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    me.. really intrested in this topic too.

    (Looks like a rabbit hole to me)

    First I would add that the overall volume I'm playing, would lead me to 'fine' adjust levels between different rigs.

    I mean if I simply go from kpa into PA mixer, I'd change rig's level/volume depending how loud the PA is actually pushing the whole mix (my guitar+everything else)

    Second, beside loudness general level, I'm not sure the 'so called' kpa's cab driver is directly involved in what You said.

    I mean I usually play My rigs, (Merged profiles tecnically speaking) where kpa has been carefully informed what the DA profile is, and what the cab+mic is. So I woudnt point the cab driver.

    I'd say that if I use the kpa with a real cabinet (monitor out, cab off) in a live/rehers situatiuon, the real cab speaker (model and size of course) becomes a crucial part of the sound perceived in the room.

    Even in this scenario I'd change something about ( general monitor's EQ and) level of those same rigs mentioned before.

    I Notice that if I use a i.e. 4x12 I'd tweak profiles in a different way depending if it loads 12-75 T or V30.

    Of course I would also change the level/ balance between, let s say, Cleans and Dirty Rigs.

    in the end I GUESS you can not have the Prefect balance in ANY possible scenario.

    You must choose what Must be perfect and what you have to acomodate with.

    Back in 2013-4 I got a power rack as spare of my un.powered head cause I was afraid it may freeze or fail during live situations. NEVER ever had to use it.

    [The only tool that saved my gig, only once, was actually a V amp 2 that replaced a Marshall dsl 401 combo. It was an old preamp tube (v1) that failed during sound check. ]

    I still have both my head and power rack and I just use the rack when I'm looking for a true Stereo set up with the Lucille (ES 355 stereo )


    I've Noticed that RM (V 3.3.40) is Looking for a connecton to a Profiler.

    Usually I start up the Profiler and Later I open Rig Manager, but not always and this is, anyhow, the first time I see a message like this.

    It automatically disappears when the KPA finish to boot.

    Does it Mean I can not use RM if no profiler is connected?

    since 3.3.40?

    Hi guys, just your thoughts on a recent repair quote on my 10 year + old Vintage white unpowered Kemper.

    The issues are with the front pcb board and needs replacement. The LED’s are slowly starting to fail and something funky has happened to the LCD display making it almost unreadable.

    Your thoughts?

    I think what a Great Service Kemper did about a similar issue on ''my 10 year + old Vintage white unpowered Kemper'' when it was just 8 Years old.

    I've contacted them to Ask if possible to Buy some original Spare Parts and How to replace them by myself.

    They answerd My unit was one of the first batch with this Known Issue and they would have replace them for free (I just need to pay the Shipment to Germany. and So it Was. Ubelivable service after 8 years!

    LED replacement

    ^^... magically!

    I'm happy it works at least!

    Maybe you can tweak the wah module parameters of that specific wah preset and adjust it at You taste.

    It could also depend on what kind of potenziometer is installed in your exp pedal.

    Here you can see a test I did time ago between a Dunlop JH1D and an Harley benton wah both converted in exp pedals keeping their relatives pots. (One is linear one is logaritmic)

    In System Pedal mode is set to Pedal 1 and Volume around 60.

    ?? What does it Mean ??

    - Connect Your Expression pedal with a TRS Cable to Pedal 1 input of the KPA (ok You already did this )

    - Press SYSTEM Button and move to page 5/18: System Settings Pedal Link

    - move the Exp pedal and check if You see the bar ''Wah (CC01) moving accoding to the position of the Exp Pedal

    if Yes (ok) IF NOT:

    - go to next Page ( 6/18 : System Settings Pedal 1) and Assign :

    - ''Pedal type 1'' or ''Pedal Type2'' (depending of Your kind of Exp. Pedal'' as MODE

    - and then''Wah Pedal'' as FUNCTION.

    Now move the the Exp pedal and check if You see the bar under Calbrate moving accoding to the position of the Exp Pedal

    if Yes (ok) IF NOT:

    - keeping pressed the button above Calibrate, move your exp Pedal from Full heel position to Full toe position and back a couple of times.

    Now You must see the bar under Calibrate.

    Now choose the rig you want, press Module/slot A (i.e.) Button and assing a wha fx in there, choose the Wah preset You prefer (Frank Eltze)

    It sould be work!

    ..IF NOT check Main Manual 8.5 and ''turn to page 394'':P

    Could anyone draw or explain how to connect the two together to make this work and still be able to control the profiler with my midi controller?

    Check Page 91 of the Main Manual 8.5

    that Marshall Combo is Stereo so You can run 2 instrument cable from KPA Monitor Out to Marshall Retrun Fx (Left and Right)

    or Just Use the left one on both KPA and Marshall if You don't mind about stereo Fx.

    I guess You can Have some Fun!

    HA! I just did these and I cant say it was Funny or Relaxing!

    It was time consuming and a bit frustrating (I Have No Patience)

    And I Know this is Nothing compared to build a Whole Guitar!

    You have some Talent! Keep On this way!