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    That tone doesn't sound that difficult to achieve IMHO. It is a darker fuzz type tone, with a little push in the mids. I would think between a fuzz and an EQ you could get in that area. From what you are saying he is probably driving the amp input pretty hard. You may also be able to stack two drives and get in this area but may still need the EQ with it.

    I will only buy wireless units from two companies, Sennheiser and Shure. I have tried others but these two are the only ones I have had stand the test of time. I even had one of the cheaper PG series Shure units that lasted for a good number of years, until a bass player I loaned it to dropped the belt pack on concrete during a gig. I had used it for many years before this event.

    I will also say I have had next to zero issues with interference with both of these brands of wireless units. I currently have a Shire digital unit, the pedal model, that I have been using for years, as well as a Sennheiser analog unit that I have also been using for years and a Sennheiser IEM unit. They are worth the extra money IMHO.

    As a side note, I have also doubled as a soundman for many years. I have seen all sorts of wireless units on stage. I have seen many issues, but, not with these two brands.

    I would also recommend watching all of the videos on the Kemper website as well as going through all of the Tone Junkie videos on YouTube. Those were really helpful for me when I first got my Kemper. I now just search the PDF of the manual for things I am looking for information on.

    So you have the acoustic on a stand and the electric on the strap? Seen that here and there indeed...

    I remember seeing a video on YT some time ago where the acoustic was routed through the return input of an effects loop in the Kemper. You can place it in Slot A and have the full chain to process the acoustic within one rig. Switching to the next rig for the electric, stepping back from the acoustic and grabbing the electric is probably the quickest way within a song. Problem might be how the FOH receives and treats the signal, might not be ideal to have acoustic and electric on the same channel of the PA. With the Kemper Stage you could utilize the second effects loop to route the signal into another channel on the FOH. I remember as well a solution which routed using the classical outputs but not sure how this was done exactly...

    I like this idea. I saw in another thread about how the electric will flow through the remainder of the signal chain. One thing that would really make this work for me is if there was a way to have a cab block for the acoustic so you could use an acoustic IR. I am now thinking that a really small IR player pedal that I saw recently would be something you could run the piezo into before hitting the FX return.

    This is an experience that everybody complaining about the learning curve on a modeler/profiler should do. Studio 22, Mark II, Mark IV and LS....Mark IV was like the Rubik Cube...

    I have a Roadster. Man, that thing is beautiful and as much frustrating. Soooo many options on it and everything feeds off of everything else in it. You get it close to what you want then adjust one knob and start over.

    To be fair, it is isn't just Mesa/Boogie. I have a hand built Marsh amp. It has the Overlord mod on the left side. That basically adds a Dumble circuit into it. All 3 knobs on the front for that channel are push pull knobs that affect tone. There are two additional knobs on the back for Overdrive. I can get that thing sounding really good but need to turn it up a bit and I get to start over. You really have to dial it in at the volume you will be using it at because all of the knobs feed off of one another.

    Why the hate of the guy?

    He said he used the kemper a lot, that it was the most used unit in the pro world and said it was a really good unit.

    He also pointed that the kemper has a sound’ signature and that using the gain and eq knob is something very special to kemper and I think he’s right.

    Just to be clear, I have no hate for Rhett. I said that I generally like him. He posted a video of one man's opinion. I posted a reply here with another man's opinion. That is all. I don't agree with everything he said and there were inconsistencies in his own words. That is the summation of my posts. Don't read anything else into it. There was no hate expressed.

    Are you wanting to do this for an album of yours? Or one that was released by another artist that may have had hit songs on it?

    If it is the first one, if you have the amp that was used, you can profile it then work with the effects from there. If it is the second one, a good place to start is to look for profiles created by the big name profilers that use the same amp that was used on the album. I have seen quite a few people creating tones for famous songs. The best place to start is researching the equipment that was actually used for the recording.

    One thing to consider though...depending on what you are playing through or into the tone will sound different in different playback scenarios. Playing live at a higher volume will sound much different than playing into an interface for a recording. It may also sound different depending on the monitors you have vs the ones someone else has.

    I have been catching myself in his bad posture when playing guitar sitting down. I need to correct that and do more standing.

    He is asking for the profiler to behave as the actual amp when it cannot since the profiler is basically a recording of that amp at a specific setting and time. Would I like if Kemper would mirror the actual amp all across the EQ and Gain spectrums? Absolutely! Then no one will make real amps anymore.

    Which would then be modeling, not profiling. It is another example of him expecting something from a device that it wasn't designed to do. It is back to understanding the device he is criticizing.

    I guess since he already ticked off the Fractal crowd it is time for him to tick off the Kemper crowd. I typically like Rhett but he steps in it once in a while.

    I think his comments on the gain points more to his poor job of profiling and understanding it than it points to anything wrong with the Kemper. If he wanted higher gain in the profile, he should have profiled it with more gain dialed up on the amp. Then he can roll his volume back and get a more accurate representation of gain and how the amp reacts to the roll back. He is correct when he says that the Kemper is trying to guess, or figure out, what adding gain would sound like.

    I am a little surprised that he said that the Fractal stuff is way better than Kemper. From the live acts I have seen, Kemper is the clear choice of professional traveling musicians. I have actually seen Kemper as the most common with Helix rack units being next in line. I rarely see a Fractal unit on stage. I know Rhett is a Helix guy so some of these comments surprise me.

    So for Rhett, the most common unit on the professional circuit is his last in line, outdated and long in the tooth and not worth it in 2022. This is where I really disagree with him. This is one man's opinion. I am shocked that he rated the Axe number one. He even states he got a lot of hate because of his video on it. He hates the interface but thinks is it number one. That is where things don't make sense for me. If you hate the interface, how can it be number one, especially if he thinks the interface is much better on the Kemper. For being 4th on his list he sure does talk about how good it sounds and just keeps saying how good that profile sounds and how he could play a whole gig in one band with that one profile.

    Wow, Axe FX III and FM9 are close on the heels of the Quad Cortex. He is going to get a lot of hate for this video just like he did for the Axe video. He says the Helix is better than the Kemper but then tries to justify it by saying things that actually paint the Kemper as better than the Helix.

    Here is a revelation for him. Some of us don't want a touch screen on our floor unit.

    Finished watching it. Some of it was ramblings and incomplete thoughts. He danced around and didn't really answer some of the questions. He had some critical things to say but then basically walked them back the longer he talked or contradicted the statements.

    1. Don't go down the profile rabbit hole. It isn't necessary. Learn how to adjust things to your liking and really figure out how the unit works.

    2. ALWAYS tweak your profiles at the volume you will be using them at. You will end up with different profiles for live vs recording if you do both.

    3. Watch all of the videos on the Kemper site and then go watch every thing Tone Junkie has. I did this when I got my Kemper and it was invaluable. They cover so much stuff and make it so much easier to learn how to adjust things so you can avoid number 1.

    4. BONUS, Use the manual. It is full of tons of great information. Many people ask questions here that are detailed in the manual.

    I bought an FM9 just do do what you are trying to do. Then someone mentioned that there is a way to do something similar with the Kemper. I have not had a chance to try it yet but, evidently you can run the piezo into a second input and it skips some of the blocks and can be added to the output signal. Hopefully whoever posted that comment to me will chime in here with more details. I think they said there was something in the manual about how to do it. My plan was to look there when I got a chance to mess with it.

    Another great point! I always walk to where the servers work and make sure that you can hear someone that is ordering a drink. I ask the bartenders how the volume is for them and if they will be able to take orders. This is another thing that people tend to forget. Like it or not, if you play in bars, you are an alcohol salesman. It doesn't matter if you think you need to be on 7 to get "your tone." If they can't sell drinks, you are done there.

    The volume of the amp on the stage is a huge thing. I also run sound and have probably done almost as many gigs as a sound guy as I have with a guitar in my hand. I have done many gigs doing both at the same time. Many guitar players don't get the affects of the volume of their guitar amp on the FOH sound. I used to run sound for one band that was like pulling teeth to get the guy to turn down. I would have him all the way out of the mix and he was still too loud. I approached him one night after two or three songs and told him he got to make the decision on how the band sounded that night. He could either turn down and let me make them sound good, or he could leave it where it was and all people out front were going to hear was his guitar and his singer's voice would not make it through the night because she couldn't hear herself over his stage volume. He got ticked off at me but he turned down. I dialed them in during the next song and we moved on. His uncle was there there night and they talked at the first break. His uncle told him it sounded really good out front so he came over and told me that he heard that it sounded great out front. I told him that is because he turned down and let me do my job. Guess what happened at the next gig...I had to tell him to turn down again...

    I just want less compression on profiles… and a more realistic amp like attack.

    This is an are that differers per user. I find the amps to be very realistic to my tube amps. That is the thing I like the most about Kemper. I find it to be very responsive and comparable to my tube amps. I thing that Paul mentions below is a big factor. I dialed my profiles for live use in at the same level that I run my amp at when on a stage. I put my amp next to a PA speaker on a stand in the same room and dialed the profiles in to be at the same volume as the amp. To me, the profiles feel just like the amp.

    There is a compressor in the amp block. Try adjusting that a bit and see if that helps. I haven't touched it in my case but I have seen others be very pleased with the results of adjusting it.

    My opinion, if you turn up to the same volume you’d use with an amplifier, you’ll get what you’re looking for.

    I am happy with my Stage and I am already deep enough down in the rabbit hole trying to find the perfect rig :-)

    However it would be nice to have some more and improved effects.

    Now it is more than a year since last real firmware update(drives).

    Do you guys think there will be any major future update or are the Kemper profilers more or less obsolete?

    I am curious, what does "more and improved effects" mean? I hear this a lot but IMHO, I have an FM9 and the effects in the Kemper on the latest firmware sound as good as the same types of effects in the FM9. Are you looking for some of the really out there effects that make your guitar sound like a synth or something like that? That is the only thing I can think of that the FM9 has that the Kemper doesn't.

    IMHO, the Kemper amps sound and feel more like a tube amp than the Fractal stuff. The Fractal stuff has way too much gain IMHO. I have some amps that are modeled in the FM9 and I can tell you that the models have a lot more gain than the real amps. I have profiled some of my amps and those profiles sound and feel much more like the real amp. I notice a huge difference when rolling my volume back a little. The Kemper responds like my amp. The FM9 takes a lot more of a turn on the knob to start cleaning up. You then start losing a lot of volume as well, which the Kemper doesn't do.

    I would also suggest to not go down the profile rabbithole. There are many good profiles stock in the Kemper. I was doing some recording a couple of days ago and browsing some of them in the Michael Britt folder. There is one in there towards the top of the list that has "solo" in the name. I got stuck on that profile for a good while. I altered the reverb and delay on it and was really liking it. It cleans up nice with a little volume rollback on the guitar. I would recommend checking some of the stock profiles out and modify them a little. Find the ones that are in the gain range that you want and adjust or turn off the effects and build up from there. I highly recommend profiling your own amps at settings you like playing them at as well. I did that with the amp I have been gigging for about 7 years and they really work for me.

    I am writing some songs where the lead immediately follows the rhythm track and there is zero time to make any physical adjustments. If I added added more gain to get more "sear" then it would mush out the rhythm part. There's got to be something that will work. I'm looking into some compression options to maybe help.

    If this is for a recording, I would put them on separate tracks anyway. You can then do multiple takes and keep the one you like and not have to record the whole thing over again if you make a mistake. That will allow you to have whatever sound you want on each track.

    I've also seen Tommy Shaw do what I am trying to achieve like he does on Blue Collar Man in concert; where his rhythm and lead tone is the same, AND walks in the audience. When I saw him years ago, his tone sounded way better than this video though... You can see he has no pedals on stage (unless someone is clicking stuff off and on backstage). I'm trying to use a bit more gain than he does.

    These guys have a lot of stage hands that do many things to pull these shows off. I am sure he has a guy in the back that is switching his pedals on and off for him. That is very common on big tours.

    Thankyou!!!!! this i wanted to know, you save me a lot of money. i have kemper di profiles i love and was thinking im missing something not having the fractal. The next question would be how it sounds/feels vs the synergy but that would be for a other thread prob. man thanks again👍😁🍻

    I own a Kemper Stage and a Fractal FM9. In opinion, you are not missing anything when it comes to the sound and feel of the amps. I like the sound and feel of the amps much more on the Kemper than the FM9. The Fractal stuff has more gain than the real amps do, IMHO, and that affects the feel and tone a lot. The only thing the Fractal units have that Kemper does not are some crazy effects that can make your guitar sound like a synth or keyboard. If you don't have the need for something that is way out there like that, you probably wouldn't feel like you spent your money well if you bought one.

    For me yes,First i try the uad into mi mixer,After i made a profile of the same sound and listen the Kemper,same result,monitor reference,mackie mixer,akg headphone,Yamaha hs 5 monitor and ev 112,in the past i Also made some profile of zoom gn5 and have same result,Kemper profile sound very very close.

    The only situation that not convinced me at 100% It s

    when i made a profile of and amp with overdrive/distortion pedal in front...

    I have had some good luck with profiling an amp with an OD in front of it. The amp that I did it with does not have a drive channel in it, it is strictly a clean amp. The OD pedals that I have used in front of it were set to light drive settings. The ones that worked best for me were the Fulltone OCD, Jetter Gold Standard and Keeley Red Dirt. I use these pedals a lot with the amp I profiled. I tried it with a Friedman Dirty Shirley and that didn't turn out nearly as good. It was darker in tone than the pedal through the amp. I can EQ the heck out of it and get it to usable but it just doesn't have the dynamics and feel that the other profiles have.

    Interesting question. I haven't thought of trying that. Part of the reason that I don't think I have thought of doing that is because I like the amps better in the kemper so I haven't achieved anything in the Fractal world that I wanted to try to duplicate on the Kemper. I may have to play with that just to test it out some time.