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    I happen to like them very much. Especially the ones aiming at the "running on empty" sounds. The Lindley slide sound is great.

    But regarding Mark's profiles: I wonder if his tech profiled Mark's JTM45 with the cab (still loaded with EV's?). That would be the one to have for me. That's the Brothers in arms sound everybody wants. Or do they really use MBritts Marshalls for that sound? That would be interesting to know.

    Matter of fact I recently wanted that Brothers in arms sound on one of my tracks and I did use one of MBritts Marshalls (a profile with the Greenback G25M speakers) and with the Neck-PU of my R8 I came pretty close (minus the fingers of Mark of course). Would be funny if the master himself uses MBritts for that song.

    Some very-tasty plugin effects there, mate, and of course Repro-5 kicks some serious butt.

    Jealous! :pinch:

    Thanks. But I forgot the most used plugin I bought last year: Lindell 80 series. I use that to replace the UAD 1073 , since I haven't got enough DSP-power to run an instance on all channels. The Lindell fixed that problem for me ;-) And it comes with a separate bus emulation as well.

    Repro is really brilliant. This is one of the very few emulations that it is on par with what the Kemper does for guitar amplification.


    Les Paul Junior Singlecut 2019 (those new Gibsons from the "Originals Collection" are fucking amazing!)

    Source Audio Vertigo (the KPA trem doesn't cut it and I needed one)

    Boss CE-2w (CE-1 and CE-2 in one pedal, yummi)

    Throbak KZ-115 for my R8

    Mode Machines Professor (dedicated MIDI controller for U-He Repro-5, which makes it actually not only sounding but also feeling like a real Prophet-5)

    A shitload of plugins (Relab LX-480, Sonsig Rev-A, Transatlantik Plate, Capitol Chambers, Chandler Curvebender, U-He Hive, MTron Pro, IKM Leslie Collection)



    Although all tag is updated in the ispector for all selected rigs this isn't being reflected in the main list window for that column. I changed both amp and cabinet data for several rigs. The inspector showed the new names for each one but the respective columns in RM still showed the old data.

    It's not a bug. The column shows the "name" tag. So if you batch-edit that field, it will be updated in the inspector. You have probably edit the "manufacturer" tag, but that is not the one shown in the inspector.

    Trust me, you wouldn't want this one because there's nothing much original in this thing anyway. The modules (preamps and EQs) were swapped out and replaced by newer reissues many years ago. The original modules (preamps and the legendary EQ) were sold off to collectors. The new modules were replaced by Tony Martin's reissues.

    This basically is a replica in the original frame. Chances are the bussing stages are still original and the power supply as well, but that's about it.

    I find it rather irritating that Bonham's isn't upfront about those issues. This thing isn't worth more than a low 5-figure number.

    I might just try one out - the shop is only up the road.

    I'm pobably a bit late to the party but Andertons also carry the new line of Sigma guitars. After doing Martin clones for a while they now also offer some Gibson clones. Those are very good and I've heard the Hummingbird (and the J200) are the best of the bunch. So you just might visit the shop and check them out.

    I have one of their higher-end models (a D-28 copy with solid Adirondack top and solid Madagascan Rosewood back and sides) and that guitar kills every Martin twice the price. I didn't have much experience with the cheaper models though other than checking out their J45 clone. Nice guitar and very cheap.

    Has Access Music Electronics GmbH in the past 22 years ever introduced an own editor for their successful Virus synth(s) ?

    Yes, they have. The Virus TI comes with a VST-Plugin as an Editor.

    Finally got around finishing my latest Partscaster project, a Replica of Broadcaster #0211.

    Musikraft Neck (Blackguard #0211)
    Marc Rutters body
    Fender Bridge and Brass saddles
    Misc. hardware Marc Rutters
    Klein Broadcaster pickups
    original blend circuit

    Easily the best Tele I ever played with the exception of a real '53 I once had the pleasure to play. Sustain like my Custom Shop Les Paul, plays like butter and roars like mad. Has the classic Broadcaster tones (Mike Campbell, Keith Richards), a true rock maschine.

    [Blocked Image:]_DSC8019 Kopie,

    It's not only missing different shapes it doesn't sound really great as it is currently. There are several methods to do tremolo in real live (amps) but the favorite sound for most is the bias-varying tremolo. This doesn't only modulate the volume it has some sonic side-effects that make it sound so smooth and swooshy, even when driven hard by a rectangle.

    I used to have that sound in my early 60s brownface amps and I still miss it. That's one of the very few effects where the Kemper doesn't really shine.

    Played with it a bit more and found that this pack nails many of Paul Kossoffs tones as well. Was playing along to "Free live" and the H2H Lead Profile was spot on to Koss' Sound at the Sunderland Mayfair gig without any tweaking.

    I used a couple of Andy's Marshalls for those sounds before and got close either, but they had to be tweaked a bit more. Your's are right there from the beginning, given you use a nice Les Paul with PAF-like PUs.

    May I ask why you leave the EQ-stack on "post amp"? Was that intentionally? I found switching it to "pre" makes the tonestack behave more like a real Marshall would do. It doesn't do much EQ-wise but you can shape the distortion character a bit which I like on old Marshalls.

    Recently picked up an original '70 G12M with 55 Hz Pulsonic cone. Perhaps the next pack will need to be Hendrix...?

    OMG, I'm already dying to hear that cab in action. I'm a sucker for those pre-rola cabs. Those were also favourites of Paul Kossoff. So maybe you can do a Kossoff pack either ;) Just make sure you use a Selmer T&B for the "Allright now" lead.

    Absolutely stunning. Just when I thought I really had my Marshalls covered owning all of your, ampfactory, Bert M. and MBritt Marshall profiles, that one came around. But I just can't resist to anything Marshall, I just feel the urge to buy.

    You are really a master in capturing that magical vintage Marshall sounds. What made it for me this time is that gorgeous '67 20 Watt cab. That is pure magic. I already paired it with your JTM 45 from a different pack and got authentic Clapton Beano era sounds. Although nobody really knows since the amp got lost and was probably a one off anyway, it is quite likely that Clapton got a JTM 45 with 2 x 20 Watters. This is an ongoing debate among Clapton nerds for years, but matching your cab to a JTM 45 profile gives me that woody tone that Beano is known for.

    This pack is highly recommended for anything Marshally. I got into Kossoff territory quite easily, No surprise since Angus loved Pauls playing and sound.

    Oh and my newly built Broadcaster replica fucking loves that pack ;)

    Bought in 2016:

    1. Sigma SDR-28MLE (solid Adirondack top and solid madagascar rosewood back and sides. Sounds like a golden era Martin for a fraction of the Price) 10/10
    2. Neumann Gefell MV582 with M94 and M93 capsule (vintage tube small diaphragm condenser) 10/10
    3. Neumann Gefell M691 with M70 capsule (FET Version of above) 10/10
    4. finally got my Neumann CMV563 w/t M7 restored at the factory 10/10
    5. Spectrasonics Keyscape 8/10 (soundwise 10/10, but crashes with more than one instance so I subtracted 2 points)
    6. Cinesamples Piano in Blue 8/10
    7. Empirical Labs Arousor 9/10
    8. AKG C451 B (nice SD mic, but will be sold in 2017 since the two Neumanns better suit my taste)
    9. Studiologic Numa Nero 10/10

    Sold in 2016:
    1. Martin D-16 RGT (figured I wouldn't use it anymore since I got the Sigma)
    2. Event 20/20bas didn't use them for years anyway

    Planned for 2017:
    1. finish my Blackguard Project, a replica of Broadcaster #0211 Got the neck from Musikrafts blackguard series and the body from Marc Rutters. Those are already at Mathias Schindehütte in Frankfurt for painting and aging, I've got the PUs from Klein and assorted hardware also from Marc Rutters. He even made me a Bakelite pickguard with a nitro clearcoat just like the originals. I will age the Hardware and put the thing together as soon as it arrives back from Mathias Schindehütte.

    2. Gretsch electromatic The 2016 models look very promising to me and I've always wanted a Gretsch

    3. A vintage Les Paul Junior. I'm considering a 1959 DC model in cherry - TV yellow is too expensive for me.

    This is pretty much how a 4x12 is supposed to sound. And it is exactely the reason why engineers routinely dial out everything below 100 Hz or even higher. Anyway, it's typical für a 4x12" to have a resonance in bass and/or lower mids. It just the cab moving a lot of air and partly it's the wood resonating when the cab is not built really stable. Many people like 4x12s for exactely that sound which is also what moves your trousers when you stand in front of such a cab driven by a 100 Watter.

    There is no point in looking for a solution because there ain't one. It's the nature of it. Simple as that.

    Frankly, I'd rather see a couple of IR's of studio 2 and the echo chambers (where John and Paul used to smoke pot) than another EMT 140. Although I have to say this one sounds pretty good. I have the UAD EMT 140 for quite some years so I don't need this one. But I'd love to have the sound of the room and the chambers. Won't ever happen though...

    As I understand it, this is much like the Fishman Aura system. I've played some higher end Martins equipped with Aura and definitely works very well. Aura is already on the market for years.

    Only problem with Aura is, you can't make your own profiles with it. In that regard this new system sounds promising.