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    Ciao Geko,

    onestamente non conosco personalmente nè uno nè l'altro, ho giusto visto un paiom di video su You tube per entrambi

    però risponderei di sì ad entrambe le domande.

    L'eventide lo metteri in un loop stero mentre lo Steel String di fronte al KPA.

    Hai già provato?

    ciao, no..

    PRIMA di accendere il Kemper, premi il tasto e, Continuando a tenerlo premuto, accendi il kemper posizionando la manopola su tuner (non su Browser o perform o profiler) finchè ad un certo punto sul display appare system Maintenance...

    actually a hundred or so.. not so many. I m not a hungry rig collector.

    it s just the combination of my amps ( 6 heads in total ) with various cabs..mic or IRs.

    I also have some bass rigs from RE and Ive purchased some 3rd part of.. my amp ti compare them with my profiles.

    I was switching Rigs in Browser mode.

    Repeated the same process in Preformance mode brings to a Very Faster reaction:

    around 62ms switching from clean to Hi-Gain (it was 167, so less than a half)

    around 47ms switching from Hi-Gain to Clean (it was 266..)

    here they are

    Hi Eric, thanks for your reply!

    me too, don't worry about bad grammar,

    I got you!

    well 1/16th seems to be a good compromise, probably an avarage good setting.. but it's obiouvsly related to the tempo of the song/session, but I can't see any relation with the latency time itself.

    You know what ?

    In this last two hours, while I was waiting a reply here, I've found a video on youtube about this and at the end he said that he shifted everyting around 80ms before..

    So I tried to measure by myself this short delay time: I've setted the Daw to change rig every measure, switching back and forth a Clean Sound and a Hi-gain sound, then I've recorded a clip and I've compared to the Click of the Metronome and I've discoverd this thing:

    When the sound changes from clean to Hi-gain, the Hi-gain actually starts aroud 165ms later.

    When it changes from Hi-gain to a Clean the Clean sound arrives 266ms later.

    (of course I used 2 rig where I've tunerd off any delay or reverb, so tails has been recorded)

    here some screenshot to better see the results

    I'm Sorry to ask this question (for sure it has already been discuss previously) but I didn't find an answer yet..

    I was tring to set the DAW (cakewalk) to send MIDI changes to the KPA and I managed to do it, but I see there's a bit of delay (latency?) between the moment the DAW sends the MIDI change and the moment KPA actually changes rig, turns a stomp on/off or.. whatever.

    So I should have to anticipate a bit the moment when the daw sends the midi message but.. how much? how many ms?

    How could I calculate that time?

    Is it a fixed value or it could change time by time?

    or it could change time by time?

    thanks in advance for your help

    Vendo Versione POWER rack al prezzo della versione NON amplificata: (1695 anziche 2100)

    Solo in Italia

    Versione Rack dotata di finale di potenza integrato.
    Veramente Come Nuovo.
    Mai Usato.
    Completo di imballo originale, manuali, cavo..tutto quanto come fornito dal sito Kemper..Veramente Mai Usato.
    Comprato più di 3 anni fa (non più in garanzia) come secondo Kemper (ho anche la primissima Versione Head) solo come ampli di Backup nel caso si fosse guastato il primo.
    Mai avuto la necessità di usarlo ne in studio ne tanto meno Live.
    Prima della consegna aggiornerò all'ultimo firmware disponibile.
    Includo inoltre vari profili di amplificatori e casse comprati via via nel corso del tempo.
    Prezzo non trattabile,
    Non considero Nulla in permuta/scambio (ho già più di quello che mi interessa avere)
    Modalità di Pagamento; Contanti o Bonifico.

    Preferibile consegna a mano (possibilità di provarlo in Studio) in alternativa spedisco in tutta italia (a vostre spese, rischio e pericolo nella modalità che preferite) solamente previo Bonifico anticipato.

    Per favore contattatemi Solo se Veramente Interessati

    Buonasera Gigio e Benvenuto!

    (ammazza hai riesumato in topic vecchissimo! )


    Tenendo premuto il primo pulsante a destra della manopola TYPE, accendi il Kemper ruotando la manopola su TUNER finche sullo schermo non ti appare la scritta: System Maintenance

    Ora ripremi lo stesso pulsante ''Recovery''

    di nuovo ripremi lo stesso pulsante ''Init Flash''

    ti resetterà il kemper con tutti i contenuti dell'ultima versione che hai installato

    I've just seen this this video on Youtube.

    that's a cover of a famous old song (maybe the italian version of a famous english/america song.. I don't know)

    Sanremo it's the most ''popular'' festival of the italian song, usually everybody here starts to talk about the next edition of Sanremo months and moths before it acts


    I've never been a fan of Sanremo Honestly, but if you live in Italy and you listen to Radio You just Can't ignore it.. it's everywhere!

    Well, I don't know why but, to see a kemper on that stage, still makes me Shout ''Hey, that's a Kemper!'' :)

    The same as b_ryan.

    They've replaced LEDS (the whole inside panel actually) of my head for free. it was last month.

    Thay did it in 1 working day (even if thay told me that their standard time it's 5 working days).

    In total I've been missing my KPA just 10 days or so (considering 5 days of shipment from Italy to Germany, a week-end and 1 day or two for shipping back to me)

    I remember that I've send them a message in the morning asking if they could please inform me with the tracking code once shipped, but in the afternoon I received it! :-)

    What kind of repair You asked for?

    musicmad NO ! 4x4 means that You have 4 driving wheels (instead of 4 steering wheels like in std 4x12 Mashall cabs),

    It's raccomended in order to transmit more power on the floor 8o


    If you use the ''Monitor Out'' output instead of ''Main Out'' output to run the JCM2000 fx loop, it's better to flag with the soft button ''monitor cab off''

    You find it at page 1 of the Output section Menu (press the button OUTPUT and use the PAGE button to go there)

    and I wonder if a simple 2-switch pedal would be enough to use the looper??

    I've wondered the same, (just for couriosity, honestly I 've never had the need to use the Looper) and I saw that the assignable functions to the 2-switch pedal (pages 6 and 7 of System setting Menu) are 3:

    Looper Start, Looper Stop, Looper Mode.

    So I've tried and it is Possible to use it, but you may need two Dual switch pedals to have also the Mode Option.

    I'm useing 2 Behringer FS112BX (same as FS 112V just black) they Work

    yes. It actually is!

    For the record, I've received it back today (they received it last thursday.. so they did it LITERALLY ..As Soon As Possible).

    Needless to say that LEDs are now full working.


    I just had to pay the shipment to them, prepare the package carefully and pray that the italian post just do a regular job.

    In general I'm a bit sad to say that We (italians companies) still have a lot to learn about a Professional way to work.

    And not only Italians..