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    Anyone else besides me still experiencing weird phase issues after the beta has been elevated to a real update? I tried the DT presets and they all have this weird phase sound to it. I’m not really seeing this as being usable in a recording situation. Unless you go for this type of phasing character of course. I just updated yesterday. Wanted to wait for the real update, so I didn’t try the beta.

    It's automatic, if you setup is correct.

    Which "latest version" do you have?

    Make sure, you have an internet connection and Rig Manager can connect to your account.

    I have checked for updates in the menu several times. My version has been So unless the “check for updates” isn’t working, I am not seeing where it goes wrong. At one time when I opened RM, there was a commercial for the new pack in the top, but it disappeared and I’ve only seen it this one time. My computer is online always. Also RM and logged in to my account.

    EDIT: This morning I opened RM again as I’ve done the past many days. And now it’s finally there. Weird. But great.

    Weird. It’s been several days since I realized I couldn’t see it. Only the first pack. I’ve closed and opened RM and turned the Kemper on/off several times during the past couple of days. Not there :/

    The delay is a feature not a bug. If you did two takes, there would always be some temporal separation between the parts - that is what tells the ear that there are two signals. Two identical signals panned hard left and hard right is the same as MONO through a stereo amplifier. ADT was done with tape delay in Abbey Road studios for the later Beatles albums.

    Of course it’s intentional with the delay. But the first knob apparently seems to be the decider regarding how much delay. So zero would be pretty close to no delay, I would think. Isn’t it really “just” a stereowidener with a delay/chorus effect?

    I have have both connected (both in/out). I just thought that when recording a dry and a wet signal both were occupied. But is that only the one of them?

    So I can simultaneously send a mono s/pdif signal TO the Kemper and a stereo s/pdif FROM the Kemper?

    Hey. Is it possible to do stereo-reamping through s/pdif only?

    When sending out from the computer through s/pdif to reamp, does that mean that I cannot use both s/pdif left and right to get a stereo track return? Or is s/pdif two way in and two way out?

    Yes….it is indeed an intended business strategy as well. Think of mobile phones, televisions, cars etc. If they put all they have in the basket, they will not have that much to put in the product in a few years. I guess that we agree, that Apple and Samsung does have technology in their possession, that they haven’t put into their devices yet. Why haven’t all cars have all the safe tech installed yet? And so forth. It’s business. I’m not sure that Kemper is like that. But it’s indeed holding stuff back until the right time appears. But how do you know? And since you’ve been a user for a little over a year, you haven’t been following Kemper and it’s development closely for more than that. So I would guess you wasn’t here on the forum prior to that and that makes you someone that has no clue about how much time it took for Kemper to do RM for instance. When you came aboard the RM was just released and you haven’t experienced the long wait and people requesting it. You have no idea even if you have been using other solutions out there. For you to state that you know, would demand you’ve been a part of this for many years. Being a user of digital solutions in general is not an argument other than you liking digital solutions.

    Yes…your OP was not about a KPA or a KPA2. But it logically becomes a question about what is smart if they implement a dual solution. Suddenly the gap between the original and the KPA2 becomes marginally reduced. Do they want that? I don’t know. But I wouldn’t presume so. It doesn’t matter how you put it down. It’s still a dual solution and the gap becomes less significant. If your logic holds up, I am a wizard regarding digital solutions as I’ve been using digital solutions for almost 20 years. The first being Protools in 2002 and Line 6 Guitarport and original Pod from around the same time. That does not make me knowledgeable regarding the Axe-FX. I know of its existence and what it can do and the different units, they’ve done. But have I followed their company closely to be updated on their product? No. So really I have no clue about, how long development takes at their HQ. But since I’m a digital wizard I can just buy one tomorrow and within a year I can claim, that I know what users after 10 years have experienced? It’s not to sound arrogant, but it doesn’t really hold up in real life.

    I actually have requested something very similar once. Didn’t focus mainly on the RM though. But I did suggest a solution, where one could take two profiles and merge them together and save them as one and go back and redo it, if it didn’t turn out great and keep repeating the process until the goal is reached. So I guess it’s kinda the same, since it cannot be done within the KPA itself.

    Anyway….it wasn’t to start a discussion. It was just to give you my thoughts and limited knowledge.

    I think that you are missing my point. Even IF it was possible to do dual stuff through RM, I highly doubt that they would do it, as it kind of eliminates some of really the big new things, they probably are going to make a potential MKII a justifiable purchase. That is a huge step compared to floorboards and RM that relies on an existing unit. Take away dual stuff and what can possibly justify a potential KPA MKII? Probably a lot that we haven’t thought about. But from a business perspective, would it be a good move to do this, IF they plan on doing a MKII at some point?

    I don’t totally agree about them not holding back. And you only being a user since 2019 kinda explains that. You have no idea on how much time and how many years we’ve been waiting for stuff like the RM when everyone else already did it years prior. And even a non-toaster version. They DO take their time indeed. But is it a bad thing? No entirely. They make sure, they only release good sh*t. But it’s kinda holding stuff back until it’s ready. I don’t think you have any idea on how long we requested RM. It was a loooong time. And suddenly out of the blue, it was there.

    And yes….it has been asked for on many occasions throughout the years and has been shut down from Mr Kemper himself. It’s not possible with the Kemper as it is. But your suggestion is indeed very interesting. But as I said….I highly doubt that they are going to take away the probably most significant and justifiable argument for even making a MKII in the future.

    Yes. It still very much competes with the alternatives out there. I agree. And I don’t see a KPA 2 on the near future either.

    But I disagree upon your statement otherwise. The dual thing will be a giant leap compared to RM, which was something that we all expected to be implemented. Not that the RM didn’t demand serious development. Of course it did. But comparing doing a software “partner” for the hardware and doing a completely new dual thing is not really fair imho.

    That is….IF they implement some sort of dual stuff at some point. But it’s where the world of guitars have been for quite some time. Dual rigs/cabs. And IF they want to implement some sort of dual stuff, they won’t back down on their own expectations regarding a solution, that will set the standards going forward. Just copying others or doing a halfhearted solution is not really their thing.

    And why does the Stage unit rule out a KPA2? Can’t see the logic in that. It’s something the world wanted from them. They did the floorboard first and it was a success. With a dual solution, it’s not enough to “just” create a new platform for the already existing firmware. Doing a dual solution will probably demand way more from them to make it reach their own expectations of its use and its competitiveness regarding all the alternative solutions out there. They don’t just make something halfhearted. You must know that as a Kemper user.

    But it’s definitely an interesting idea, you brought to the table. My guess is that the tech guys in the company already discussed all these possibilities about their existing units though.

    One of the reasons I love the Kemper is the value of my money. Had it from the beginning. And now it’s a completely different beast. It has evolved greatly within its limitations. Slowly but great. So its value has been really good. And when/if a MKII appears one day it will probably be the same.

    For that kind of development, Rig Manager will cost you about the price of.... a profiler. Those changes require a complete recoding of the KAOS from the code for the DSP to X86/64 architecture and I very much doubt Christoff is going to devote that kind of man power unless it involves building the KPA V2.

    Exactly my thought. I also highly doubt that. And I don’t see why they should “kill” a potential KPA 2 with that move. That would just mean, that the gap between the original and the MKII will be even smaller. And with the stuff they keep doing to it, it’s still a nice piece of gear.

    I like your idea. Since everything is 0’s and 1’s in one way or the other, I could see it being achievable. But is it realistic? Probably not. I don’t have the insight of the tech world either, but I believe, that if a Kemper MKII at some point appears in the future, it will have to contain enough new elements to become relevant. There might be something in the line of this in the future business plans. I mean….dual stuff of some sort. So from a business perspective….why would it make sense to implement a solution like this now?