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    Hey, tonight I was re-organizing some Rigs and I found 2 of them I did last year that You May find iteresting.

    Basically I've Profiled the Same thing in the same way; the second profile soon after the first, with out changing anything but it came out 2 Clearly Differnts Profiles.

    I've Just uploaded on RE so that You can Play with them and Get What I mean.

    The only difference is that the one of them has been profiled Selecting ''Distorted'';

    the other one has been profiled Selecting ''Clean''

    (of course I mean at the step just before pushing 'Start Profiling', Profiling Assintant 2/3 to be clear)

    The Profile closer to the original sound is the one I got when Distorted was selected.

    Actually the Sound of the amp was Not a Totally Clean sound, in my ''codification sytem'' I call it cl+ that means, a clean Plus, Cleanish, close to break-up, Dirty but not yet Crunch (that would be cr )

    the Amp actually was a Marshall JCM Slash (2555SL) Modified with a Totally Separate Clean Channel based on a Fender Twin (or so).

    In tha Amp's 'Comment' file You can See the Settings:

    Master Volume at 5

    Presence at 8

    Volume at 5

    Treble Bass and Middle at 7

    Here's a Pic

    This Head was connected to a Two Notes Torpedo Captor 16, than the Cab+ Mic part was a Preset of Wall of Sound: a Marshall 1960 AV (4x12 with V30) with a 57 and a 121.

    Same setting, nothing changed between the first and the second Profile, nor the level in the Plug-in, Daw...

    and I'm pretty sure I've set to 0dB the Return Level of the KPA (Profiling Assintant 2/3)

    SO. Said That, Please Test them and Let me have Your Opinion on this.

    Comunque, ad onor del vero, ho appena installato (su Windows 10) la Versione RM, (nel KPA: OS

    e Ho appena Editato una Performace e, anche 'pastrugnando' un bel po' tra Modifiche dei singoli Profili nelle singole Slot, Rinominato, Aggiunto uno Slot nuovo con un Rig Nuovo, spostato, copiato e incollato, ... Salvato il tutto da RM, e nonstante Tutto,.. Non ho avuto Nessun problema.

    A me onestamente non sta dando problemi, (come neanche la precedente me ne ha mai dati)

    here we are,

    so, basically the software in called FCB1010 Manager and you can download it here.

    You can use it to manage/asssing to each pedal of the FCB1010, the MIDI messages (PC or CC) You want to send to KPA.

    Here is my actual setup (you can create as many setup as You prefer, maybe for differnt use, save them and recall them whenever you need)

    As You can see, every FCB's preset (from bank 0; stomp 1, to bank 9; stomp 10) sends its own instruction/message that can be Programmed as You prefer.

    In my actual configuration above, Expressoin Pedal A Always sends CC#11 (assigned to KPA's Morph Function) and Expressoin Pedal B Always sends CC#07 (assigned to KPA's Wha Function).

    In Your case You should have to create a Map/Grid where ''EXP A'' always control CC#7 and ''EXP B'' always control CC#1 (both from a Min value 0 to a Maximum value 127).

    Once You've created Your own list of information to be sent by the FCB, You have to [save it! and..] transfer this instruction into the FCB.

    That's why You need a way to connect Your PC (or mac) with the FCB.

    I use the MIDI out port of My audio interface but You can even use a USB-MIDI adaptor to do this.

    I know it may looks scary at a first sight but, once You get the concept, it's pretty easy and usefull.

    I hope this hepls, cheers.

    oh.. there are some video on Youtube to explain exactly step by step how to do everything above.

    I use 2 "behringer footswitch fs112b"

    Never had a problem.

    the cable is a standard trs, 5mt long if I dont go wrong... not sure of that... if you need I can check later.

    If it's too short, you can always use a female-male 6.3mm TRS to extend it.

    You have to program the fcb1010 so that pedad A always send cc#7 (volume) and pedal B always send cc#1 (wah).

    I have used a free software (cant remember the name now but I will check later) to map and assign all these kind of functions to the fbc. It s not so difficoult. I ll explain you later.

    The only thing you need is a midi connection between PC and fcb in order to send to the fcb the MiDi map instruction created with the software.

    Speriamo.. onestamente dubito perché, come dicevo, continuo a vedere post del genere. Sicuramente RM è anche lui in via di sviluppo e ci sono "ampi margini di miglioramento" per usare un eufemismo, soprattutto nell aspetto di sincronizzazione tra RM E profiler..

    Vediamo.. incrocio le dita.

    Ciao e benvenuto ,

    Non direi.. non ci sono impostazioni particolari del RM .. o vede collegato il Profiler o non lo vede.

    Detto questo non è il primo post che leggo con problemi di sincronizzazione col profiler mentre si usa RM soprattutto in modalità performance. Crash, modifiche non salvate, eccetera. Comunque La prima cosa che ti consiglio è di assicurarti di avere installato l ultima versione del Sistema Operativo sia nel Profler sia del Rig Manager.. alcuni problemi sono già stati risolti via via nelle varie versioni di aggiornamento.