I finally bought a kemper kabinet

  • yes i will. This thing is garbage. I got it an hour ago and it's already died and I've already emailed the retailer to return it. This cheap little cabinet isn't worth 480 even if it did function as intended (spoiler- it doesn't)

    How do you know its doesn't work as intended if you had it for an hour and then it broke.

    Understand you are pissed that yours is faulty but don't slate the product if you haven't even spent any time with it.

    I've had mine now since its release ( 6 months ago)? Finally got to gig it few weeks ago and it was great, really happy. Yes it doesn't sound like a 4x12 on full tilt, but then anyone who expects that will be disappointed. However, its sound massively outshines its size.

    I did an A/B against my FRFR which I thought sounded good and it blows it away.

    I'm almost certainly going to get another to run in Mono ( as I have the powered rack.

  • fujifan2

    Nothing works for everyone.

    That said, it's a rare occasion that anyone tries this Kabinet/Kone and ends up disappointed. Very rare indeed.

    Like others I was blown away when it came and I used it at home. Then again at practice and a couple of gigs it shone.

    I now have the original Kabinet and a Klone I had made locally. The stereo or stacked mono is glorious.

    If you do not try it again I believe you'll be missing out.

    Make sure you're on the latest firmware and go for it.

  • On Saturday I played my second gig with the Kabinet.

    First gig its sounded pretty good but on hearing the recordings I wasn't satisfied with my profiles - nothing to do with the Kabinet but they haven't been quite right.

    Using my Kabinet and an FRFR for reference for FOH, I re-did my profiles.

    Never been happier with my sound. On stage this tiny Kab belted out a fab sound ( to my ears), cannot believe how good it sounds for such a small form factor with plenty of volume!

    Decided I want another one....just as I fancy the look of 2 hooked up!