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    the headstock looks like Elvis to me, .. or better Johnny Bravo ^^^^

    I like the mini HB and the piezo blended togheter, I've already changed the pot's knobs to have some numbers as reference,

    Tuners are cheap, really, the Action is really High and the fretboard sounds defenitely out of tune... and there's no way to conpensate Octave but,

    ..well, you know, I guess it's supposed to be played with Slide and that's a totally new game for me.

    Right Now, I've just finish to record this sample (and I know I have a Lot to Learn..but it's funny)

    Due to Corona limitations, this year Santa Claus organized the Delivery a bit early:

    I've just received an Harley Benton Resoking (for open tunings),

    Fender Cables,

    New strings for the Ibanez Double Neck,

    New strings and a new Pick Up (Eko PB01) for the Ibanez Acoustic and

    a Quartet of tubes 6550.

    What did You ask for Chirstmas?

    It may arrive sooner than You think! looks really well done.

    I dont have a lot of experience in this kind of software.. I Rarely use guitar rig or th3 but sometimes I use Torpedo wall of sound and the new IK "cab sim" seems extremely accurate.

    so I've found the firmware History of UnO4Kemper and unfortuantely there's actually no way to configure V1.1 like I want


    So, I switch the chip to the Original one (V2.2) and I've spent this afternoon to Configure/program it's functionalities

    I used this Software and watched this tutorial video and actually Now the FCB1010 works the way I want.

    I will do few adjustmen in the future to optimize the use according to my prefereces... but right now I'm happy that my mood changed form:huh:?(X/X( to :/:!:=O:|:/:|;):thumbup::saint:

    so it looks like this

    and it works like this

    I have a problem with my new FCB1010 with UnO4Kemper v1.1

    I would like to set the pedale exp. A to Wha and the Pedal Expression B to Pitch but it don't let me programm the pedala assignment in any way

    According to this manual

    I expected to enter the programming menu for expr. pedal's funcion keeping pressed 1+9 while turning the FCB on. (page 5)

    but this doesn't happen.

    It just switch/invert the function of the two pedals But they keep to be assigned to Wah and Volume Or Voulme an Wah. (as reported in this image)

    In the same way if I Keep Pressed 1+4 when turing on the FCB, It does Not allow to see or change any sweep curve. (page 6 of the manual above)

    A part from this, the FCB is working good, I've mamaged to Calibrate both expr. pedals and to assing different Stomp funcition than the factory preset and everything seems to work properly.

    What I'm doing wrong? Any Idea?

    Is there another kind of procedure to change the expr.pedal form Volume to Pitch?-- or Morph?

    When copying a cab preset (dragging from cabinet to preset folder in a new window for example) the preset has no name / the field is blank. Sometimes it works again (take over the cab name), then again not.

    Seems to be a bug.

    I need to organize many cab presets and I don't want to name all by hand again.

    I've just finish to re-organize cab presets but had no problem of any sort. I can Always see their Name


    I d give it a go if I was you

    I have the Caswell Pack and for me it does Slash pretty much spot on, one of my go-to profiles basically for rock/hard rock tones. I guess I'll have to try the Slash pack and decide myself.

    Ok guys I'll give a go,

    but I need a Jack Daniel's Before I try them:P

    PS does Jimi Usually reply in thread like this or...??

    PPS vjclaus I didn't even know about the existance of Mayerbach Brand, I'll give a try as soon as possible, I've found a couple of delaers in my area (more or less one huor by car far away from me)

    As wisely suggested by nightlight , I've just tried to check if I have the same issue with the KPA totally disconnected from PC and RM and this is what I've just experienced:

    - KPA unplugged to PC an RM

    - in browser mode I select the Rig ''Crunch'' (by C.Kemper, that one You too already have for sure)

    - I switch to Profiler Mode

    - I profile

    - I refine the profile

    - I press STORE naming the new profile 'A'

    - I swtich back to Browser: A shows up as loaded Rig, browsing rigs I see Crunch it's still there, (cool)

    - I Load Crunch (as reference Rig, as I did Before)

    - I switch to Profiler Mode and I repeat the procedure for 3 consecutive times creating 3 different Profiles: named B, C, and D.

    - I swtich back to Browser: D show up and scrolling the list I see A B C D

    and Crunch is still there (damn I forgot to take a picture of that! sorry)

    SO everithing looks like it's supposed to be. (I haven't tested their Sound yet but I guess it will be ok)

    - Now I connect the KPA to PC and I open RM

    I can see in RM those new Profiles: A B C D in the List, as last created/stored profiles ! Good.

    - I can also see Crunch, (GOOD)

    - I select it in RM, the KPA loads it correctly

    - I switch the KPA in Profiler Mode

    - I profile
    - I refine the profile
    - I record this Video before pressing Store

    In the end it actually seems that the problem is just when KPA is connected to PC and RM is running.

    Now, the other good new is that the Suppor Already replyed to My Ticket: they tried to recreate the same scenario BUT they've alredy tested on a new OS/RM version and the Issue it's not happening, SO it seems it's already been Solved/Fixed.

    SO we'd just have to wait for OS 8.1 and his relative RM version (probably).

    in the meantime I'll profile without RM or PC connected to KPA (It's not such a huge pain in the ass acually)

    so You answed to my question, I will find new Profiles in this pack for both amps...

    I saw his video and it seems he used EL34 in the caswell AFD mod.. It seems a bit strange.

    and 1 preamp valve is missing? anyway,.. I will try it sooner or later

    ok, a few new strange things happend:

    - RM running and KPA in Browser mode;

    - I select a Rig as reference Rig

    - I turn KPA in Profiler mode (RM already running when I witched to Profiler mode.)

    - It profiles

    - I refine the profile

    - when it's time to give a new name and store the new Rig, I see in Rig Manager the Name of the Rig (the reference one) had just become Blue (as when You clik on it to rename) so I didn't press Store

    - I select in RM anothe profile, (the rig name in blue had in not changed yet)

    - I press store

    - this message show up

    - I do what it says

    - When the KPA finish to boot, I see that now I have a New Rig, Called Crunch and marked as Favoutire.

    (it's the rig I've just profiled, but it's called Crunch as the C.Kemper Rig I also have in my KPA)

    so I leave it like that and do a New Profile. (to check if, a step before Pressing Store, the Name in RM will be Selected in Blue)

    This time it stays gray and When I store it, it renames with the new name the new profile And the reference one.

    So I've tried this

    Close Rig Manager

    Switch the Profiler to BROWSE mode

    Start Rig Manager again

    Does Rig Manager still show 2 profiles with the same name? Or has it "recovered" the old name for the old profile and the new name only for the new profile?

    and I see that the last 2 Profiles has the same Name (and one of them is the one it rename by itself Crunch in fact it's sorted as Favourite)

    But the KPA now is Freezed. It does not respond to any Button I press or Knob I turn.

    I Have to turn it off, then on, it works BUT the last 2 profiles Sound both as DA Profiles (without any cab) and I've Lost both the 2 locked Stopms.

    I hope I've been clear in exposition because Here It's all a Mess Today.