedug, I have the Kemper Kone checked and (Monitor Cab Off) unchecked in order to use FRFR. As mentioned, I found that the imprints once selected sound very different than the profiles I have already created.

    For example, I have 14 performances already in place which I love and if I select an imprint, it changes that sound so I'm not sure how I can benefit here especially when playing a live gig since the imprints sound will only be for the on stage monitor and the crowd will here the Kemper through the venue monitors without that imprint if I'm not mistaken?

    If you mention that playing around with the imprints to get my sound to be where I want it will be the best option for clarity, then I will play around with it and have to tweak every performance, but the last thing I want is to have 2 different sounds when playing live to clash with each other.

    I guess I'm a little confused still with the Kone and how to get the most out of it.

  • The Kone is intended to sound like a guitar cabinet on stage aka Amp In The Room. It does that brilliantly. FRFR sounds like a recorded guitar or mic'ed FOH sound. They are totally different. If you want to hear as close as possible to what the audience are hearing then FRFR is the way to go and imprints are of no benefit to you. If you are one of the many players who don't like the way FRFR sounds and would rather have your onstage sound like it used to when using a traditional valve amp and speaker cabinet then Imprints are a total game changer. It all depends on what you want to hear onstage. Both are perfectly good solutions and the right choice is simply a matter of personal taste.

  • So I played around with the Imprints and found one I think I am liking now.

    From what you are saying, Most people don't like the sound of FRFR which you also mention is what the audience is hearing.. So if the sound of FRFR is not great, are you saying the audience is also hearing that same (Not so great sound)?

    I agree that the imprints sound clearer and less muddy so I am going to use the imprints at our next jam and see if that helps, as for live sound I'm assuming FRFR mode will sound better through a mixing desk rather than through the cabinet?

    Thank you!

  • no, i’m saying that many p,ayers (particularly those that grew up playing monster valve amp stacks) Like the physical “feel” of an amp in the room when actually playing. It is different from the sound they might like to listen to when someone else is playing. in a mix the FRFR type sound sits well and is what everyone is used to hearing from an audience perspective for the last 40+ years. However, players on stage have been experiencing something different for most of that time and often feel lost if they don’t get the same experience. It is about the difference between a player’s own personal monitoring experience (usually everyone wants to hear more of themselves) versus a band mix listener experience. They aren’t necessarily the sam thing. It isn’t about one bei g better than the other or you “should” do one or the other. Rather which option makes you feel more comfortable and play better?

    Personally, I played for 30+ years with various Mesa Boogies in a 10 piece band. I was never happy with the onstage sound as it didn’t sit right as a mix but I seem to be in a minority in this respect hence the reason for imprints.

  • One last thought, show monitor cab off be checked or unchecked while using the Kone imprints? They each produce a very different sound and to sure why.

    Also by using the speaking imprints, what happens to the cab in the Stack section that was already selected when I created each rig? Do the imprints replace the cab I have selected in each performance?


  • The imprints ONLY work with Monitor Cab Off ticked. If it is not ticked you are running in FRFR mode at the monitor out (which is also the same signal as speaker out on a powered Kemper).

    Th cab section feeds any selected output - i.e. main outs or monitor out HIF monitor cab off is unticked).

    The imprints are ONLY available on the monitor output. Therefore, You only get the Imprint OR the cab section of the profile not both. However, if you are using imprints the default Imprint is selected in the Output Menu but you can override this on a rig by rig basis by choosing an imprint in the cab section and storing this as part of the rig. To be clear though this is only telling the monitor out that you want to use a different imprint it is NOT applying the imprint to the signal at any of the other outputs as imprints only affect monitor out.

    I suggest the best way to get your head around it is to read the imprint section in the manual a few times. It explains it a lot better than I can. It might seem complicated at first but when the light bulb goes on everything will become clear.

  • Okay this makes more sense now.

    So the imprints will only effect my stage sound and now what the audience hears, unless it is a small venue, then they could hear a mix of both.

    Last question!

    If I run 2 Kemper cabs, then this gives me 400 watts of total power correct? So if I look at the wattage meter, I need to make sure I stay under 400 watts?

    I don't think I need more than 200 - 250 but just want to be sure I understand correctly.

    At 200 watts at home, it is blistering loud, and at jam will full band it seems like it doesn't cut through at that volume which seems odd. So I will try having everyone turn down a bit.

    What is an ideal volume for guitars and bass to be at when we have a heavy metal drummer involved pounding his kit? There has to be a sweet spot and I've checked a million videos so I guess we need to keep playing around with it and not just turn up the knobs and hope that it's the right volume. I seem to be the only one trying to get the sound to make sense lol.

    Anyways, thank you for everything so far!

  • 200 watts for guitar is very loud so I'd be surprised if you are maxing out the KPA.

    I use FRFR and play in a metal band through a 1 x 12 and i'm not even close to maxing out. I've not used my Kabinet at rehearsal yet but I have no doubt it will be loud enough, so I think there is something else going on here...

    Check a couple of things:

    Unlink all volumes. I had some strange interaction in the past, so start with them unlinked. You do not want them linked to you main outs anyway so you can control your on stage voluem without impacting the FOH

    Check power boost is on full so you have the maximum potential power

    In addition, be clear of this is a volume or cut issue. If you are clashing frequency's, volume is not the answer. A full sound at home does not easily equate to a good band sound that sits well in the mix or cuts through. Don;t over do effects like reverb as that will also make it worse.

    As you mention, volume wars is not a good place to be and the KPA does not need to run " hot" like a valve amp to sound good so you are only playing to the drummer's volume.

  • To unlink all volumes, this is in the Output section , and I would unlink Main out link and Monitor out link?

    The volume controls are still a bit confusing to me and when we do play live gigs in the (Hopefully) near future, I would say I am still not 100% confident yet with what I feel is the correct way to set it up.